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Volume 104, No. 2, Summer 2005

Volume 104, No. 2, Summer 2005

The Coming Energy Crisis? Jack Siegel ’68, former EPA and DOE administrator and current principal with Energy Resources International Inc., talks about a variety of critical national and global energy and environmental issues.

The End of Fossilized Transportation Can the nation turn the tide on global warming and a costly reliance on foreign oil? David Friedman ’92, research director of the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Clean Vehicles Program, shares his views.

Sun King In the 1980s, James Kachadorian ’61 designed passive solar homes that are models of energy efficiency.

Wind Power Harness the wind and you harness an untapped energy system, says Paul Gaynor ’87, president and CEO of UPC Wind Management.

Good Scoops There’s more than good taste in your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor—there’s also an ecologically responsible manufac-turing process, overseen by Pete Gosselin ’85.

Special thanks to Aaron Goodale of West Boylston, Mass., for his antique tops. Photo by Patrick O’Connor.
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