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Author Name TitleDepartment
C Friend, Jean CarloInvestment and Securities Trading SimulationChemical Engineering
C Vasconcelos, Joao MauricioPIERA ALTAMechanical Engineering
Cabral, Damien JosephTargets of Filastatin, A Chemical Inhibitor of Adhesion and Morphogenesis by Pathogenic FungiInterdisciplinary
Cabral, Katelyn AshleyEstablishing Socioeconomic Baselines of Sustainable Fishing Communities: A Study of the Fishermen of Palito and MonteroBiomedical Engineering
Cabral, Katelyn AshleyLactate Biosensor to Monitor Glioblastoma MultiformeBiomedical Engineering
Cabral, Damien JosephAssessment of the Carbon Footprint of the Bomberos of Costa RicaBiology and Biotechnology
Cabrera, Benjamin Minimizing Desktop Downtime and Improving Business Productivity at Hanover InsuranceIndustrial Engineering
Cabrera, Jake ODevelopment of Key Stages 2 and 3 Teacher Resources in the Areas of Space and Flight for the Science Museum in LondonCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cabrera, Jake OStructural Design of WPI Recreation CenterCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cabrera, Benjamin The Use of Technology for Teaching and Learning in Hong KongIndustrial Engineering
Cacaccio, Joseph Bringing the Cratersville Vision Down to Earth: The Plan for a Simulated Lunar Base Architectural ContestBiochemistry
Cacciatore, Peter DominicDevelopment of A Sustainable Landscape Architecture Best Practices ManualCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cacciatore, Peter DominicEvaluating the Physical Environments of Early Childhood Education Facilities in WorcesterCivil and Environmental Engineering
Caceres, Aileen Determining the Feasibility of a Shared Collections FacilityBiomedical Engineering
Caceres, Aileen Optimizing a Gum Graft for Periodontal SurgeryBiomedical Engineering
Caddell, Daniel Integrated Farming SystemRobotics Engineering
Caddell, Daniel Educating Middle School Students Through the Implementation of Near Earth Aerial TrackingRobotics Engineering
Cadwallader, Adam LeitnerDesigning a Stormwater Runoff Control System to Help Prevent Pollution in Flint PondCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cadwallader, Adam LeitnerSupporting Urban Beekeeping Livelihood Strategies in Cape TownEnvironmental Engineering
Cady, Zephyr DanaTransient Simulation of Chemical Looping Combustion using Computational Fluid DynamicsChemical Engineering
Cady, Zephyr DanaStock Market SimulationChemical Engineering
Cafferelli, Brian uSCRIPT: an AJAX-based Online Manuscript Transcription ServiceComputer Science
Cafferty, Daniel PatrickMaintaining Marine EcosystemsIndustrial Engineering
Cafferty, Daniel PatrickNovartis Supply Chain and Diagnostics ModelingIndustrial Engineering
Cahill, Christopher JamesEvolution of Materials in Arms and Armors: Medieval Era Battle AxeAeronautical Engineering
Cahill, Ian CEnergy Management Systems for The Printer's BuildingActuarial Mathematics
Cahill, Nicole MWinds of WorcesterElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cahill, Ian CSimulating Tracking Error in Variable AnnuitiesActuarial Mathematics
Cai, Chuqi Enhancing NOFA/Mass' Social Media Outreach CapabilitiesActuarial Mathematics
Cai, Chuqi Patient Portal Messaging Safety Analysis for Reliant Medical GroupManagement Information Systems
Cain, Ryan P.Des of Affordable Manufactured HomesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Caison, Robert JCommercial Fishing Vessel SafetyMechanical Engineering
Caison, Robert J2008 WPI SAE Baja VehicleMechanical Engineering
Caisse, Mitchell WilliamRisk-Based Marine Inspection Performance MeasuresComputer Science
Caisse, Chad SOil Pollution in Ecuador: A Devised Remediation ApproachMechanical Engineering
Caisse, Charles SLow-Tech Water Treatment FacilityMechanical Engineering
Caissie, Brennan JIntegrated Automotive Safety SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Caissie, Brennan JGrassoline: A Feasibility StudyPhysics
Cakounes, Robert NicholasAssessing Sustainability Principles in the Design of the Tate Modern ExpansionChemistry
Calabro, Michael KennethThe Modern Face of BattleElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Calabro, Michael KennethA Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Network with Signal Classification CapabilitiesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Calamari, Elliott StewartThe Noises of Venice: An Exploration of Noise in a Historic CityRobotics Engineering
Calamari, Elliott StewartSoft Robotic Exo-muscular Arm BraceRobotics Engineering
Calder, Michael RobertEastern American Choral Directors Association, Baltimore 2014Computer Science
Calder, Michael RobertNavPro: Network Analysis and Visualization using Provenance DataComputer Science
Caldwell, Derek Sewer Information Management for the Town of Grafton, MassachusettsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Caldwell, Derek Pavement Analysis and DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
Caliri, John EDZT 1404 Stock Market SimulationChemical Engineering
Callaghan, Sean PatrickAnalysis of Polybenzimidazole Feasibility in a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Utilizing Temperature and Methanol ConcentrationsChemical Engineering
