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Author Name TitleDepartment
Abbascia, Gene RStock Market Simulation (Summer '08)Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Abbascia, Gene RMAGNETICALLY LEVITATED VERTICAL-AXIS WIND TURBINEElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Abbate, Emily EMicroparticle-Mediated Assembly of Cell-Derived Vascular Tissue RingsBiomedical Engineering
Abbate, Emily EWaste Data Management at the Baxter Manufacturing Facility in Costa RicaBiomedical Engineering
Abbiati, George PDevelopment of Trophy Hunting Among Previously Disadvantaged Farmers in NamibiaAeronautical Engineering
Abbiati, George PIn Flight Recharging of MAVsMechanical Engineering
Abdelfattah, Nouran SaiedMunicipal Stormwater Management Outreach: Improving Surface Water QualityBiology and Biotechnology
Abdelfattah, Nouran SaiedUncovering the role of HMG box protein TOX in T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaInterdisciplinary
Abderrazzaq, Andrew ADevelopment of an Intersection Assessment Protocol in Boston, MassachusettsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Abderrazzaq, Andrew AElderly Housing Design in Charlton, MassachusettsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Abdulrazak, Dunia YousefMobile Provisioning Infrastructure for Trusted ComputingElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Abdulrazak, Dunia YousefInternet Privacy: Public Perceptions of Security and ConvenienceElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Abdurazak, Sasha Methods of Instruction for Partner DancingPsychological Science
Abdurazak, Sasha The Effects of Body Language and Affilaitive Motivation on Social Tuning and LikeabilityPsychological Science
Abe, Daisuke A Case Study in Software Tools for Language LearningComputer Science
Abe, Daisuke The Effects of Task Intensity on Visual AttentionComputer Science
Abebe, Eyuel DQualitative Behavior of Solutions For Shallow Water WaveMathematical Sciences
Abebe, Eyuel Demand Response Programs in the Greater Boston AreaElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Abedi, Freshta Long-Term Stewardship of Schools Built on Remediated SitesChemical Engineering
Abedi, Freshta Transport of Pharmaceuticals in SoilChemical Engineering
Abele, Travis JTransgenic AnimalsChemical Engineering
Abele, Travis JAdhesive Technology: Surface Preparation Techniques on AluminumChemical Engineering
Abell, Sarah Fawkner Community House: Solutions to Decrease the Amount of Food Insecurity in Fawkner, Victoria, AustraliaIndustrial Engineering
Abid, Muhammad EhtishamDrones, UAVs, and RPAsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Abojaradeh, Ahmad MImplementing Lean Techniques for OYO SportsMechanical Engineering
Abojaradeh, Ahmad MThe Future of the Swiss Transmission GridMechanical Engineering
Abou Nader, Alice JeanneRaising Public Visibility: Communication DesignBiology and Biotechnology
Abou Nader, Alice JeanneAnalyzing the Correlations between Accommodation Disorder and Substance Abuse Among the Latino Community in the Worcester AreaBB
Abouzahra, Ramsey DHunger Relief Software: An Information Management Solution for Food PantriesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Abouzahra, Ramsey DHybrid Indoor Geolocation for Robotic ApplicationsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Abradi, Samuel TuckerCollege Program RankingsComputer Science
Abraham, Mina RCiting Renewable Energy Sources for the Montachusett RegionAeronautical Engineering
Abrahamsen, Erica LThe Role of Ependymin in Horseshoe Crab Limb RegenerationBiology and Biotechnology
(WPI)Abu Muti, Ibrahim MStock Market SimulationChemical Engineering
Accosta, Robert FRe-engineering the Venetian Taxi Transportation System: Efficiency Improvements That Reduce Moto OndosoMechanical Engineering
Accosta, Robert FStudies of Metal FiresMechanical Engineering
Acosta, Christian AnthonyEvaluation of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bench Scale Specimen Sizes and Prediction of Full Scale Flame Spread Testing for Building ApplicationsMechanical Engineering
Acosta, Christian AnthonyTransit in Montgomery CountyMechanical Engineering
Adams, Johnathan MaxwellEnergy Efficiency of Historic Meetinghouse on Pleasant StreetBiomedical Engineering
Adams, Thaddeus Assessing Sustainability Principles in the Design of the Tate Modern ExpansionChemical Engineering
Adams, Valerie The Effect of Sprinkler Spray on Combustion Products Leaving a CompartmentCivil and Environmental Engineering
Adams, Thaddeus Temperature Control of a Gas FlowChemical Engineering
Adams, Luke NA Population Genetics Study of Local Orconectes virilisBiochemistry
Adams, Cory SpencerHydraulic Fracturing: A Report as to the Implications Regarding Natural GasCivil and Environmental Engineering
Adams, Kenneth WAn Analysis of Missing Medication Documentation, Processes, and Procedures at the Veterans Hospital (VA Boston Healthcare System - West Roxbury Campus)Biomedical Engineering
Adams, Ryan JamesNovartis Energy & Utility UtilizationIndustrial Engineering
Adams, Valerie Museum Space Usage AssessmentCE FPE
Adams, Ryan JamesStock Market Simulation E08Industrial Engineering
Adams, Kenneth WDesign of a Bioreactor to Cyclically Strain Tissue Engineered Blood VesselsBiomedical Engineering
Adams, Cory SpencerPedestrian Bridge Design in Fultonville, New YorkCivil and Environmental Engineering
Adamson, Patricia AlyceDesign of a Hands-Free Rotating Snowboard Binding DeviceMechanical Engineering
Adamson, Patricia AlyceRecycling and Solid Waste Management in Montes de Oca, San Jose, Costa RicaMechanical Engineering
Addonisio, Corrado MWPI LIQUID LIFEARE
Addorio, Martha RDNA FingerprintingBiology and Biotechnology
Adebayo, Olufunmilayo OlatokunboWeb Design and Implementation for Family Health Center of WorcesterBE TC
Adebayo, Olufunmilayo OlatokunboDesign of a New Prosthetic Alignment Adaptor with Quantitative Alignment and Height AdjustmentInterdisciplinary
Adhikari, Udit AIDS Project Worcester: Reducing Energy Costs, Giving Back to the CommunityElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Adhikari, Ritesh Design of a Mobile Farmers' MarketElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Adhikari, Ritesh Exomusculature Robotic Sleeve for Upper Limb Stroke RehabilitationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Adhikari, Udit Elderly Assist RobotElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Adkins, Amanda AAssessment of Raks Thai Learning Centers for Migrant Children in MahachaiComputer Science
Adler, Jonathan DFailure Methods, Clamp Load, and Heat in Self-Tapping Screw InsertionMathematical Sciences
Adrianzen, Diego MartinDeveloping a Watershed Council for the Rio Espiritu Santo Watershed in Puerto RicoManagement Engineering
Adrianzen, Diego MartinImplementing Lean Process Improvement in the Sterile Processing Department at the Academic Medical CenterManagement Engineering
