Transcripts are available from the WPI Registrar's Office. Be sure to order transcripts well in advance of the deadline. Fellowship applications that require you to submit multiple copies of your application material normally expect you to submit only one original copy of your transcript that is certified by the Registrar; the others may be photocopies. Or you may be required to submit an electronic scan of the transcript initially to be followed by an original, hardcopy in the mail. If you have taken courses at other universities in the summer or as a transfer student, you will need an original transcript from each institution attended.  Again, ask for any of these well in advance of the deadlines.

Grade Point Averages (GPAs): Because of its grading system, WPI does not calculate official grade point averages or class rankings for undergraduates nor is such a figure printed on WPI transcripts.  However, the Projects and Registrar's Office can provide a letter with a numerical quality point average based on grades recorded for course work. If you desire such an officially-calculated figure, ask for this when you request a transcript from the Registrar.

To request a transcript, use the Transcript Request Form obtained from the Registrar. Please direct any questions about transcripts to the WPI Registrar's Office, tel: +1-508-831-5211, fax: +1-508-831-5931, or email:

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