Callaghan, Sean PatrickFeasibility of Converting New York State’s Energy Production to Wind, Water and SunlightChemical Engineering
Callahan, Kelsi PoolePromoting Travel SMART in RedhillBiology and Biotechnology
Callahan, Toby MichaelComparison of Cam and Servomotor Solutions to a Motion ProblemMechanical Engineering
Callahan, Toby MichaelStock Market Simulation and AnalysisMechanical Engineering
Callahan, Kelsi PooleAnalysis of Myosin XI and RabA Relationships during Polarized Tip Growth in Physcomitrella patensBiology and Biotechnology
Callahan, Daniel RohanOlogism: Normalising Science One Lyric at a TimeChemistry
Callaway, William PeterFood Security, Social Entrepreneurship, and Farmers’ Markets in WorcesterManagement
Callaway, William PeterStock Market SimulationManagement
Calles, Rodrigo Designing a Resource for Student Entrepreneurs at Worcester Polytechnic InstituteManagement Engineering
Calles, Rodrigo Danson House Visitor SurveyElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Calvao, Dominick JosephFundraising Operations for the African Community Education ProgramBiomedical Engineering
Calvert, Timothy NicholasDark HorseIMG
Calvert, Sean GoneInteractive Media and Game Development
Calvert, Timothy NicholasTrail ViewIMG
Calvetti, Bryce LawrenceImproved Methods of Visitor Attendance Collection at Massachusetts State ParksMechanical Engineering
Calvetti, Bryce LawrenceAdvanced Design of a Binding Plate to Reduce Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury during Alpine SkiingMechanical Engineering
Calzada-Mariaca, Derek ManuelNoise Pollution Exhibit at the EcoTariumRobotics Engineering
Camann, Andrew LProperties, Recycling and Alternatives to PE BagsAeronautical Engineering
Camann, Andrew LDesign of a Scale-Model Human-Powered HelicopterAeronautical Engineering
Cambra, Emanuel Engineering a Greener ChinaMechanical Engineering
Cambra, Emanuel Engineering a Greener ChinaMechanical Engineering
Cambrola, Emily AutumnMarketing Engineering Services for the National Fire Department of Costa RicaBiomedical Engineering
Camiel, Eric The Correlation of Mass-Burning Rate of Condensed Fuels to Temperature Gradient at the Fuel SurfaceME FPE
Camiel, Eric Creation of a Collaborative Information Hub for the Fire Protection Industry of AustraliaME FPE
Camilo, Alexander a PC based SDR platform with dynamic reconfigurationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Camilo, Alexander XO educational softwareElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Camire, Andrew ColeWorcester Public Library Outreach: Game Design CurriculumBiology and Biotechnology
Camire, Diana Design of an Extrusion System Optimize the Production of Self-Assembled Collagen MicrothreadsBiomedical Engineering
Camire, Andrew ColeDetermining the Localization of NCOA7-AS Through GFP Tagging and Fluorescence MicroscopyBiology and Biotechnology
Campagnola, Patrick DavidCollege Housing Fire SafetyCivil and Environmental Engineering
Campanelli, Ralph LouisStock Market SimulationCivil and Environmental Engineering
Campanelli, Ralph LouisShipping Container Emergency SheltersCivil and Environmental Engineering
Campbell, Matthew CSmart Acoustic Whale MonitorElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Campbell, Ian ADesign and Construction of a Tree-Climbing RobotMechanical Engineering
Campbell, Benjamin JManufacturability of Combat Feeding KitchenMechanical Engineering
Campbell, Benjamin JDNA FingerprintingMechanical Engineering
Campbell, Andre RSmart Recloser BreakerElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Campbell, Andre RDetermining a Waste Tyre Management System for Hong KongElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Campbell, Catherine NαB-Crystallin-Mediated Rescue of Centriolin Depletion-Induced Cell Death in Retinal Pigment Epithelial CellsBiology and Biotechnology
Campbell, Catherine NStem Cells and SocietyBBT
Campbell, Ian AGathering Teacher Feedback to Improve Informal EducationMechanical Engineering
Campisi, Adam MMulti-MAV DeploymentAeronautical Engineering
Campisi, Adam MIncreasing Ridership on Montgomery County Public Transit: The Development of an Employer-Based Transit Pass Pilot ProgramAeronautical Engineering
Canale, Cameron MichaelTrail ViewMechanical Engineering
Canas, Justin DHumanity and SpaceComputer Science
Cancel, David Energy Audit of Higgins LaboratoryAeronautical Engineering
Cancel, David Design and Construction of a Supersonic Wind TunnelAeronautical Engineering
Candlish, Sean PWireless GPS Communications NetworkEE
Cane, Daniel Value Added Products for Beekeepers in AlbaniaManagement Information Systems
Canga, Alphan Improving Enrollment of Female Engineers at NTBMechanical Engineering
Canga, Alphan Fluidic Muscle OrnithopterMechanical Engineering
Cangello, Anthony JosephMassachusetts Coastal Water Treatment Facility Risk Assessment ToolMechanical Engineering
Cangello, Anthony JosephElectric Motorbike with Regenerative BrakingMechanical Engineering
Cann, Megan ElizabethTowards A Paperless Choral ClassroomElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cann, Megan ElizabethReducing the Carbon Footprint of Data CentersElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cann, Megan ElizabethTowards a Paperless Choral ClassroomElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Canniff, Andrew Factors Affecting the Transition from Prescriptive to Performance- Fire Codes in Korea, Poland and BrazilCivil and Environmental Engineering