Afezolli, Debora Swapping Stories: Gaining insight to cancer therapeutics and EGFR signaling from fliesBiology and Biotechnology
Afezolli, Debora Unearthing the Roots of Venice: From Relics to DNABiology and Biotechnology
Afiri, Marouane Rolling ThunderElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Afiri, Marouane Impact of Globalization on Small-Scale Artisans in Azrou, MoroccoElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Aftab, Mairaj Alternative Solar Cells and Their ImplicationsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Aftab, Mairaj Wireless Digital VoltmeterElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Agar, Erin MarieInteractions between Myosin XIa and Rab Proteins in the Moss Physcomitrella patensBiology and Biotechnology
Agar, Erin MarieDevelopment of the Zero Heroes Program in the London Borough of CroydonBiology and Biotechnology
Agrawal, Supriya ApurvaComposting Guidebook for an Organic Farm in Guaimaca, HondurasBiochemistry
Agudelo Ortiz, Victor AlfonsoFunctional Redesign of the WPI Project WebsiteManagement Engineering
Agudelo Ortiz, Victor AlfonsoImproving Marketing Appeal and Functionality of the WPI Projects WebsiteManagement Engineering
Aguiar, Paul JEMS Surgical Sponge for Containment of Physiological Fluids and Vibration DampeningMechanical Engineering
Aguilar Seneres, Lou AbigailIncorporating Traditional Methods of Irrigation with Water Management in Mandi, IndiaElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Agunwamba, Chukwunomso A computational basis for approximating the conductivity in electrical impedance tomographyMathematical Sciences
Agunwamba, Chukwunomso Demand Response Programs in the Greater Boston AreaPhysics
Ah-Heng, Cody IrvinImpacts and Limitations of Residential Geothermal Heating SystemsPhysics
Aherrera, Marya Celina ManaloPreventing Thai Teen Pregnancy through Digital MediaBiochemistry
Ahmed, Muneeruddin E-Grounds 2006Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ahmed, Muneeruddin Close-Out Project at Worcester Trial CourthouseCivil and Environmental Engineering
Ahn, Jonathan YEvaluation of Environmental Audits and Insulation Case StudiesBiomedical Engineering
Ahn, Jonathan YDesign of an Optimized Rigid Fixation System for the Osteoporotic SternumBiomedical Engineering
Aho, Christopher 2009 Formula SAE Race CarMechanical Engineering
Aho, Christopher Reconnecting New Generations to Charles DickensMechanical Engineering
Aiello, Christina JaneDesigning a Historically-themed Portable Miniature Golf Course as an Interactive Family Exhibit for Worcester Historical MuseumComputer Science
Aiello, Christina JaneWanderLog Travel ApplicationComputer Science
(WPI)Aigozhin, Temirlan Kazakhstan: Developing an Informative Website for Promoting a Positive Image of the CountryElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ainley, Elena EstelleChronopigger: The Making of an IGF WinnerIMG
Ainley, Elena EstelleSupplemental Teaching Materials for CERES Community Environment ParkIMG
Airey, Landon JosephCost Reduction Electric EnergyElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Airey, Landon JosephBackscatter Gain and Array Modeling for a Large-Aperture High-Power RadarElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ajayi-Obe, Yetunde Web Design for the USDC of RIManagement Information Systems
Ajayi-Obe, Yetunde Women Weavers of Ain Leuh, Morocco: Use of Internet Technology & Global MarketingManagement Information Systems
Akese, Emmanuel A Comparative Study of Procurement Management in China's Petrochemical CompaniesIndustrial Engineering
Akese, Emmanuel Sustainability and Transportation at WPIIndustrial Engineering
Akhmetova, Assel BaurzhanovnaSalt Intrusion in Gatun LakeEnvironmental Engineering
Akhmetova, Assel BaurzhanovnaBus Emissions and Their Impact on Disadvantaged CommunitiesEnvironmental Engineering
Akhtar, Ali ZainPower and Thermal ModelingElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Akhtar, Zaki SirajDesign of a Micro-Aircraft GliderAeronautical Engineering
Akhtar, Mohammed SuhailThe Dark Side of Facebook GamesBiology and Biotechnology
Akhtar, Ali ZainEMS Communication Systems Data AnalysisElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Akhtar, Zaki SirajTowards a Paperless Choral ClassroomAeronautical Engineering
Akhtar, Mohammed SuhailEffects of Genistein on Breast Epithelial Cancer CellsBiology and Biotechnology
Akhtar, Zaki SirajTowards A Paperless Choral ClassroomAeronautical Engineering
Akid, Jamal JamesAnalyzing Qualitative Data at Museum VictoriaBiomedical Engineering
Akmanalp, Mehmet AliTextbook Economics in an Era of Changing MediaComputer Science
Akmanalp, Mehmet ARealization of Performance Advancements for WPI's UGV - PrometheusComputer Science
Al Darweesh, Murtada AbdulhameedAnalysis of Phenological Protocols in Acadia National ParkIndustrial Engineering
Al Darweesh, Murtada Abdulhameed980H2 Steel Mill Battery Box Redesign for Caterpillar Inc.Industrial Engineering
Al Sowaimel, Lujain FArtemisinin Yields in Chinese and Yugoslavian Strains of Artemisia annuaBiochemistry
Al-Abri, Abdulla ZakariaElectric Grid Tolerance to Electric VehiclesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Al-Beik, Hisham MahmoudSelf-Synchronization Vibration Testing MechanismMechanical Engineering
Al-Hassan, Mohammed RoufuddinIncreasing Interaction With EnginesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Al-Hassan, Mohammed RoufuddinEmpirical Modeling of the Poynting and Kinetic Energy Flux in Earth's AtmosphereElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Al-Sowaimel , Lujain FawziSTEM CELLSBiochemistry
Alabri, Abdulla ZakariaStem Cell IQPElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Alameda, Mackenzie LeighWater, Sanitation, and Hygiene Upgrading Programme in Informal SettlementsChemical Engineering
Alamer, Abdulaziz MohammedMolten Salt Pyrolysis of Waste PolystyreneChemical Engineering
Alamer, Abdulaziz MohammedDNA FingerprintingChemical Engineering
Alan, Rebecca RTraining for Stress ReductionBiology and Biotechnology
Alan, Rebecca RA New Assay for Quantifying Pentosidine Levels in Avian SpeciesBiology and Biotechnology
Alasfour, Meshal Using Media to Enhance Students' Ability to Learn PhysicsMechanical Engineering
Alasfour, Meshal Low-Tech Water Treatment FacilityMechanical Engineering
Albee, Tyler HaroldInvestigation of O-Ring Adhesion in Space MechanismsMechanical Engineering
Albee, Tyler HaroldOpportunities for a New Generation of E-LearningMechanical Engineering
Albergaria, Nikolas NunesBiodiesel Process Analysis for EPOCAMechanical Engineering
Albergaria , Nikolas NunesStudy of Arterial Gas Emboli Behavior in Simulated MicrovasculatureMechanical Engineering
Alberti Arroyo, Hector EmmanuelImproving Ambulance Compartment Insulation, Energy and Lighting DesignElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Alberti Arroyo, Hector EmmanuelCustom Maximum Power Point TrackerElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
