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What kind of computer should I bring?

Students are not required to purchase a computer at WPI. The campus's many computer labs are equipped with computers of various platforms with a wide range of accessories and software available for student use. However, most students prefer the convenience of being connected to the WPI Network and Internet in their room.

A laptop computer can be used for most of your work at WPI. Convertible tablet computers are also in use. It is important to consider the price of a laptop/tablet versus a desktop for the same performance. Also, desktops are generally cheaper and easier to upgrade. Students who find their laptop or tablet lacking the resources they need for a particular project can always make use of the computers in the public labs.

WPI does not recommend students use a mobile tablet (like the iPad or similar Android tablet) as their primary computing device because some WPI systems do not work with mobile devices. Many WPI community members use tablets and other mobile devices as supplements to their laptops or desktops.

Computer Recommendations

WPI does not require students to purchase computers through any specific vendors, though discount programs are available through several companies including the following:

If you plan to purchase a new computer before coming to campus please see the configuration for Student Computers

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