Academic Advisor
A full-time member of the faculty or administration who will be your advisor once you arrive on campus this fall. This person can assist you in making many decisions concerning academic programs. For the first two terms, your Insight Advisor will serve as your academic advisor.  

A Concentration is an option associated with a Major which provides recognition for focused and coordinated academic work either within the Major or within an area of study closely related to the Major.  

The Colleges of Worcester Consortium is an association of colleges in Worcester, along with several related organizations. WPI students may take courses at any of the other member schools at no additional cost. Navy military science courses are offered through the consortium at Holy Cross.  

Distribution Requirements
Minimum levels of credit to be established in broad areas of study (not specific courses), as part of degree requirements for a major.  

A, B, C. (Non-passing grades are Not Recorded, which we refer to as "NR.")  

Interactive Qualifying Project.  

Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division.  

A minor is a thematically-related set of academic activities leading to a degree designation in addition to but seperate from that granted by the Major.  

Major Qualifying Project.  

In August, before school begins, WPI offers an orientation period for incoming students. Faculty and staff are available to discuss program decisions in detail.  

A semester at WPI is defined as either Terms A and B (August through December) or Terms C and D (January through May).  

Humanities and Arts Requirement
The degree requirement in which students show they have developed competency in a field of study, usually in one of the humanities.  

A basic period of study involving seven weeks. There are four terms (A, B, C and D) during the regular academic year, plus the summer session, Term E.  

The normal academic load for each term is defined as one unit of work; thus each course is worth l/3 unit of credit. Physical education (l/12 unit) and military science (l/9 unit) are considered activities beyond the one-unit-per-term normal academic load.


Areas of Interest

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