(WPI)Alblaihess, Mohamad AStock Market SimulationChemical Engineering
Albrecht, Sarah Establishing a Sustainable Vision for HealthcareIndustrial Engineering
Albrecht, Sarah AProvider Scheduling at the Worcester VA Community Based Outpatient ClinicIndustrial Engineering
Albright, Abigail MargaretIdentifying strategies to facilitate a successful relocation: the informal settlement of Klong ToeyChemical Engineering
Albright, Abigail MargaretLeaching of Metals into Groundwater - Understanding the Causes and an Evaluation of Remedial ApproachesChemical Engineering
Alden, Nicholas Molten Salt Gasification of BiomassChemical Engineering
Alden, Nicholas Developing an Annual Sustainability Report for WPIChemical Engineering
Alderman, Daniel AValuing Ecological Services of Peri-Urban Open Spaces: A Case Study of the West Tatnuck Neighborhood of Worcester, MassachusettsComputer Science
Alderman, Daniel AWorkflow Repository Integration with the P-GRADE PortalComputer Science
Aldi, Anthony NDecentralized Energy Master Planning: The London Borough of BrentChemistry
Aldi, Anthony NContinuous Ethanol Production via a Magnetically Stabilized BioreactorChemistry
Aldrich, Jeffrey Remediating MTBE Contamination with Hydrophobic Membranes and Chemical OxidationChemical Engineering
Aldrich, Jeffrey A.Water Access Points in Boston Harbor: Encouraging Boating and a Clean HarborChemical Engineering
Alea, Joseph MBlood Tide: A 3D Action-RTS GameIMGD HU
Alea, Joseph ManuelAssessing the Feasibility of an Internal Paper Recycling PlantIMG
Alegbeleye, Laura-Ashley ATreatment of Petroleum Contaminated Water Using PeatChemical Engineering
Alegbeleye, Laura-Ashley AThe Urban Elephant: Sustainable Roles in a Changing SocietyChemical Engineering
Alejandro, Jorge AAutomation of a Remote Telescope Imaging SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Alejandro, Jorge AStock Market SimulationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Aleles, Nicholas JohnRobert Goddard ExhibitManagement Engineering
Alemian, Cory ScottPedestrian Bridge Design and Evaluation in Brimfield, MassachusettsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Alemian, Cory ScottImproving Pedestrian Mobility in Newton, MACivil and Environmental Engineering
Alex, Lauren NDesign of a Data Acquisition System for a Kite Power DemonstratorMechanical Engineering
Alex, Lauren NicoleDesign and Construction of a Communal Laundry Station in Monwabisi Park, Cape TownMechanical Engineering
Alexander, Tyler BryceScientific American as a Mid-Nineteenth Century Middleman: The Periodical’s Role as a Liaison between the Public and InventorsManagement
Alexander, Troy MichaelThe Effects of Perspective Taking and Victim Impact Statements on Courtroom DecisionsPsychological Science
Alexander, Stefan UtamaruCompetitive Gaming: Design and Community BuildingComputer Science
Alexander, Elizabeth Analyzing the Accreditation Venture of the Undergraduate Robotics Engineering ProgramRobotics Engineering
Alexander, Travis PCorrectional Facility Analysis and DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
Alexander, Todd EHeat Transfer in Packed Bed Reactors: Heating vs. CoolingChemical Engineering
Alexander, Todd ELaboratory Activities for Secondary Science Education in Rural ThailandChemical Engineering
Alexander, Elizabeth Affordable Compact Humanoid Robot for Autism Spectrum DisorderME RBE
Alexander, Troy MichaelAffiliative Motivation and Group Identity Affect on Social Tuning and IdentityPsychological Science
Alexander, Stefan UtamaruErrant: An iOS Fitness RPGInterdisciplinary
Alexander, Tyler BryceDeterminants of Success in WPI Student-Led OrganizationsManagement
Alexander Smith, Sean MauriceHotwheels and Cattails on the Moon: Enhancing Sixth Grade Science EducationChemical Engineering
Alezker, Alan DOff-task Behavior and Gaming the System: An Analytic ApproachActuarial Mathematics
(WPI)Alfayez, Fayez AbdullahStock Market SimulationMechanical Engineering
Alfieri, Corey JImproving Communication with the Public about Tick-borne DiseasesActuarial Mathematics
Alfonzo, Helena CEvaluation of Environmental Audits and Insulation Case StudiesBiomedical Engineering
Alfonzo, Helena CCardiac Scaffold for Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Facilitated Autonomous PacingBiomedical Engineering
Algarni, Ali Electromagnetic Ring LauncherElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Algarni, Ali SaadStem Cell IQPElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Algiere, Nicholas JamesAssistive Mobility Device for an Elementary School Student with ArthrogryposisMechanical Engineering
Algiere, Nicholas JamesIP-Enabled WAN EMS SystemMechanical Engineering
Ali, Noor MohammadHistorical Evolution of Weapons and Armors in India, Persia, and GreeceBiology and Biotechnology
Ali, Syed MoazzamCardiac Scaffold for Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Facilitated Autonomous PacingBiomedical Engineering
Ali, Alsan Process Improvement and the Advantages of SimulationIndustrial Engineering
Ali, Alsan Exploring the Impact of School Nurses on K-12 System PerformanceEconomic Science
Ali, Haseeb AhmedVessel Ring BioreactorMechanical Engineering
Ali, Haseeb AhmedThe Zimri Project: Running Water and Bathroom Facilities for a Rural Moroccan SchoolMechanical Engineering
Ali, Syed MoazzamBio-Diesel and the Public Transportation System of San JoseBiomedical Engineering
Ali, Mudassir MohammedDevelop a Space Themed Middle School Science CurriculumElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ali, Mudassir MohammedWearable HoneypotElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ali, Alsan Exploring the Impact of School Nurses on K-12 System PerformanceEconomic Science
Ali Soofi, Mohammad ShahbazEnvisioning a Black River Pathway: Creating a Heritage Destination through Social DevelopmentIndustrial Engineering
Ali Soofi, Mohammad ShahbazImplementing Lean Process Improvement in the Sterile Processing Department at the Academic Medical CenterIndustrial Engineering
Alibozek, Austin Forex Trading System DevelopmentElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Alkhazov, Yury Building a Profile of the Fire Safety Community in AustraliaManagement Information Systems
Alkusayer, Khalid TawfikSmart Intersection System SISChemical Engineering
Allain, Kurtis RCreating Bridges for Cleft PatientsBiology and Biotechnology
Allain, Kurtis RExtraction of Chlorophyll using Dimethyl sulfoxide and AcetoneBiology and Biotechnology
Allard, Margaret MInvestigation of a case of introgression in the Blackstone River Valley Watershed: Locating AFLP markersInterdisciplinary
Allard, Joshua NMeasuring the Annoyance in Streaming Media Caused by Buffers and InterruptsComputer Science
Allard, Margaret MStock Market SimulationBiology and Biotechnology
