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Install Wimba and Test Your Connection

Installing and Testing Wimba Classroom


It is strongly recommended that you install Wimba and test your connection a couple days before an event. This is especially important if you have never used Wimba before or if you are using it on a different computer than you've used before. Setting up and testing your connection ahead of time gives you a chance to troubleshoot any technical problems you may be having and get assistance, if necessary.

Windows and Mac Users

  1. Using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari, visit the Wimba Classroom Setup Wizard.

  2. On the page, click Start to make sure your computer has the appropriate settings for using Wimba.
  3. Warning

    If you do not set up your computer ahead of time, it will be set up when you attend the first event, but you may miss part or all of the event if you run into any problems and need to troubleshoot them.

    If you encounter any problems while installing the software and testing your connection, or while attempting to attend an event, refer to the Technical Troubleshooting documentation for tips on how to address the specific problem you are experiencing. If the audio is not working, you may have to refer to Connect and Adjust Your Headset.

    In the event that you need assistance, contact for assistance prior to the event. Assistance is provided during the ATC's regular business hours.

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