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Using an Interactive Pen in the Classroom

December 5, 2005

Use the Sympodium (available in many electronic classrooms) or the pen from a Tablet PC to make your PC presentations more engaging for students. With the ability to save annotations on PowerPoint slides and other Microsoft Documents, as well as web pages and applications such as Pro-E and MatLab, you can demonstrate visually stimulating presentations for your students while recording your pen annotations to refer back to at a later time. Instead of facing a whiteboard or chalkboard to map out equations, face your students and go through the equation at the lectern by drawing and teaching through the PC. When the lecture is over, you will not lose all work demonstrated on a whiteboard or chalkboard – you can take it with you! By recording your pen movements and uploading them to your course myWPI site, your students will be able to visualize a solution when reviewing the material on their own time. For Faculty teaching ADLN courses, the pen tool can be a very useful feedback tool for students who turn in digital copies of assignments. Simply mark up the document with your comments or handwritten suggestions, save the markups, and return the document electronically back to your student! If your ADLN section has a campus-based section that is recorded in the ATC TV Studio, ADLN students will be able to visualize markups and follow your presentation as they view the streaming video recording of your class.

The Sympodium Interactive Pen Display is installed in the following electronic classrooms at WPI: SL 104, SL 105, AK 116, AK 219, AK 233 and the TV Studio in Fuller Laboratories. Visit Using the Sympodium Interactive Pen Display for more information on using the Sympodium.

Visit the Computing and Communications Center webpage on Hardware for more information on purchasing Tablet PCs.

The Academic Technology Center also has two Tablet PCs available to the WPI Community for loan. Visit the ATC’s website on Equipment Inventory for more information.

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