Allen, Joseph PatrickElectronic Recycling Center in Peñuelas, Puerto Rico: Its Viability, Sustainability, and OperationCivil and Environmental Engineering
Allen, Kyle Sustainability of a Worcester Indoor TrackMechanical Engineering
Allen, Brandon MichaelObservability of Separation Events Using Radar DataPhysics
Allen, Nicolas JamesRoughness and Reflectivity of Mass Finished 6061 T6 Al SurfacesMechanical Engineering
Allen, Stephen JosephAnalysis of Glycerin Uses for the Empower Energy Cooperative: An outlet for growthChemistry
Allen, Matthew StephenInvestment and TradingElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Allen, Benjamin MGait Analysis and Spinal RotationBiomedical Engineering
Allen, Kyle JQuadrotor UAVMechanical Engineering
Allen, Benjamin MUnearthing the Roots of Venice: From Relics to DNABiomedical Engineering
Allen, Caroline ElizabethEstablishing the Sustainability of Banksia Gardens Community Centre’s Science Education ProgramMechanical Engineering
Allen, Caroline ElizabethPassive Assistive Pedaling DeviceMechanical Engineering
Allen, David AlbertAnalyzing Food Security in WorcesterChemical Engineering
Allen, Joseph PatrickFlood Mitigation for Quinsigamond Avenue in Worcester, MACivil and Environmental Engineering
Allen, Nicolas JamesImproving the Sustainability of the Regional Environmental Council Food Justice ProgramMechanical Engineering
Allen, Samuel RAmbulance Reliability ControlMechanical Engineering
Allen, David Ferrate Oxidation of Ciprofloxacin in WaterChemical Engineering
Allen, Robert StevenTexture comparison in chips in various environmentsMechanical Engineering
Alleva, James WilliamLink Conveyor ModelingMechanical Engineering
Alleva, James WilliamCOGNITIVE DEVELOPMENTMechanical Engineering
Allietta, Emily ColleenRecycling and Solid Waste Management in Montes de Oca, San Jose, Costa RicaManagement Engineering
Allietta, Emily ColleenFinding Green Solutions for Nypro, IncManagement Engineering
Allison, Edward EricImproving the High Speed Internet Infrastructure in Santa Fe: Analysis of Potential OptionsMechanical Engineering
Allison, Edward EricThermoelectric Management of Lithium Ion Batteries in Mobile DevicesMechanical Engineering
Allwood, Thomas TWill Prey Consume Nanotechnology?Manufacturing Engineering
Allwood, Thomas J.TEMPLATE BASED NANOMANUFACTURINGManufacturing Engineering
Almaymuni, Abdullah Science and Art CollaborationChemical Engineering
Almeida, Brian JosephCardiac Scaffold for Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Facilitated Autonomous PacingBiomedical Engineering
Almeida, Brian JosephSafety Regulations for Unregistrable Movable DwellingsBiomedical Engineering
Almeida, Bethany MThe Age of ArmorBiomedical Engineering
Almeida, Bethany MIn Vitro Skeletal Muscle Model with Mechanical StimulationInterdisciplinary
Almquist, Scott TrevorTime Synchronization in Acoustic Localization for Mobile Open-Source Network DeploymentInterdisciplinary
Almquist, Scott TrevorBiodegradable Municipal Solid Waste in Santo Domingo de HerediaComputer Science
Almquist, Scott TrevorAcoustic Localization for Mobile Open-Source Network DeploymentCS ECE
Aloisio, Christopher TVenetian Mobility on Land and SeaRobotics Engineering
Aloisio, Christopher TBIOSwimmerRobotics Engineering
Alperin, Yan Museum Education Materials: The design and implementation of demonstrations and activities for Science Museum and classroom useMechanical Engineering
Alrayas, Mohammed SSound ArchiveChemical Engineering
Alshuqaiq, Mohammad AbdullahField Observation of Student Behavior in ASSISTmentsChemical Engineering
Alshuqaiq, Mohammad AbdullahAn Analysis of Oil Combustion on SnowChemical Engineering
Alspach, Brandon RaySTEM CELLS AND SOCIETYBiology and Biotechnology
Alspaugh, David LA Feasibility Study of a Biodiesel Plant in Cartago, Costa RicaMechanical Engineering
Alspaugh, David LDesign and Optimization of a FSAE VehicleMechanical Engineering
Altin, Ceren Feed-forward Control System for Fed-batch Development in Mammalian BioreactorsChemical Engineering
Altin, Ceren Applications of Surface Metrology to Issues in ArtChemical Engineering
Altman, Joel BThe Feasibility of a Municipally Operated Electric Grid in Santa Fe, New MexicoAeronautical Engineering
Altman, Joel BDesign of a Windspeed Monitoring System for Autonomously Guided Cargo ParachutesAeronautical Engineering
Altshuler, Benjamin MinichAssessing Workplace Wellness Needs for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Windhoek, NamibiaBiomedical Engineering
Alunni, Nicholas Central and Western Massachusetts Red Cross Website Re-DesignRobotics Engineering
Alunni, Nicholas Hierarchical Swarm RoboticsRobotics Engineering
Alvarado, Roberto AntonioElectricity Use and Conservation on NantucketPhysics
Alvarado, Migdoel Endicia WebmailerComputer Science
Alvarado, Migdoel Developing and testing microworld-based assessments for physical scienceComputer Science
Alvarado, Roberto AntonioAnalysis of the thermo-mechanical reliability of an SMT attachmentPhysics
Alvarez, Alexander JosephBusiness Development at JobTacToe.comManagement Engineering
Alvarez, Alexander JosephA Cost-Benefit Analysis of School Regionalization in MassachusettsManagement Engineering
Alves, William FarrellFuel Policy Impacts on the Community: Pollards Hills and East MitchamManagement Engineering
Alvidrez, Julia MBloomberg Functionality Replication in QuartzManagement Engineering
Alvidrez, Julia MImproved Transition of Instruments and Database Management at the Blue Hill ObservatoryManagement Engineering
Alvord, Nathan Local Water Network Rectification in Krabi, ThailandMechanical Engineering
Amador, Francisco JavierAdvanced Patent Application AnalysisIndustrial Engineering
Amante, John JosephRecommendations Toward Expanding the Scope of the Zellij Craft IndustryBiomedical Engineering
Amato, Joseph LawrenceORYX 2.0: A Planetary Exploration Mobility PlatformRobotics Engineering
Amato, Joseph LawrenceImproving Voter Privacy for the BlindRobotics Engineering
Amato, Michael SalvatorePublic Involvement in Long-Term Stewardship Sites of the Superfund ProgramEnvironmental Engineering
Amato, Joseph LawrenceORYX 2.0: A Planetary Exploration Mobility PlatformRobotics Engineering
Amatucci, Joseph DNA FingerprintingBiology and Biotechnology
Amatucci, Joseph LSurface Antigenicity in the Cuticle of C. elegansBB
Ambady, Shridhar Providing Support for the Ladegårdsåen Daylighting ProjectElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ambady, Shridhar Visible Light CommunicationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ambrosino, Nicholas PA Future Scientists and Engineers Club for Worcester South High SchoolCivil and Environmental Engineering
Ambrosino, Nicholas PUMass ACCESCivil and Environmental Engineering
Amendola, Larissa RTechnological Delivery Methods of Community Safety MessagesBiology and Biotechnology
Amendola, Larissa RFemale Crayfish Mate Preference Concerning Male DominanceBiology and Biotechnology
