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Managing Your Course List in myWPI

October 2, 2006

When you first log in to myWPI, the list of myWPI Enabled Courses appears with the list of courses that you are teaching or enrolled in. However, this list can become cumbersome if you are teaching multiple sections of a course.

To make it easier to find the course you are looking for, you can change the module to display the course number, or hide the course announcements that are displayed by default. To change these settings, follow the directions for Showing and Hiding Course Information. Changing the myWPI Enabled Courses list only changes the course list on the module, so if you hide a course, it only hides it in the list and does not remove the course site.

For those who prefer more detail, the Courses tab can be used to show your course list at a glance with the course name and all instructors listed.