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Using VM in Emacs for E-mail

If you normally use emacs to edit, you might consider using VM to deal with your e-mail. After all, you are already in emacs and will probably want to use emacs to edit the messages you send, so loading a mailer into emacs makes sense.

To start up VM, use the command M-x vm. You can deal with your mail and then use the q command to quit VM and continue with your other work.

There is extensive documentation on VM. If you want a quick description of the command letters, try the mode help command ^H m.

For access to even more information, try ^H i, which will start emacs info mode. Then type g (VM) to get to the VM area of info. Once in info mode, and you can use ^H m to describe how to get around. To return to your work, use the q command.

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Last modified: May 17, 2004, 15:17 EDT
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