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Announcing Gateway Research Park at WPI

The Phase One Facility at Gateway Research Park features two linked buildings outfitted for leading-edge research and development in the biosciences and bioengineering.

Gateway Research Park is the product of a unique partnership forged by WPI and the not-for-profit Worcester Business Development Corporation. With strong support from regional political leaders, the partners are revitalizing 11 acres of prime real estate adjacent to WPI and downtown Worcester in a region known nationally as a premier center for innovation in high technology and the biosciences.

The site is close to renowned educational and research institutions and more than 60 life science corporations, among them the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, the Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research, Nypro, AstraZenaca, and the world headquarters of the Abbott Bioresearch Center.

Get In on the Ground Floor

Gateway Research Park offers businesses and organizations the opportunity to locate in its Phase One Facility, a 100,000-square-foot multi-use complex of prime office, retail and research development space. The complex has been designed to support advanced research, development and manufacturing in the biosciences and bioengineering. One of its first tenants will be WPI’s new Bioengineering Institute.

Phase One Facility tenants are actively being sought, including biotechnology, biomedical engineering, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, medical practices and related business, and retail and food service establishments.

Close to WPI and other educational and research institutions, the 11-acre Gateway Research Park is adjacent to the downtown business district and the city’s cultural district, including the nationally renowned Worcester Art Museum.

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