Canny, Patrick L.Aiding Lerdsin Orthopedic To Achieve ExcellenceElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cantalupo, Ryan OrlandoFree Wheels: An Assessment of Bicycle Theft in DenmarkElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cantalupo, Ryan OrlandoRadar Receiver Calibration ToolkitElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cantos, Maria CristinaSustainable Mitigation Techniques for Coffee Leaf Rust in Loma Linda, GuatemalaMechanical Engineering
Cantos, Maria CristinaReal-time Control of Robot Arm Based on Hand Tracking Using Leap Motion Sensor TechnologyMechanical Engineering
Cantwell, Melanie MarianneTalking about Food: Improving Communication Between Ghanaian Women and Medical PractitionersMechanical Engineering
Cantwell, Meghan BarbaraImproving Ethics Education in EngineeringMechanical Engineering
Canuto, Walter AvelinoCase Studies of Partial Evacuations in the City of Worcester Under Chemically Hazardous ConditionsIndustrial Engineering
Canuto, Walter AvelinoCost Allocation Analysis for Deutsche BankIndustrial Engineering
Capizzio, Robert TDigital Spectrum Sensing for the Localization of Public Safety RespondersECE ME
Capizzio, Robert TA Bikeway Network for the City of WorcesterElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Capozzo, Daniel Lithium Ion Battery SafetyManagement Information Systems
Capozzo, Daniel Appeal of Web Page Layout and Characteristics Based on Age: Usability Research through Eye Tracking at Fidelity Investments Inc.Management Information Systems
Caprio, Andrea LouiseRedesigning Stoddard ComplexCivil and Environmental Engineering
Caprio, Andrea LouiseCreating an Agroforestry Based Economic Sector in a Tropical RainforestCivil and Environmental Engineering
Capriotti, Blair JPROFAC and PHAROAeronautical Engineering
Caproni, William BrysonTransgenic AnimalsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Caproni, William BrysonModular Environmental Controller for Sustainable AgricultureElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Capua, Marissa RoseThe Impact of Tourism on the Venice Public Transportation SystemEnvironmental Engineering
Capua, Marissa RoseReclamation of Power in Wastewater Treatment FacilitiesEnvironmental Engineering
Capuano, Anthony MMicro-Wind Turbine Feasibility Study for Dismas House of MassachusettsMechanical Engineering
Capulli, Andrew KInternal Splint For Fracture Fixation In CaninesBiomedical Engineering
Capulli, Andrew KDecentralized Energy Master Planning: The London Borough of BrentBiomedical Engineering
Caputo, Michael PInvestigation of the Effects of the Built Environment on Patient Health Outcomes and Staff SatisfactionManufacturing Engineering
Caracappa, Alexander AA VPC Contribution to Venice to Expo 2015Mechanical Engineering
Caras, Abaigeal CInterpretive Programming at the Caguas Botanical and Cultural Garden in Puerto RicoBiochemistry
Caras, Abaigeal CGlucan Particle Delivery of Mesoporous Silica-Drug NanoparticlesBiochemistry
Caravella, Anthony JohnEvaluating Talent Acquisition in the NFLChemical Engineering
Carbonneau, Michelle LynnCAPE TOWN WATER AND SANITATION DESIGNEnvironmental Engineering
Carbonneau, Michelle LynnTraffic and Its ImpactsBiology and Biotechnology
Carcieri, Stephanie FAnalyzing the Ability of Modified Yeast to Ferment Xylose to EthanolChemical Engineering
Carcieri, Stephanie FRFID Technology to Aid in Navigation and Organization for the Blind and Partially SightedChemical Engineering
Carcone, Elizabeth KateBiodiesel Combustion and Heat Exchanger Unit Operations LabChemical Engineering
Card, Zachary Internet Campaign Strategies in the 2010 Massachusetts Gubernatorial ElectionRobotics Engineering
Cardenas, David PStock Market SimulationManagement Engineering
Cardone, Patrick RobertMassDOT Highway Interchange Design: I-190/Rt. 140, Sterling, MACivil and Environmental Engineering
Cardone, Patrick RobertThe Implications of Globalization on the Sustainability of SocietyCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cardoso, Marlisa Effective Communication of Science and Engineering Breakthroughs to the Public: A Tool for Science and Engineering ProfessionalsBiomedical Engineering
Cardoso, Marlisa AnneOptimizing the MOLLE for the Female SoldierBiomedical Engineering
Cardwell, Jason ConradMartial Arts of the Middle Age and RenaissanceMechanical Engineering
Careau, Nicholas DManaging Water and Sanitation in the Fish River BasinMechanical Engineering
Careau, Nicholas DDesign of a Dental Mirror MechanismMechanical Engineering
Carelli, Jonathan JDeveloping a Chemical Safety Program for Chulalongkorn UniversityCivil and Environmental Engineering
Carelli, Jonathan JWater Quality Improvement for Pepperell PondCivil and Environmental Engineering
Carello, Ryan WDark Sky 2014Mechanical Engineering
Carey, Ryan M.Distinguishing Between Asthma and Pneumonia Through Automated Lung Sound AnalysisBiomedical Engineering
Carey, Derek AllenVendor Performance and Relationship Management SystemManagement Information Systems
Carey, Shawn P.Design of a Co-culture System Using Collagen Microthreads to Facilitate NeovascularizationBiomedical Engineering