Amendolare, Vincent TLaser Audio Surveillance DeviceElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Amendolare, Nicholas DA Sustainable Science Laboratory Program for Rural ThailandInterdisciplinary
Amendolare, Vincent TUsing the Access Grid at Global Project SitesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Amendolare, Nicholas DConserving Energy Through Fuel Poverty Mapping in Worcester, MAEP
Ames, Kelly AnnAnalysis of Oak ComponentsChemical Engineering
Ames, Kelly AnnEnergy Demand Management at the Gobabeb Research and Training CentreChemical Engineering
Ames, Dale DPANSAT: A Powder Metal NanosatelliteManufacturing Engineering
Ames, Jessica AshlyVolatility of Tetrachloroethylene on Cape CodBiology and Biotechnology
Ames, Jessica AshlyMutagenesis of Influenza Virus H5-Type Hemagglutinin to Identify Domains Important for InfectionBiology and Biotechnology
Amevor, Denzel FuiWorcester Art Museum: Café SustainabilityCivil and Environmental Engineering
Amevor, Denzel FuiMaintenance and Expansion Evaluation of the Panama CanalCivil and Environmental Engineering
Amilcar, Marcus CalixteMobility in the Floating City: A Study of Pedestrian TransportationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Amilcar, Marcus CalixteInrush Transient Current MitigationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Amin, Ryan Green Study for Greeks: The Determination of Environmental Sustainability within the Greek Community of WPIManagement Information Systems
Amin, Ryan Instantaneous Feedback of HRV for Monitoring Emotional StateManagement Information Systems
Ammeson, Brett LInvestigating Flood and Climate Change Perception in the Hutt ValleyComputer Science
Amoroso, Dante Thin-Film FerrofluidicsInterdisciplinary
Amoroso, Dante Holy Name High School: Mathematics CurriculumMathematical Sciences
Amos, Sean JNot a Piece of Cake: Understanding the Food Rituals at Birthday Parties in New ZealandComputer Science
Amundsen, Glenn OLinking Simulated Radar Data to Physical ModelsPhysics
Anastasia, Michael AnthonyDomain Specific Techniques for Creating GamesComputer Science
Anaya, Jerome MichaelDesign of a Mobile Farmers' MarketMechanical Engineering
Andersen, Derek HApplication of Peer-Assisted Learning in a University Extra-Curricular ProgramCivil and Environmental Engineering
Anderson, Joshua DEMC2 SymAPI - Phase IIComputer Science
Anderson, Chelsey ESynthesis of Silicalite-1 AggregatesChemical Engineering
Anderson, Gregory DavisConnecting the Worcester EcoTarium to the Public Power GridChemical Engineering
Anderson, David AMonte-Carlo Search in GamesComputer Science
Anderson, Jon JSoil-less Agriculture at the Wat Pathumwanaram School: Expansion through an Aeroponic Garden and Educational MaterialRobotics Engineering
Anderson, Kaitlyn EDesign of an Automated Trituration System for Isolation of Cardiogenic CellsBiomedical Engineering
Anderson, Neal DHydroponics at Wat Pathumwanaram School: Hands-on Learning through Soilless GardeningMechanical Engineering
Anderson, Gregory DavisActivity Coefficients of Ammonium, Phosphonium, and Pyridinium- Based Ionic LiquidsChemical Engineering
Anderson, Neal DAeacus: The Design and Realization of an Ant-Like Robotic PlatformMechanical Engineering
Anderson, Josh JTransgenic AnimalsBiomedical Engineering
Anderson, Lesley CPublicizing the Chamber Music FestivalTC
Anderson, Warren CharlesWPI Teaching PracticumMathematical Sciences
Anderson, Kaitlyn ElizabethLondon Science Museum Launch Pad Extension ProjectBiomedical Engineering
Anderson, Evan VincentPolymer Brush Force Modeling and ExperimentationPhysics
Anderson, Andrew JImplementing Lean Manufacturing In Amphenol TCSMechanical Engineering
Anderson, Andrew JCFA: Brigades Online Usage AnalysisMechanical Engineering
Anderson, Nediva TaraBiological Suture LoadingBiomedical Engineering
Anderson, Ian AArtistic Presentation of Scientific Research as a Means to Promote Public AwarenessMechanical Engineering
Anderson, Nediva TaraMala Noche River Estuary: Assessing and Raising Community AwarenessBiomedical Engineering
Anderson, Lauren RAutomatic Detection of Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial FlutterBiomedical Engineering
Anderson, Alessandra RExtension of Grid Portal Functionalities with Collection and Visualization of Usage StatisticsComputer Science
Anderson, Benjamin HavenReal-Time Indoor Localization using Visual and Inertial OdometryElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Anderson, Warren CharlesMathematical Modeling for UndergraduatesMathematical Sciences
Anderson, Chelsey EUn'Economia Sommersa: Documenting the Evolution of the Venetian Formal EconomyChemical Engineering
Anderson, Ben FA Comprehensive Web Deployment Strategy for a Component Based Java FrameworkComputer Science
Anderson, James RossmanImproving the Sustainability of the Regional Environmental Council Food Justice ProgramMechanical Engineering
Anderson, Evan VincentStock Market SimulationPhysics
Anderson, Carl JosephEmergency Department Patient Flow Simulation at HealthAllianceIndustrial Engineering
Anderson, Carl JosephStock Market SimulationIndustrial Engineering
Anderson, Ian APerformance of Waste Vegetable Oil as Fuel in Diesel EnginesMechanical Engineering
Anderson, Wayne ErnestDNA Fingerprinting an Interacting Qualifying Project ReportRobotics Engineering
Anderson, Wayne ErnestDeterministic Comparison between Commercial Procurement and Project Design ProcessManagement Engineering
Anderson, Ryan RSupplemental Teaching Materials for CERES Community Environment ParkMechanical Engineering
Anderson, Alessandra ROrganizational Memory: An AIAA InvestigationIMG
Anderson, Erica Decoding the International Secretariat: An Assessment of Communications and CultureBiology and Biotechnology
Anderson, Ryan RaymondRetainable Rack Design for Large Fabrication PartsMechanical Engineering
Anderson, Arlina ArielEvaluation of Hong Kong’s Indoor Air Quality Management Programme: Certification Scheme, Objectives, and TechnologyBiomedical Engineering
Anderson, Lauren RShrinking of the Arctic Sea Ice CoverBiomedical Engineering
Anderson, Jon JacobORYX 2.0: A Planetary Exploration Mobility PlatformRBE ME
Anderson, Benjamin HavenUnwanted False Alarms (BCA Classifications 2 & 3)Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Anderson, Jon JacobORYX 2.0: A Planetary Exploration Mobility PlatformRBE ME
Andrade, Jose ManuelEvaluating Zoo Learning ModelsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Andrade, Jose ManuelGrowing Power Vertical FarmCivil and Environmental Engineering
Andraka, Andrew MarkGas or Electricity: An Evaluation of Electricity and Natural Gas as a Residential Energy SourceAeronautical Engineering
Andre, Anthony StephenFeasibility of a Microturbine on Worcester Polytechnic's CampusMechanical Engineering
Andrei, Mihnea StefanAutomating the Precision Trading SystemActuarial Mathematics
