The Wire @ WPI Online
VOLUME 11, NO. 1     MAY 1997

Web nets the gold

NetGuide recently named the WPI Web a Gold Site - one of the best on the Web. The award recognizes Web sites that meet stringent standards for overall excellence. "As befits a technical institution of higher learning, the Worcester Polytechnic Institute site has some handy interactive options," says the listing in NetGuide's Best of the Web. "Before you get to the online admissions office, check out students' course evaluations." The WPI Web earned three stars for personality, design, content and the overall rating. The Theatre and Theatre Technology pages were also honored with a Gold Site Award by NetGuide, garnering a three-star overall rating and four stars for personality. The award is the second time in several months that the WPI Web has been honored by an outside organization, says Web Coordinator Amy Marr '96. NetCollege '97, a book and Web site published by Wolff New Media, also heralded the WPI Web, giving it a five out of five-star 'WIRED' rating.

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