Carey, Elizabeth KellyFidelity Global Pricing Workstation Testing Interface: A Web-Enabled Test Automation ToolManagement Information Systems
Carey, Matthew Novel EOD Robot Design with a Dexterous Gripper and Intuitive TeleoperationRBE ECE
Carey, Andrew Gold Nanoparticle CytotoxicityChemical Engineering
Carey, Shawn PFacilitating Communication and Interactivity for a Sustainability Initiative at WPIBiomedical Engineering
Carey, Derek AllenSelf-Disclosure on Social Networking SitesManagement Information Systems
Carey, Elizabeth KellyExpansion of the Rio Prieto Water Distribution SystemManagement Information Systems
Carey, Matthew Sustainable Community Involvement in the Indlovu ProjectRobotics Engineering
Carey, Andrew Capturing the Changing Face of the Venetian Retail SectorChemical Engineering
Carino, Ivette Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Upgrading Programme in Informal SettlementsChemical Engineering
Carino, Ivette Removing Water from an Azeotropic Ethanol-Water Mixture through AdsorptionChemical Engineering
Carino, Francis JMapping Turbulent Discharges in Venetian CanalsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Carletto-Leon, Francesca Project Overworld: Campus GPS AppIMG
Carley, Ryan W.Recreational and Educational Activities of Las Perdices in the Rio Abajo ForestMechanical Engineering
(WPI)Carli-Dorsey, Alex LAn Assessment of Mobile Fitness GamesEnvironmental and Sustainability Studies
Carlone, David MZeolite Catalyzed OzonolysisChemical Engineering
Carlone, Thomas JamesORYX 2.0: A Planetary Exploration Mobility PlatformRobotics Engineering
Carlone, David Trace Gases & Their EffectsChemical Engineering
Carlone, Thomas JamesAnalysis of Preventable Fire Fatalities of Older People and People with Disabilities: Risk Reduction Advice for the Community Care SectorRobotics Engineering
Carlone, Thomas JamesORYX 2.0: A Planetary Exploration Mobility PlatformRobotics Engineering
Carlson, Erik DanielVenice: Genesis of the City and its PeopleChemical Engineering
Carlson, Benjamin JohnNode.js SQL Server for Data Analytics and Multiplayer GamesIMG
Carlson, Victoria LynnDeveloping an Integrated Traffic Corridor in Santa Fe through Intelligent Transportation InfrastructureMechanical Engineering
Carlson, Erik DanielBinding of Cecropin P1 to Escherichia coli Using the Quartz Crystal Microbalance with DissipationChemical Engineering
Carlson, Benjamin JohnBarbed Wire MuseumIMG
Carlyle, Stephanie LCreating a Methodology for Evaluating a GalleryBiomedical Engineering
Carlyle, Stephanie LDesign of a Bioreactor for Myocardial Patch GenerationBiomedical Engineering
Carmichael, Adam The City of Westminster Livability IndexCivil and Environmental Engineering
Carmichael, Rose TDark Sky 2014Mathematical Sciences
Carmichael, Jason TMaintaining Marine EcosystemsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Carmichael, Adam Comparative Highway Bridge DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
Carmichael, Justin Tyre Waste Reduction in Hong KongPhysics
Carmichael, Justin A DC Glow-Discharge Plasma GunPhysics
Carmichael, Jason TRt. 122 Highway Bridge Design and ConstructionCivil and Environmental Engineering
Carnevale, Frank JModeling Flooding in the Borough of HounslowComputer Science
Carnevale, Frank JEnhancements and Refinements to the DYMO Stamps® Online ApplicationComputer Science
Carney, Krysten MarieDesign and Optimization of a Formula SAE Race CarMechanical Engineering
Carney, Daniel Singlet Oxygen Trapping PorphyrinsChemistry
Carney, Daniel The NanoProject - An assessment of nanotechnology in DenmarkChemistry
Carney, Krysten MarieTeachers' Insights into Informal Science Education ProgramsMechanical Engineering
Caron, Lauren KimberlyTransgenic Animals Industrial Engineering
Caron, Daniel Central Purchasing for FireManagement Information Systems
Carpenter, Morgan MTesting and Analysis of Low Cost Prosthetic FeetMechanical Engineering
Carpenter, Morgan MThe Evaluation of the King Rama VII Mining Museum in Mae Moh, ThailandMechanical Engineering
Carpenter, Kathryn PThe Management of Hepatitis C Treatment in Massachusetts State Correctional Facilities: An Update and Analysis of the Current HCV DatabaseBiology and Biotechnology
Carpenter, Kathryn PThe Opposition to Genetically Engineered Agriculture: A Social Movement in VermontBiology and Biotechnology
Carpenter, Matthew VDZT 1404 Stock Market SimulationChemical Engineering
Carpenter, Laurie Evaluating the Regulation of Alerting Systems to Facilitate the Evacuation of the Deaf in AustraliaBiology and Biotechnology
Carr, Matthew WComputational Flow Dynamics Analysis of 5-holed Catalyst Geometries in Methane Steam ReformingChemical Engineering
Carr, Matthew Evaluating the Effectiveness of the ARRS SystemChemical Engineering
Carrier, Adam GPedestrian Bridge Design in Lancaster, MACivil and Environmental Engineering
Carriere, Nichole LMarket Analysis of Air Sampling SystemsMechanical Engineering
Carrigan, Christopher ThomasEmploying Template-Directed Assembly to Create a Novel Coagulation AssayBiomedical Engineering
Carrigan, Christopher ThomasDeveloping an Information Security Program (ISP) for the Town of NantucketBiomedical Engineering
Carrion, Jasmine MA Proposal for an Educational Lunar Base Simulation ExhibitMechanical Engineering