Andreoni Paseka, Victor EduardoPromoting the Use of Green Roofs on Street-Level Surfaces to Improve Public Awareness about Stormwater Management in BostonComputer Science
Andreoni Paseka, Victor EduardoCheck-In Testing Framework for iOSComputer Science
Andres, Michael PEvaluation of Nantucket's Mass Save Home Energy Assessment ProgramMechanical Engineering
Andresen, Eric RiceRhetoric of Global Warming: Multimodal Arguments in Public and Scientific ContextsPW
Andresen, Eric RiceFacilitating Multidimensional Analysis of the Merton Partnership's Local Intelligence DataPW
Andrews, Haley ESAM Fitness: An Android Wellness-ApplicationComputer Science
Andrews, Steven MOrganizational Memory: An AIAA InvestigationAeronautical Engineering
Andrews, Jared TSoftware Processes at PayPalComputer Science
Andrews, John FObscuraIMG
Andrews, Jared TImproving Energy Supply & Demand in Rural Thai VillagesComputer Science
Andrews, John FThe Use of Digital Technologies for Learning at the Victoria and Albert MuseumIMG
Andrews, Alexander SingerCoal Dust IgnitionMechanical Engineering
Andrews, Haley EWPI IQP Teaching Practicum at Forest Grove Middle SchoolComputer Science
Andrews, Alexander SingerEvaluation of Fog Security DevicesMechanical Engineering
Andrews, Steven MDesign of a Micro-Class AircraftAeronautical Engineering
Andrews, Christopher NLine of Balance Analysis of the New WPI Residence HallCivil and Environmental Engineering
Andrews, Taylor HLarge Scale Sound Installation Design: Psychoacoustic StimulationComputer Science
Andrews, Craig HAnalysis of the Solicitation Process in Montgomery CountyComputer Science
Andrews, Christopher NThe Evaluation of the King Rama VII Mining Museum in Mae Moh, ThailandCivil and Environmental Engineering
Andrews, Craig HNatural Language Interface Using First Order LogicComputer Science
Andruskiewicz, Mason DouglasPromoting Namibia as a Hub for International Trade and Transport: Case Studies of Business Growth in the Transport and Logistics IndustryBiomedical Engineering
Andruskiewicz, Mason DCalcaneal Tendon Force Comparison Between Traditional and Minimalist ShoesBiomedical Engineering
Andujar, Gregory Heel-Operated Bass Drum PedalMechanical Engineering
Andujar, Gregory Stock Market SimulationMechanical Engineering
Angelini, Nick Mapping Underwater Turbulence in VeniceElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Angelini, Nicholas D.Mapping City PotholesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Angeliu, Kenneth MartinIMPROVING SPONSORED PROJECTS AT WPIMechanical Engineering
Angell, Thomas CDesign and Testing of a Flexible Space StructureMechanical Engineering
Angell, Thomas CAmeriCorps Outcomes AssessmentMechanical Engineering
Angelo, Rafael LPIERA ALTAComputer Science
Angers, Tyler LAnalyzing Relationships between Reconstruction Approaches and Social Vulnerabilities in Tsunami-Affected ThailandMechanical Engineering
Angjeli, Endri fMRI Analysis of Brain Refractory Period Activity in Nicotine-Addicted Rat ModelsBiomedical Engineering
Anglin, Nesa-Maria AshleyDeveloping a Biosensor to Monitor GlioblastomaBiomedical Engineering
Anglin, Mica MGas Source Localization with a Mobile Sensing Ground VehicleAeronautical Engineering
Anglin, Nesa-Maria AshleyFlood Prevention and Daylighting of LadegårdsåenBiomedical Engineering
Angulo, Joseph AugustoAssessing the Lifespans of Reservoirs in Region 2 of Puerto RicoCivil and Environmental Engineering
Angulo, Marco Cross Cultural Communication in Redevelopment: A Cape Town Case StudyComputer Science
Angulo, Joseph AugustoGateway Building 2012: Alternative Designs and Use of Building Information ModelingCivil and Environmental Engineering
Angulo, Franklin EA Study of Distance Education in Hong KongComputer Science
Angulo, Marco Information Sharing at Bank of AmericaComputer Science
Angwafo, Babadee NDetermining the Potential of a Cogeneration System at WPIManagement Engineering
Angwafo, Babadee NMassDOTManagement Engineering
Anina, Elior Framework to Develop a North Atlantic Right Whale Video GameBiology and Biotechnology
Anjum, Tanvir Peak Electricity Demand and the Feasibility of Solar PV in the Greater Boston AreaElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Anjum, Tanvir Dynamic Shock AbsorberElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Anness, Emily GrahamRemoval of Sulfamethoxazole from Water by Ion-Exchange AdsorptionEnvironmental Engineering
Anness, Emily GrahamTrail View: Acadia National ParkEnvironmental Engineering
Anouna, James GalbraithLeap Motion PresenterComputer Science
Anouna, James GalbraithNetwork Latency and Cloud Games: A Study Using GamingAnywhereComputer Science
Ansari, Naumaan Intelligent Audio Systems, Interacting, Data Accumulation and AnalysisElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ansari, Naumaan MohammedPre-Silicon Verification of Tegra Image Signal ProcessorElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ansel, Adam PAX East 2014 Booth IQPInteractive Media and Game Development
Ansel, Adam CAeroknights: Deathmatch MQPInteractive Media and Game Development
Antalek, Kevin JamesImprovements in Lighting, Ventilation and Insulation in an AmbulanceElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Antalek, Kevin Electric Motorbike with Regenerative BrakingElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Anthony Murray, Brian EdwinA SWOT Analysis of the Teaching Process of Math and Science At Worcester's North High SchoolManagement Engineering
Anthony Murray, Brian EdwinReduce, Reuse, RecycleManagement Engineering
Antoinette Yee, Nicolette KereenMaintenance and Expansion Evaluation of the Panama CanalCivil and Environmental Engineering
Antoinette Yee, Nicolette KereenExpanding Stormwater Solutions: An Inventory of Projects Reducing Polluted Runoff in MassachusettsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Antolick, Sarah MareeCommunity Mobilisation through Reblocking in Flamingo CrescentCivil and Environmental Engineering
Antolick, Sarah MareeMaintenance and Expansion Evaluation of the Panama CanalCivil and Environmental Engineering
Antonellis, Danielle GraceSpalling Predictions and Associated Capacity Losses from Hydrothermal EffectsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Antonellis, Danielle GraceEstimation of the Aftercare Period of Danish LandfillsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Antoniou, Salvador ATrading System DevelopmentElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Antoniou, Salvador AntonioSmart RecloserElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Antonopoulos, John NicholasRenovation of Alumni GymnasiumCivil and Environmental Engineering
Antonopoulos, John NicholasGROWTH OF THE LIFE SCIENCE INDUSTRY IN WORCESTER COUNTY, MACivil and Environmental Engineering
