Advanced Search Form

Construct your search strategy by filling out one or more of the query rows shown below. The field box next to each query string is used to select which field to search for a particular word or phrase. The boolean boxes determine how each search term is related to the others.


The author and advisor name forms are first last. The type is either iqp or mqp. The department is the student department and is the two or three character code for the department. The date is the date of submission of the project and its format is YYYY-MM-DD. The year must be 4 digits and reports the Academic Year. e.g. An entry of 2008 will report submissions between September 2007 and August 2008.

Other than the year, type, or department fields, the search will be an SQL form of %search-parameter% where the percent means anything in SQL. i.e. if you search a field for george, you will be searching for <anything>george<anything>. A search for the title will search the web title and the transcript title, which may be different from the web title since there are length limits on the title for printing on the transcript.

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