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Remote Desktop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Remote Desktop?

Remote Desktop, also known Terminal Services or Terminal Server, is a Microsoft Windows Server setup for remote application use. It allows WPI to provide a means for staff, faculty & students to access applications or data from off campus. It functions as if you are logged into a PC on campus.

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Why would you use it?

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How do you use it?

There are instructions for the following Operating Systems:

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What software is available there?

The software packages below are available on the terminal servers:

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Additional Information

When saving files on the terminal server, by default they will be saved to the My_Documents folder on the terminal server. To make sure your files are accessible from your office computer, be sure to "Save As" (instead of "Save") to save the files to your personal storage (My_Documents on "\\\home") or to a Department file share ( \\\fc\DepartmentName).

If you need to switch back to your local computer at any time, you can minimize the remote window by clicking the minimize icon (it looks like a dash) in the upper right corner. To get back to that remote window, you can click on the tab for it which will automatically show up in your toolbar.

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