Anundson, Karen APipeline ADC with a Nonlinear Gain Stage and Digital CorrectionElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Anundson, Karen ADecentralized Energy Master Planning: The London Borough of BrentElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Anyansi, Onyedikachi JeffreyORACLE HTML5 RICH WEB APPLICATIONComputer Science
Anyansi, Onyedikachi JeffreyOnline Marketing Strategy Guidelines for Non-profits: Case Study on Developing Web Presence for Guatemalan Ecotourism OrganizationComputer Science
Aoude, Tina YacoubEngineering Education--Support DepartmentsBiochemistry
Aoude, Tina YacoubCAV AnalysisBiochemistry
Apel, Wolfgang Value Stream Mapping for Lean Manufacturing ImplementationMechanical Engineering
Apel, Wolfgang Enhancing Public Waterfront Accessibility in Downtown BostonManufacturing Engineering
Aquadro, Alessandro CristobalDesign and Optimization of a FSAE VehicleMechanical Engineering
Aquadro, Alessandro CristobalHuman Behavioral Impact on Building Energy Usage and SustainabilityMechanical Engineering
Aquise-Calizaya, Brishell JEvaluation of Solid Waste Management in Cartago Costa RicaBiomedical Engineering
Aquise-Calizaya, Brishell JCell Culture System to Enable a Therapy for Volumetric Muscle LossBiomedical Engineering
Aragon, Lorey MichelleDigitizing the Archives of the Private Committees for the Safeguarding of VeniceIndustrial Engineering
Aragon, Lorey MichelleFeasibility Study of Car-Sharing Service in Hangzhou, ChinaIndustrial Engineering
Arata, Stephen RAn Evaluation of Nantucket's Town FacilitiesMechanical Engineering
Araujo, Jeffrey MSwitch-Mode Continuously Variable TransmissionMechanical Engineering
Araujo, Jeffrey MModels for Greening Urban Redevelopment Projects: A Case Study of the Blackstone Canal District in Worcester, MassachusettsMechanical Engineering
Archambault, Erik LInfantCare: A Personal Health Record System Prototype for the Next GenerationComputer Science
Archambault, Erik LFine-Grain ParallelismComputer Science
Archer, Laura MStudies of Metal FiresMechanical Engineering
Archer, Laura MichelleLondon Science Museum Launch Pad Extension ProjectMechanical Engineering
Archinal, Paige TracyRooftop Gardens for Sustainable Livelihoods in Cape TownMechanical Engineering
Archinal, Paige Partially Enclosed Vertical Axis Wind TurbineMechanical Engineering
Ardini, Maximilian AHeating Piglets in ParaguayBiomedical Engineering
Ardini, Maximilian ABone Loading in the Upper Extremities (BLUE)Biomedical Engineering
Ardito, Michael A Catalog of Physical Activities for Visually Impaired YouthMechanical Engineering
Arellano, Jennifer NoelleAchieving Integrated Street Management in the City of WestminsterCivil and Environmental Engineering
Arellano, Jennifer NoellePre-Construction Management and Design Services for the New WPI Residence HallCivil and Environmental Engineering
Arenas, Nathalia Social Acceptance of NanomedicineBiochemistry
Arenas, Nathalia Phage Biocontrol of E. coli o157:H7 on Processed MeatBiochemistry
Argueta, Jairo EAn Assessment of Fire Safety in Australia’s International Student HousingMechanical Engineering
Argueta, Jairo EDesign of a Small Vacuum Facility for Microflow ExperimentsMechanical Engineering
Arjun, Sneha LOCAL TRENDS IN SUBSTANCE ABUSEBiology and Biotechnology
Armstrong, Theodore CreightonA Walking Tour of Sir Arthur Sullivan’s LondonRobotics Engineering
Armstrong, Erin LynnSedimentation in Mangrove Forests in Sámara, Costa RicaBiology and Biotechnology
Arnal, Alex Investment Trading and Strategy DevelopmentManagement
Arnold, David LAlternative Cooking Solutions for Monwabisi ParkManagement Engineering
Arnold, Mark RSystem dynamics computer simulation modeling to forecast the energy demands for the Montachusett region under a Variety of Simulations and ScenariosCivil and Environmental Engineering
Arnold, William SWater KnowledgeChemical Engineering
Arnold, John RichardsonFeasibility of a Locally Shielded Brachytherapy SourcePhysics
Arnold, John RichardsonTowards A Paperless Choral ClassroomPhysics
Arnold, Mark RMixed-Use Academic/Parking Structure DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
Arnold, David LeeMassachusetts Biomedical Initiatives: The Journey from Incubation to SuccessManagement Engineering
Arnold, Zachary PhilipStock Market Simulation IQPComputer Science
Arnold, Max IanWheels, Heels, and Pedals Website EnhancementIndustrial Engineering
Arnold, William SEvaluation of Algae Biodiesel Production by TransesterificationChemical Engineering
Arnone, Jonathan RobertImplementing Donations and Processing Procedures for the Habitat for Humanity Metro-West/Greater Worcester ReStoreMechanical Engineering
Arora, Karan SinghVirtual Guide SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Arora, Karan SinghStock Market SimulationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Arredondo, Jarrett RandallChemical Milling and the Removal of Alpha CaseChemical Engineering
Arredondo, Jarrett RandallDigitizing ThoreauChemical Engineering
Arruda, Kevin JohnDesign of a Scale-Model Human-Powered HelicopterAeronautical Engineering
Arsenault, James KirkWeb Based Snow-Sport Injury ReductionCivil and Environmental Engineering
Arsenault, James KirkMagnetorheological Fluid Dampened Dowels for Rigid Pavement Distress MitigationCivil and Environmental Engineering
Arsenault, Elizabeth AAmeriCorps Outcomes AssessmentActuarial Mathematics
Artim, Gregory PeterMastering Physics EducationPhysics
Artim, Gregory PPhysics in a BoxPhysics
Artz, Sarah Characterization of Fan Station Airflows in the Heat Treatment Facilities at Wyman GordonMechanical Engineering
Artz, Sarah AAnalysis of Funded Engineering Education ProjectsAeronautical Engineering
Asaad, Sinan SaadCorrelating Heart Rate Variability with Mental FatigueBiomedical Engineering
Asaad, Sinan SaadMusic Composition Using a Real-Time MRI Biofeedback SystemBiomedical Engineering
Ascare, Alyssa AA Novel Design to Canine and Feline Bone Healing Using External FixationBiomedical Engineering
Ascare, Alyssa APreserVenice: Preserving Venetian Material CultureBiomedical Engineering
Aschbacher, Lukas JosefEnsuring the Safe Production of Natural GasMechanical Engineering
Aschbacher, Lukas Josef21st Century Energy Production & Resulting Impacts on SocietyMechanical Engineering
Aschettino, Michael JosephModeling Flooding in the Borough of HounslowBiomedical Engineering
Aschettino, Jacob DanielStem Cells and SocietyBiomedical Engineering
Aschettino, Michael Biomimetic Skeletal Muscle Tissue ModelBiomedical Engineering
Aschettino, Jacob DanielDesign of Ergonomic Tissue ForcepsBiomedical Engineering
Ascioti, Francis LeeThink Outside the Bottle at WPIMechanical Engineering
Ascioti, Francis LeeAnalysis of Orientation, Bond Thickness, and Bond Force of a Single Layer Cubic Boron Nitride Grinding GrainMechanical Engineering
Asenso, Catherine AkosuaFeasibility of Water Distribution using a Bamboo Piping System in Matenwa, HaitiMathematical Sciences
Asenso, Catherine AkosuaThe Design of Public EducationManagement Engineering
