WPI Journal

Summer 1997

People of the Century
by Michael W. Dorsey

Since its first issue went to press a century ago, the WPI Journal has chronicled the lives and careers of thousands of alumni. Together, their stories comprise a panorama as rich and exciting as the 20th century itself. To observe its 100th birthday, the Journal retells 100 of those stories.

No Big Deal
by Joan Killough-Miller

For Maureen McCaffrey, helping manage one of the largest construction projects in the world is just another day on the job.
Classic D.T.
by Elizabeth Walker

There are nearly as many adjectives to describe the late David Todd as there are friends, colleagues and students whose lives he touched.

Seeing the Possibilities
by Michael W. Dorsey

The 16th installment of "The Entrepreneurial Spirit" looks at William Price, who has focused his inventive genius on a long list of problems in fields as diverse as cosmetics packaging and airplane manufacturing.
Advance Word A Daunting Task
by Michael W. Dorsey
Letters to the Editor Remembering Sam Mencow's Quiet Dignity
Explorations How Antiestrogens Save Bones, Building a Wildlife Database, Looking Beneath the Surface of Art, Solving the Mystery of a Statue
by Bonnie Gelbwasser
Final Word Building Dreams at the Construction Site
By Joan Killough-Miller

Front cover: Completed in 1913, Grand Central Terminal in New York quickly became the crossroads of America. Today, this monumental transportation center symbolizes the incredible scientific, technological, social and political changes that have transformed our world over the past century. Hamilton Chapman, Class of 1886, a consulting engineer for Grand Central, was one of the thousands of WPI graduates who helped drive that change. He is among the 100 "people of the century" profiled in this special centennial issue of the Journal. Photo copyright Library of Congress/Corbis. Back Cover: A student enjoys a break from the end-of-term frenzy in Reunion Plaza. Photo by Lionel Delevingne.

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