2001 Board of Trustees' Award for Outstanding Academic Advising

Professor Alexander E. Emanuel

The college years are a time of change and growth for WPI students. For most freshmen entering the school, it is the first time they have complete responsibility for their personal and academic lives. Choosing a major and selecting courses, along with living away from home for the first time, can prove to be daunting. For upperclassmen, there exist challenges in staying on track in coursework, summer jobs and internships, and project work. The graduating senior has the additional concern of finding a career suitable for him or her.

Thankfully, no student must face these difficulties alone. The academic advisor has the job of assisting students in selecting courses and projects that will help them realize their fullest potential. Alexander Emanuel, the recipient of this year’s Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Academic Advising, goes above and beyond this duty.

Professor Emanuel has proven to be an excellent teacher and researcher, having won the Trustees’ Awards for Outstanding Teaching and Research in the past. He brings his enthusiasm for electrical engineering out of the classroom and laboratory into his interactions with his 27 advisees. As one student put it, "He has a passion for his job. He loves what he does and you can see it in his eyes."

Professor Emanuel is extremely knowledgeable about the electrical engineering curriculum at WPI, and he uses this knowledge to guide students through their academic careers. One of his advisees commented, "He knows the ropes of the ECE department, and can tell a person what direction he or she may take."

What truly distinguishes Professor Emanuel from other advisors is his genuine interest and concern for his students. One student commented, "Whenever I go to talk to him, the talk is not limited to just classes, but how I am doing, what else am I up to. He has learned the names of all of his advisees, and often where they are from, their interests and hobbies." Another student said, "He brings a human dimension to advising. He is not only a professor, but he is a friend, and a mentor...all of which truly describe the role of an advisor." One student even said, "He is a father away from home for me." His compassion for his students and his close personal relationship with them has helped him earn their trust and friendship, allowing him to guide them in every facet of their academic careers.

For his dedication to his students and his excellence in advising, this year’s committee is proud to present the 2000-2001 Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Academic Advising to Alexander Emanuel.

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