Asenso, Kojo OStock Market Simulation (Summer '08)Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ashman, Michael DavidHeat Transfer Parameters of Cylindrical Catalyst Particles with Internal Voids in Fixed Bed Reactor TubesChemical Engineering
Ashman, Michael DavidSustainable SouthbridgeChemical Engineering
Ashton, Brennan TLights on the Horizon: A Socioeconomic Impact Evaluation of Rural Electrification in Tsumkwe, NamibiaElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ashton, Brennan TAn 8x1 Wideband Antenna Phased ArrayElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Aspinwall, Peter Sustainable Development of Treasure Valley Scout ReservationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Aspinwall, Peter Consumer Involvement with Smart Grid and Home Energy GenerationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Aspinwall, Peter Sustainable Development of Treasure Valley Scout ReservationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Asplund, Dana RichardLibrary Game Suite ProposalInteractive Media and Game Development
Asplund, Dana RichardThe Alligator: A Video Game History of a Civil War SubmarineInteractive Media and Game Development
Asselin, Daniel JManual Wheelchair Handbook Study for the Massachusetts Department of Mental RetardationAeronautical Engineering
Asselin, Daniel JInvestigation of Plasma Charging EffectsAeronautical Engineering
Asvestas, Cassandra MTHE MIKADO & VOX WEBSITE DESIGNCivil and Environmental Engineering
Asvestas, Cassandra MRESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT UNDER M.G.L. CHAPTER 40B:Civil and Environmental Engineering
Atamer, Bertan Human FM: Community Building through Student RadioMechanical Engineering
Atamer, Bertan 2013-2014 WPI SAE Baja VehicleMechanical Engineering
Atwater, Britney LeeThink Outside the Bottle at WPIBiomedical Engineering
Au, Guenyin JustinGames and HistoryIndustrial Engineering
Aubin, Alana MarieResources for Cycling-Interested Tourists in CopenhagenActuarial Mathematics
Aubin, Alana MarieA Process for Analyzing Change and Its Application to Commercial Truck InsuranceActuarial Mathematics
Auclair, Devin PA 12b 100MSps Split Pipeline ADC with Open-Loop Residue AmplificationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Auclair, Devin PCan The International Space Station Pay For Itself?Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Audet, Elizabeth AnneThink Outside the Bottle at WPIARE
Audet, Elizabeth Anne350 Mission: AEI Charles Pankow Student Design CompetitionARC
Audi, Michael DominickMeasurement and Analysis of Walkability in Hong KongRobotics Engineering
Audi, Michael DominickH.E.A.T. - Home Energy Automation TechnologyECE RBE
Auer, Vivian JaneRedesign of Downtown Canton, MaineMechanical Engineering
Auer, Vivian JaneRotational Snowboard BindingMechanical Engineering
Aufiero, Miranda An Analysis of Methods for Detecting Triclosan and Removal of Triclosan from Water Using Activated Carbon and ZeolitesChemistry
Aufiero, Miranda Analysis of Preventable Fire Fatalities of Older People and People with Disabilities: Risk Reduction Advice for the Community Care SectorChemistry
Auger, Ximena MariaThink Outside the Bottle at WPIBiomedical Engineering
Auger, Ximena MariaThe Design of An Adjustable Ankle BraceBiomedical Engineering
Aung, Moe Hein Millbury Cemeteries ProjectCivil and Environmental Engineering
Aung, Tint YadanaTechnology in Public BathroomsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Aung, Moe Hein Millbury Cemeteries ProjectCivil and Environmental Engineering
Aurilio, Laura DA Detailed Look at the Changing Venetian Retail SectorBiology and Biotechnology
Aurilio, Laura DNematode Diversity In Central MassachusettsBiology and Biotechnology
Austin, Travis LeeLanding Platform DeckAeronautical Engineering
Austin, Travis LeeDrones, UAVs, and RPAsAeronautical Engineering
Austin, John SNanoparticle-Based BioanalysisCM CH
Austin, John SStock Market SimulationChemical Engineering
Austin, Russell DDesign and Prototype of an Under-Binding Plate to Prevent ACL InjuriesMechanical Engineering
Austin, Russell DRecommendations for DNER Land Acquisition ProposalMechanical Engineering
Averill, David SA Comparison of Biodiesel Processes for the Conversion of Jatropha CurcasChemical Engineering
Averill, David SBiodiesel Process Analysis for EPOCAChemical Engineering
Aveyard, Andrew GeorgeMartial Arts of the Middle Age and RenaissanceIMG
Avila, Corrie ElizabethDynamic Device for Real Time Acquisition of Angular Flexion of the Knee Joint During Race WalkingMechanical Engineering
Avila, Corrie ElizabethExploring the History of Venice: Relics, Records, and RelationsMechanical Engineering
(WPI)Awaji, Muteb IStock Market SimulationChemical Engineering
Awaji, Muteb IMolten Salt Pyrolysis of Waste PolystyreneChemical Engineering
Axelsson, Bror EDesign of a Helicopter Hover Test StandAeronautical Engineering
Axelsson, Bror ECreating An Adaptive BicycleAeronautical Engineering
Aydin, Yusuf ZiyaSmart Recloser BreakerElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Aydin, Yusuf ZiyaHealth Services Curricula Study and RecommendationsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Aye-Addo, Nyansafo P.A.Wood-To-OilAeronautical Engineering
Aye-Addo, Nyansafo P.A.Design of a Scale-Model Tethered Undersea Kite for Power GenerationAeronautical Engineering
Ayenson, Michael DAnalysis of Assistments Online Tutoring System and AccuplacerComputer Science
Ayenson, Michael DVulnerability Assessment in the CloudComputer Science
Ayer, Michael RossA Study of the Influence of Surface Roughness on Heat TransferMechanical Engineering
Ayer, Michael RA Consumer Perspective on YourEnergyOptions.comMechanical Engineering
Ayers, Gabriel JKILBY GARDNER HAMMOND: RENEWABLE ENERGY CASE STUDYElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ayers, Gabriel JHolographic Optical Beam Steering DemonstrationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ayisi, Samuel The Impact of Genomics on the Administration of MedicineBiology and Biotechnology
Azeem, Muhammad KashifSocial Implications of Graphics Processing UnitsMechanical Engineering
Azersky, Anthony RLens and Lights Operational OverviewComputer Science
Azersky, Anthony RSource Code Repository Metrics CalculationComputer Science
Azhari, Abdullah HClose-Out Project at Worcester Trial CourthouseCivil and Environmental Engineering
Azhari, Abdullah HThe Design and Implementation of Visitor "Traces"Civil and Environmental Engineering
Azizi, Tariq Aziz Mixed-Use Academic/Parking Structure DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
Azizi, Azarmeedokht GA Solar Decathlon Materials Selection StudyBiomedical Engineering
Azizi, Tariq-Aziz Developing Outreach Materials for the London Project CenterCivil and Environmental Engineering
Azzolino, Vincent NDigital Literacy Programs for Coburg Neighborhood HousesChemistry

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