Sponsored Educational Group Participation (SEGP)

A SEGP is an aggregate of educational and education-related organizations (museums, libraries, etc.) interconnected by one or more networks within a state that is approved for participation in Abilene. To become a SEGP, the network must be sponsored by an Internet2 university member that is an Abilene primary participant (such as WPI). The SEGP and the university must be located in the same state (Massachusetts), and must attach to Abilene through the same connector (such as the Goddard GigaPoP, L.L.C at 474 Main Street, Worcester).

Candidates for SEGP include networked aggregates of educational institutions (including non-profit and for-profit K - 20, technical, and trade schools) which may also include museums, art galleries, libraries, or hospitals that require routine collaboration on instructional, clinical, and/or research projects, services, and content with Primary participants or with other Sponsored participants. Possible relationships within Internet2 include membership, non-membership and participating in an advanced backbone network.

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For more information, contact Sean O'Connor, Assistant CIO (soconnor@wpi.edu).

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