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The ATC serves as the "head end" for the campus cable system in the residence halls and in lounges around campus. Cable television service is provided to all students in the residence halls free of charge.

WPI Cable Programming

The ATC receives a cable signal from Campus Televideo. The system Delivers 143 total channels on a bulk basis to all designated residential, academic and administrative outlets. Viewers with newer digital TVís will be able to enjoy not only the 48 analog channels, but also 97 standard definition digital channels. The digital channels will be in Clear QAM format with 480p resolution and depending on the channel and program, 4:3 or 16:9 screen. No set top boxes are required for digital (QAM) TVís. Viewers with older TVís will be able to view up to 48 channels in analog format.

Cable TV FAQ's

WPI campus - Digital channel lineup
WPI campus - Analog channel lineup

Cable Reception Help

Should you have problems with your cable reception on campus, please contact your RA, who will contact the ATC if necessary. Your RA can also provide you with a 6 foot strand of coaxial cable to hook up your cable ready TV to the campus TV network. If an alternate length is needed, the ATC will make custom length coaxial cables upon request. The fee for the cable is $2.00 plus $.25 per foot (e.g. a 10 foot cable would cost you $4.50).

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