Carroll, Tyler CMonitoring Building Regulations and Temporary Structure Fire Safety in Victoria, AustraliaElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Carroll, Tyler CBird Call IdentificationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Carroll, Courtney ElizabethEvaluation of Nantucket's Mass Save Home Energy Assessment ProgramIndustrial Engineering
Carroll, Courtney ElizabethImproving the Scheduling of Operating Rooms at UMass Memorial Medical CenterIndustrial Engineering
Carson, Eleanore MaryThe Development of the Kaitiaki Kids Conservation ProgramMechanical Engineering
Carter, Michael AndrewPromoting the Design of Buildings that Are Fire Safe and SustainableAeronautical Engineering
Carter, Brant CTransformation of Ettlia oleoabundans, a potential biofuel alga.Biology and Biotechnology
Carter, Michael AndrewMechanical, Power, and Thermal Subsystem Design for a CubeSatAeronautical Engineering
Carter, Benjamin DavidCrisis Management TechniquesManagement Engineering
Carter, Brant CTHE USE AND DEVELOPMENT OF ANIMATION IN LABORATORY EDUCATION: part of The Connected Laboratory ProjectBiology and Biotechnology
Carter, Benjamin DavidEconomic Development Through Asset TransferManagement Engineering
Cartier, Adam V.Disaster Decision Making: Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav in New OrleansMechanical Engineering
Cartier, Adam VRe-Design and Testing of the WPI Kite Power SystemAeronautical Engineering
Cartier, Adam VDisaster Decision Making: Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav in New OrleansAeronautical Engineering
Cartwright, Marissa Addressing Water Misconceptions in KatuturaBiochemistry
Caruso, William RobinsonBottling Line Splitter DesignMechanical Engineering
Caruso, William RobinsonEvaluating Urban Alternative Energy Technologies for the Borough of MertonMechanical Engineering
Carvalho, Paulo Evaluation of Green Spaces in the London Borough of LewishamRobotics Engineering
Carveth, Carol JeanetteObservability of Separation Events Using Radar DataPhysics
Carveth, Carol Virtual Tour for the Charles Dickens MuseumPhysics
Casavant, Chelsea SpauldingDevelopment of the Merton Partnership's WebsiteBiology and Biotechnology
Casavant, Chelsea SpauldingLead Exposure in Avian SpeciesBiology and Biotechnology
Casavant, David NLearning in Goal Oriented Autonomous SystemsComputer Science
Casavantes, Octavio MFish Passage Restoration in East Hampton, MassachusettsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Case, Michael ChristopherDevelopment of School Recreational FacilitiesMechanical Engineering
Case, Michael ChristopherTelescoping Snowboard PoleMechanical Engineering
Casey, Ryan TDistribution Route Assessment for a Combined Heat and Power SystemMechanical Engineering
Casey, Catherine NicoleConsumer Be-AwareChemical Engineering
Casey, Ryan TPressure Transducer Calibrator/CheckerMechanical Engineering
Casey, Catherine NicoleDesign of a Multi-pollutant Sorbent for Coal GasificationChemical Engineering
Casey, Elizabeth LDesign of a Bioreactor to Cyclically Strain Tissue Engineered Blood VesselsBiomedical Engineering
Casey, Shannon MGory DactyloscopyBiochemistry
Casey, Shannon MDNA Fingerprinting and SocietyChemistry
Casey, Elizabeth LDesigning Safe Playgrounds for the Klong Toey CommunityBiomedical Engineering
Casey, Ryan ScottPandora: Purge of Pride an Interactive NarrativeIMG
Casey, Ryan EIdentification and Characterization of Differentially Expressed Genes During Listeria Monocytogenes Infection of Resistant and Susceptible MiceBiochemistry
Casey, Ryan ScottExploring Physical/Digital Interaction in Exhibits at NMSIIMG
Casha, Nysa MariaDeterminants of Success in WPI Student-Led OrganizationsManagement
Casha, Nysa MBPMA_LondonE14_IQPManagement
Cashman, Daniel Identifying Opportunities to Reduce Water Pollution and Encourage Voluntary Compliance in Windhoek, NamibiaAeronautical Engineering
Cashman, Daniel CharlesDesign of a Micro Aerial VehicleAeronautical Engineering
Casley, Sean VincentIRIS Hand: Smart Robotic ProsthesisRobotics Engineering
Casley, Sean VincentA Study of Public Acceptance of Autonomous CarsRobotics Engineering
Casola, Christopher RobertDeveloping Outreach Materials for the London Project CenterComputer Science
Casola, Raymond Vincent2012-2013 WPI SAE Baja VehicleMechanical Engineering
Casola, Raymond VincentImproving Road Safety in the Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning AreaMechanical Engineering
Casola, Christopher RobertWPI Suite Exemplar ModuleComputer Science
Cassidy, James MichaelCommunity Environmental Education Program in Sámara, Costa RicaBiomedical Engineering
Cassidy, Ryan PHTML5 Game EngineIMGD CS
Cassidy, Ryan PWhy Do Humans Imagine Robots?Computer Science
Cassie, Benton LawrenceMethane Creation from Anaerobic DigestionCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cassie, Benton LawrenceIncorporating Adsorbents into Porous Asphalt DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
Castagna, Bianca MarieDesigning a Stormwater Runoff Control System to Help Prevent Pollution in Flint PondEnvironmental Engineering
Castagna, Bianca MarieA Home Away From Home: Launching Home Stay Tourism in NamibiaEnvironmental Engineering
Castillo, Mariela LizetGreen Building Designs and Renovations for the Worcester Youth CenterMechanical Engineering
