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Matlab Installation

Off-campus installation notes:

  1. You must be connected to the VPN in order to install and to run this program
  2. Matlab is a very large program and the install time will vary depending on your connection speed from off campus. Dial-up connections will not be supported.

Installation Instructions

  1. Map your X: drive to \\\software.
  2. Once the drive is mapped, navigate to the Matlab directory, right click the shortcut for the version of Matlab you want to install and select Run as Administrator.
    • Install Matlab 2013a for Win64

NOTE: The license server for Matlab is a triad that is set in a system environment variable. You should not need to enter it since the installation is automated.
However, if the license installation fails you may need to copy MATLAB_LICENSE_TRIAD.VBS to your desktop and run it locally due to script security permissions on personally own computers.

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