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Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 is Microsoft's popular office productivity suite.  This page will provide information about our support for Office 2010.  For a demo of the new features you can go to Microsoft's site.

Office 2010 Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get Office 2010?

NOTE:  The network installation for Office 2010 requires activation against a WPI license server initially and then again at least once every 180 days.  This requires a VPN connection to renew the activation, which will reset the counter for another 180 days.  Systems regularly on the WPI network will not have problems but we recommend that for personal systems off the WPI network that you purchase the CLA media.  For any issues with activation please go to the Office 2010 Activation page.

To install Office 2010, Map a drive to \\\applications\Windows\Microsoft\Office. You should run the Install Microsoft Office 2010 shortcut.  If you are running Windows XP you should also run the Install Windows Desktop Search to enable the Instant Search features in Outlook 2010 and OneNote 2010.  You may also purchase installation media via the WPI CLA page.

What are the known issues with upgrading to Office 2010?

There are a few known issues when upgrading Office 2010

How do I find a feature from Office 2003 in Office 2010?

Microsoft has several interactive guides that allow you to use a virtual Office 2003 menu to find a feature and it will then show you how to access the same feature in Office 2010.