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Author Name TitleDepartment
Abou Nader, Alice JeanneRaising Public Visibility: Communication DesignBiology and Biotechnology
Abou Nader, Alice JeanneAnalyzing the Correlations between Accommodation Disorder and Substance Abuse Among the Latino Community in the Worcester AreaBB
Agudelo Ortiz, Victor AlfonsoFunctional Redesign of the WPI Project WebsiteManagement Engineering
Agudelo Ortiz, Victor AlfonsoImproving Marketing Appeal and Functionality of the WPI Projects WebsiteManagement Engineering
Aguilar Seneres, Lou AbigailIncorporating Traditional Methods of Irrigation with Water Management in Mandi, IndiaElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Al Darweesh, Murtada AbdulhameedAnalysis of Phenological Protocols in Acadia National ParkIndustrial Engineering
Al Sowaimel, Lujain FArtemisinin Yields in Chinese and Yugoslavian Strains of Artemisia annuaBiochemistry
Al-Sowaimel , Lujain FawziSTEM CELLSBiochemistry
Albergaria , Nikolas NunesStudy of Arterial Gas Emboli Behavior in Simulated MicrovasculatureMechanical Engineering
Alberti Arroyo, Hector EmmanuelImproving Ambulance Compartment Insulation, Energy and Lighting DesignElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Alberti Arroyo, Hector EmmanuelCustom Maximum Power Point TrackerElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Alexander Smith, Sean MauriceHotwheels and Cattails on the Moon: Enhancing Sixth Grade Science EducationChemical Engineering
Ali Soofi, Mohammad ShahbazEnvisioning a Black River Pathway: Creating a Heritage Destination through Social DevelopmentIndustrial Engineering
Ali Soofi, Mohammad ShahbazImplementing Lean Process Improvement in the Sterile Processing Department at the Academic Medical CenterIndustrial Engineering
Anderson, Ryan RaymondRetainable Rack Design for Large Fabrication PartsMechanical Engineering
Andreoni Paseka, Victor EduardoPromoting the Use of Green Roofs on Street-Level Surfaces to Improve Public Awareness about Stormwater Management in BostonComputer Science
Anthony Murray, Brian EdwinA SWOT Analysis of the Teaching Process of Math and Science At Worcester's North High SchoolManagement Engineering
Anthony Murray, Brian EdwinReduce, Reuse, RecycleManagement Engineering
Antoinette Yee, Nicolette KereenExpanding Stormwater Solutions: An Inventory of Projects Reducing Polluted Runoff in MassachusettsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Aung, Moe Hein Millbury Cemeteries ProjectCivil and Environmental Engineering
Aung, Moe Hein Millbury Cemeteries ProjectCivil and Environmental Engineering
Azizi, Tariq Aziz Mixed-Use Academic/Parking Structure DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering

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