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Author Name Title Department Date
Nacewicz, Rebecca MarieInvestigation of Fire Impact on Structural Steel through Case Studies Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006-05-04
Nadella, Suman Multi Camera Stereo and Tracking Patient Motion for SPECT Scanning Systems Computer Science 2005-08-29
Nadkarni, Aditya Reflector geometry specific modeling of an annular array based ultrasound pulse-echo system Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006-07-17
Nahabedian, Aaron JosephA Primal-Dual Approximation Algorithm for the Concurrent Flow Problem Mathematical Sciences 2010-04-29
Nanagiri, Yamini VarmaDevelopment of a Rational Method of Designing Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) for Low Volume Roads Civil & Environmental Engineering 2004-12-16
Nanson III, Richard ANavier/Stokes/Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Modeling of Small Cold Gas Thruster Nozzle and Plume Flows Mechanical Engineering 2002-04-19
Naqvi, Syed KazimScale Model Experiments on Floating Offshore Wind Turbines Mechanical Engineering 2012-05-11
Narang, Vikas AHeat Transfer Analysis In Steel Structures Civil & Environmental Engineering 2005-04-28
Naryshkin, Konstantin Study on the Leakage of Private User Information Via a Range of Popular Websites Computer Science 2010-12-13
Nasto, Rachel HarteMori Projected Dynamics On A Quantum System Physics 2007-04-26
Navalekar, Abhijit CDesign of a High Data Rate Audio Band OFDM Modem Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006-04-07
Navalekar, Abhijit CDistributed Digital Radios for Land Mobile Radio Applications Electrical & Computer Engineering 2009-12-22
Navare, Pranoti Resolution of pharmaceuticals via crystallization on chemically modified surfaces Chemistry & Biochemistry 2012-05-24
Neema, Isak Resident Student Perceptions of On-Campus Living and Study Environments at the University of Namibia and their Relation to Academic Performance Mathematical Sciences 2003-04-30
Nehme, Rimma VContinuous Query Processing on Spatio-Temporal Data Streams Computer Science 2005-06-27
Nelson, Timothy Margrave: An Improved Analyzer for Access-Control and Configuration Policies Computer Science 2010-04-12
Nelson, Tim First-Order Models for Configuration Analysis Computer Science 2013-04-16
Nematbakhsh, Ali A Nonlinear Computational Model of Floating Wind Turbines Mechanical Engineering 2013-04-16
Newman, Aaron W.The Effect of Superheat on Liquid Droplets in a Supersonic Freestream Mechanical Engineering 1999-04-02
Neyland, Ryan P.Colloid Detachment from Rough Surfaces in the Environment Civil & Environmental Engineering 2005-05-02
Nguyen, Quyen DoAnomaly Handling in Visual Analytics Computer Science 2008-01-10
Nguyen, Huong Advanced Oxidation of Tris-2-Chloroethyl Phosphate (TCEP) in Water Civil & Environmental Engineering 2011-04-27
Nguyen, Tuong-Vi TInvestigating the properties of the ZIP4 M3M4 domain in the presence and absence of zinc Chemistry & Biochemistry 2011-05-05
Ni, Peng The SCF-Anderson method for a Non-linear Eigenvalue Problem in Electronic Structure Computations Mathematical Sciences 2008-10-20
Ni, Peng Anderson Acceleration of Fixed-point Iteration with Applications to Electronic Structure Computations Mathematical Sciences 2009-11-13
Ni, Min An Optimized Software-Defined-Radio Implementation of Time-Slotted Carrier Synchronization for Distributed Beamforming Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-08-17
Ni, Min Cooperative Distributed Transmission and Reception Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-07-15
Nichols III, James GMeasurement of Windows Streaming Media Computer Science 2003-12-08
Nijemeisland, Michiel Verification Studies of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Fixed Bed Heat Transfer Chemical Engineering 2000-04-12
Nijemeisland, Michiel Influences of catalyst particle geometry on fixed bed reactor near-wall heat transfer using CFD Chemical Engineering 2003-01-28
Nilekar, Shirish K.Self Maintenance of Materialized XQuery Views via Query Containment and Re-Writing Computer Science 2006-04-20
Noetscher, Gregory MichaelThe VHP-F Computational Phantom and its Applications for Electromagnetic Simulations Electrical & Computer Engineering 2014-05-01
Nooraei Beidokht, Bahador A Real-Time Architecture for Conversational Agents Computer Science 2012-08-24
Norige, Adam StuartMulti-Layered Oxygen Tension Maps of the Retina Biomedical Engineering 2004-04-30
Norman, Ryan BradleyResonance Production and Nuclear Fragmentation for Space Radiation Physics 2008-04-17
Nouri, Suhila LynnExpected Maximum Drawdowns Under Constant and Stochastic Volatility Mathematical Sciences 2006-05-04
Nowak, Cheryl LDesign, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Bicyclic Peptides as Ammonium Ionophores Chemistry & Biochemistry 2003-04-30
Nowakowski, Krzysztof A.Laser beam interaction with materials for microscale applications Mechanical Engineering 2005-12-12
Nowill, Courtney AnnInvestigation of the quench and heating rate sensitivities of selected 7000 series aluminum alloys Materials Science & Engineering 2007-07-26
Nuzzo-Jones, Goss FThe Common Tutor Object Platform Computer Science 2005-11-11

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