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Volume 104, No. 4, Spring 2006

Volume 104, No. 4, Spring 2006

Creating Synergy The WPI Life Sciences and Bioengineering Center heralds the future of research at WPI.

Tapping Solutions Dean Kamen '73 and George Oliver '82 share a sense of urgency to solve the global water problem.

Who’s Watching Your Water? Dino Eliadi ’72 and Phil Guerin ’82 safeguard Worcester’s water supply. And yes, they drink the water.

Narrowing the Universe Jo Anne Shatkin ’85 determines which contaminants we should (or shouldn’t) worry about.

Reaching Out to Water-Stressed Countries Philip Giantris ’65 believes in the global necessity for good, clean, accessible water for all.

Photo by Patrick O’Connor.
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