Castillo, Yaralia Emergency Packaged Water Distribution SystemBiology and Biotechnology
Castillo, Yaralia Limb Regeneration in Horseshoe CrabsBiology and Biotechnology
Castle, Melissa KMarketing the WPI Bachelor of Arts Degree: Liberal Arts and EngineeringChemistry
Castonguay, Amy The Location and Temporal Expression of Foxa3 in the Developing Zebrafish PancreasBiology and Biotechnology
Castonguay, Amy JeanneRecommendations for RBG Education ServicesBiology and Biotechnology
Castriotta, Jennifer Smithsonian Institution Biodiversity Research Outreach Initiative.pdfMechanical Engineering
Castriotta, Jennifer Humanoid Robot DevelopmentMechanical Engineering
Castro, James LFear the Robots! A Study on the Perceived Future of Robotics in Modern SocietyRobotics Engineering
Castro, Vanessa MDesign of a Personal Health Monitor Interface for Wireless, IP-based, Data LoggingElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Castro, James LUsing Robots and SLAM for Indoor Wi-Fi Mapping in Indoor GeolocationRobotics Engineering
Castro, Vanessa M'Careers in Statistics' GuideElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Castro, Ivy BartoloAlzheimer’s Disease: From Pathology and Early Detection to Socioeconomic Impacts and TreatmentBC BIO
Catalano, Brian JEvaluation and Design of a Hospital Bed to be Manufactured and Used in ChinaMechanical Engineering
Catalano, Brian JPreserving the Nautical Traditions and Maritime Heritage of Venice, ItalyMechanical Engineering
Catanese, Christopher DFloating Around Venice: Developing Mobility Management ToolElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Catanese, Christopher DWind Turbine Analysis and ImprovementElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Catano, Nicholas FrancisCreating New Design Options for the Flint Road Recreational ComplexCivil and Environmental Engineering
Catano, Nicholas FrancisThe Watershed Sustainability Index for the Reventazón River WatershedCivil and Environmental Engineering
Catarius, Adrian MAzimuth-Altitude Dual Axis Solar TrackerElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Catarius, Adrian MichaelClimate Change Adaptation Planning for Massachusetts Drinking Water and Wastewater UtilitiesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Caulfield, Mark TWind's Effect on Residential StructuresCivil and Environmental Engineering
Caulfield, William EdwardCode Churn DashboardComputer Science
Caulfield, Mark TProduction and Engineering Aspects of Manufacturing Ice CreamCivil and Environmental Engineering
Caulkins, Matthew ThomasCargo Drop VisualizationInteractive Media and Game Development
Caulkins, Robert JohnCurriculum Grant Success AnalysisChemical Engineering
Caulkins, Matthew ThomasArchitectural Design of a WPI Concrete StructureInteractive Media and Game Development
Caulkins, Robert JohnGallo Brandy Warehouse Emissions MonitoringChemical Engineering
Cavalcanti, Paulo Portable News Media StudioMechanical Engineering
Cavalcanti, Paulo Building an Engineered Complex StretcherMechanical Engineering
Cavallaro, Deanna ChristinaA New Rice Sowing Technology: Informing Small-Scale Farmers about Improved Methods of PlantingBiomedical Engineering
Cavanagh, Brendan ScottSeizing Opportunities: Reaching CMS Credit Union’s PotentialElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cavanaugh, Garrett Nanomaterials for Bone ImplantsMechanical Engineering
Cavanaugh, Emily Establishing an Educational and Entertaining Library at Elm Park ElementaryBiology and Biotechnology
Cavanaugh, Emily Investigating Resistance to Candida albicans Infection through Genetic Mutations of Caenorhabditis elegansBiology and Biotechnology
Cavanaugh, Emily Investigating Resistance to Candida albicans Infection through Genetic Mutations of Caenorhabditis elegansBiology and Biotechnology
Cayabyab, Kyle Patrick LopezDeveloping a Foreign Market Strategy for a Biomedical Device: CircumBlator Treating Atrial FibrillationManagement Engineering
Cayer, Andrew MichaelDesign of Ergonomic Tissue ForcepsBiomedical Engineering
Cayer, Andrew MichaelStem Cells and SocietyBiomedical Engineering
Cebry, Nicholas FDigital Literacy Programs for Coburg Neighborhood HousesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ceccarini, Christopher MExpanding the Human Bandwidth Through Subvocalization and Other MethodsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ceccarini, Christopher MAuto Anti-Collision and ParkingElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cekirdekci, Mehmet EmreCost Allocation Analysis for Deutsche BankIndustrial Engineering
Cekirdekci, Mehmet EmreTrading the 30-min Opening Range BreakoutsEconomic Science
Cembrola, Matthew RobertIncreasing Marine Turtle Conservation Knowledge: The Creation of an Interactive Webpage and Informational BrochureBiology and Biotechnology
Cembrola, Matthew RobertBioaccumulation and Degradation Rates of Benzo[a]pyrene in CrayfishBiology and Biotechnology
Cerio, Alessandra MariaFostering International Collaboration between WPI and HDU through Mixed IQPsBiology and Biotechnology
Cerulli, Janese MPerfusion Bioreactor for the Development of Tissue-Engineered Blood VesselsBiomedical Engineering
Cerulli, Janese MReading and Math Explorers WebsiteBiomedical Engineering
