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Common Network File Shares & Drive Mapping Information

In all cases, if you have not joined the domain and attempt to map a drive, you will be prompted for a login and password. For the user name, type ADMIN\username. For the password, enter your Windows Password.

All Users


This is the web tree area (/www/docs on the UNIX systems). This available for those who maintain web pages in the main web tree.

\\\applications (smb://

This share contains the software that is available through the Microsoft Campus License Agreement, as well as McAfee VirusScan and related security patches. Mac users should use the format in parenthesis.

\\\applications (T: drive)

This share contains various network software installations available to users on the network.

Students Only

\\\home (R: drive)

This maps a drive to your personal UNIX account space.

Faculty & Staff Only

\\\home (R: drive)

This maps to the My_Documents folder in your personal UNIX account space.
Mapping it to another drive letter opens your personal UNIX account space.

\\\sys\netapps (O: drive)*

Used to store updates, batch files and client installation files for ADMIN users. Mapped for faculty and staff on login to the ADMIN domain.

\\\fc\share_name (smb://

This maps to a Business Share where share_name could be the name of a department, workgroup or committee who needs to share files among several users. If you experience difficulty accessing your business share from off-campus, please contact the Helpdesk for assistance.  Mac users should use the format in parenthesis.

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