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Using Scheme and CGIs

Please note: The Helpdesk and Web Development Office cannot assist with the creation of CGIs written in Scheme. If you have trouble getting your files on the Web or if you are having trouble with "Forbidden Access" errors, please contact the Helpdesk.

How to Get Your Scheme CGIs to Work

In order to use Scheme to program CGIs on the WPI servers, you should follow the directions located in the Dr. Scheme Help section (which is called Help Desk). In order to find the information you want, search for GET-BINDINGS and GENERATE-HTML-OUTPUT, which should contain all of the info you need to make your Scheme programs ready for running on the web server.

In order to get the files on the web server, you can do one of two things:

  1. SCP them into your Unix account by connecting to
  2. You can map to your Unix drive using the directions found on the Network Drive Mapping page. After doing so, simply drag the files from your computer to the public_html folder found in your Unix folder and then be sure to visit the chmod directions for info on how to make it so that the files are allowed to be viewed on the server (by default, no one can see your files).

In the event that you need Dr. Scheme, it can be downloaded from the Dr. Scheme Website:

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