Cesarone, Daniel HenryImproving Building Data Collection In Grafton MassachusettsManagement Engineering
Cesarone, Daniel HenryMarket Analysis: Wavetrend Technologies, Inc.Management Engineering
Chachakis, Michael AUMass ACCESCivil and Environmental Engineering
Chadwick, Michael Contamination Control in Healthcare SystemsBiology and Biotechnology
Chadwick, Michael GBioaccumulation of Benzo[alpha]Pyrene in Orconectes Limosus CrayfishBiology and Biotechnology
Chadwick, Ryan KObsidian: Development of a Multiplayer Game with Adaptive Enemy IntelligenceIMG
Chadwick, Ryan KThe Effectiveness of Games as Persuasive MediaIMG
Chadwick, Kellie MarieDesign and Fabrication of Biomorphic Scaffolds for Tissue Regrowth by 3D PrintingBiomedical Engineering
Chadwick, Kellie MarieImplementing the Nantucket Grown(TM) BrandBiomedical Engineering
Chaggaris, Christopher PaulAlternative Energy SolutionsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chaggaris, Christopher PaulDesign and Development of a Micro Power, Water Current GeneratorElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chakuroff, Mark SVenetian Time: An Examination of Time and Space in VeniceMechanical Engineering
Chalke, Jillian LouiseDangerous Inspection & Versatile Exploration Robot (DIVER): Tracking, Monitoring and Assisting Human Divers in Commercial, Environmental and Military ApplicationsRobotics Engineering
Chalke, Jillian LouiseHumanity and Space - MH IQP 1207Robotics Engineering
Chambers, Tyler JohnGateway Wind Turbine DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
Chambers, Nicholas RProduct Plan Recommendations for the 100traffic Water TurbineManagement Engineering
Chambers, Tyler JohnGateway Wind Turbine DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
Chambers, Nicholas RSomerville Stormwater Management IQPManagement Engineering
Chambers, Tyler JohnPreparing Auburn for a Climate Action PlanCivil and Environmental Engineering
Chambers, Peter GrahamPhilanthropy on NantucketRobotics Engineering
Champagne, Aaron PaulPuerto Rico Residential Energy StudyCivil and Environmental Engineering
Champagne, Aaron PaulCampus Center Steel DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
Chan, Joshua KEvaluating Student Housing in LondonMechanical Engineering
Chan, Philip US ENERGY GOALS AND POLICY: A Critical Look at Existing Energy and Sustainable Energy for the FutureChemical Engineering
Chan, Kimberly The Investigation of the One Planet Living Framework for WPIManagement Engineering
Chan, Joshua Joining method for mass production of bamboo bicycle framesMechanical Engineering
Chan, Andrea YPIERA ALTAMechanical Engineering
Chan, Philip GCeramics and Water PurificationChemical Engineering
Chandler, Angelo LyndellProfit and Loss Workflow AnalysisPhysics
(WPI)Chang, Tianhai Liability Driven Investing – Investment ProcessInterdisciplinary
Chang, Jun FuAn Enhanced Audio TunerMechanical Engineering
Chang, Alexander PDZT IQP 0704 Stock Market SimulationMechanical Engineering
Chang, Tianhai Eastern American Choral Directors Association, Baltimore 2014Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chanin, Isaac The Conductor's WebsiteComputer Science
Chanin, Jonathan IsaacWireless Sensor Network for Monitoring ApplicationsComputer Science
Chaoui, Mark AlainEvaluating Simulators in FIRST Robotics CompetitionComputer Science
Chaplin, Jeremiah JDomain Specific Techniques for Creating GamesComputer Science
Chapman, William HTrends in the Earth’s global temperature and natural cycles.Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chapman, Jeremy Developing a Teambuilding Program at the Danish Open Air MuseumAeronautical Engineering
Chapman, William HDC-AC Inverter with 3-Level PWMElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chapman, Seth TThe Ecological Footprint of Composting and Incineration of Garden Waste in DenmarkMechanical Engineering
Chapman, Jeremy R.Design of a Mechanical Autonomous JellyfishAeronautical Engineering
Chapman, Seth TCalculating Wooden Baseball Bat EfficienciesMechanical Engineering
Charest, Jonathan M.Design of a Co-culture System Using Collagen Microthreads to Facilitate NeovascularizationBiomedical Engineering
Charest, Jonathan MarcNeurotoxic Chemicals in the EnvironmentBiomedical Engineering
Chareth, Matthew DPromoting Travel SMART in RedhillMechanical Engineering
Chareth, Matthew DDesign and Optimization of a FSAE VehicleMechanical Engineering
Charland, Zachary JoesephDefining Success for the Refugee ClientND
Chase, Caitlin AAssessing Critical Infrastructure in Puerto Rico's Coastal ZoneAeronautical Engineering
Chase, Matthew ChristopherHumanity and Space - MH IQP 1207Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chase, Anna KBetter Water Maker Kenyan Field StudiesMechanical Engineering
Chase, Michael RGeneral Review of Water Quality in MassachusettsChemical Engineering
Chase, Tyler ADiscussions of No Arbitrage in Financial MarketsMathematical Sciences
Chase, Anna KWaterborne Autonomous VEhicleMechanical Engineering
Chase, Michael RSimulation of Flow and Heat Transfer Through Beds of Spheres Using COMSOLChemical Engineering
Chase, Matthew Electric Motorbike with Regenerative BrakingElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chatterton, Marc Novartis Supply Chain and Diagnostics ModelingManagement Engineering
Chatterton, Marc The Effects of Icing on Commercial Fishing VesselsManagement Engineering
Chattopadhyay, Sayok CIRCOR Lean Manufacturing SystemMechanical Engineering
Chattopadhyay, Sayok Time Response Ambulatory Calls EvaluationMechanical Engineering
Chaturvedi, Gaurav Transient Pulse MonitorElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chaturvedi, Gaurav Investigation of Interim Storage Methods of Nuclear Waste in the United StatesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chaturvedi, Gaurav Transient Pulse MonitorElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chau, Tiffany Development of a Visual Humidity Indicator for 3D Printing for Metal CastingChemical Engineering
Chau, Edward Stock Market SimulationChemical Engineering
Chau, Loan NgocTalking about Food: Improving Communication Between Ghanaian Women and Medical PractitionersPsychological Science
Chau, Tiffany Application of Peer-Assisted Learning in a University Extra-Curricular ProgramChemical Engineering
Chau, Edward Experimental & CFD Analysis of Fixed Bed Heat Transfer for Ethylene EpoxidationChemical Engineering
Chau, Victor Fostering International Collaboration between WPI and HDU through Mixed IQPsBiochemistry
Chaudri, Asma Assistive Care RobotsBiomedical Engineering
Chaulk, Adam ChristopherEastern American Choral Directors Association, Baltimore 2014Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chawla, Kunal KumarMulti-use Trails in Santa Fe: Accessibility and Social NetworkingChemical Engineering
Chawla, Manish KumarMethodology for Assessing Impact of the Federation of Earth Science Information PartnershipsChemical Engineering
Chawla, Kunal KumarEvaluation of Algae Biodiesel Production by TransesterificationChemical Engineering
Chawla, Manish KumarSynthesis and Characterization of Tin-Oxide Supported Platinum as a Cathode Catalyst in Direct Methanol Fuel CellsChemical Engineering
Chebelyon-Dalizu, Likuvi Arterial Line Placement SimulatorBE ME
Chebelyon-Dalizu, Likuvi Strengthening Spaza Shops in Monwabisi ParkMechanical Engineering
Checca, Michael Ensuring that U.S. Engineers Remain Globally CompetitiveComputer Science
Checca, Michael Automated Deploy for Chrome OS TestingComputer Science
Chelius, Cynthia LouiseThe Effects of Various Cranberry Compounds on BiofilmsChemical Engineering
Chelius, Cynthia LouiseEnhancing the Effectiveness of the Santa Fe Bus SystemChemical Engineering
Chemmalil, Vinith DasSTEM CELLS AND SOCIETYBiomedical Engineering
Chemmalil, Vinith DasDevice for Measuring Real-Time Energy Expenditure of Diabetic Patients by Heart Rate and AccelerationBiomedical Engineering
Chen, Linxiao The NanoProject - An assessment of nanotechnology in DenmarkChemical Engineering
Chen, Sonya JWorld Wide WalkIMG
Chen, Linxiao Effect of Taurocholic Acid on Oil-Water EmulsionsChemical Engineering
Chen, Yunxin Worcester Food Assessment -- Production and DistributionIndustrial Engineering
Chen, Zhen Synthesis and Properties of a Visible-to-Near-IR-Fluorescing 2,5-Diarylidene Cyclopentanone Charge-Transfer DyeChemistry
Chen, Xu Reactive power compensation and energy storage in wind power plantElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chen, Dennis GuanyuCity Science and SoundBiomedical Engineering
Chen, Yixi Stock Market SimulationChemical Engineering
Chen, Hongling Design of a Stirling Engine for Electricity GenerationMechanical Engineering
Chen, Xiuping Increasing the Success of Technology Transfer: A Guide to Implementing a Capacity Planning Tool in the Veteran’s Affairs Community-Based Outpatient ClinicsMechanical Engineering
Chen, Kyle HaoA Teaching Practicum at Doherty Memorial High SchoolMathematical Sciences
Chen, Yunxin Process Improvement at St. Vincent HospitalIndustrial Engineering
Chen, Alexander HaoWorcester Art Museum: Café SustainabilityComputer Science
Chen, Steven Automated Processing of Magnetospheric Poynting Flux As Measured by the Fast Auroral SnapshoT ExplorerElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chen, Xu Watershed Management of the Blackstone RiverElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chen, Xiuping ACES characterization of damping in micro-beam resonatorsMechanical Engineering
Chen, Zihan Stock Market SimulationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chen, Steven Implications of Robotic Space MiningElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chen, Zhen Environmental Guidelines for NanotechnologyChemistry
Chen, Dennis GuanyuDesign of a Fibrin Microthread Bundling DeviceBiomedical Engineering
Chen, Weixin Computerized Stock Trading SystemActuarial Mathematics
Chen, Alexander HaoCheck-In Testing Framework for iOSComputer Science
Chen, Hongling The Merchants of VeniceMechanical Engineering
Chen, Junbo An Update on the Hydrodynamics of the Venice CanalsChemical Engineering
Chen, Qiu Environment CockpitInterdisciplinary
Chen, Qiu Initiation Site Development in Khayelitsha, Cape Town: Addressing the Challenges of Urban Initiation While Preserving Tradition and CultureMathematical Sciences
Chen, Fuchen Evaluation of IAQ Perception of Shopping Malls in Hong KongRobotics Engineering
Chen, Yixi Self-Healing Coatings for Steel-Reinforced InfrastructureChemical Engineering
Cheng, Hui Global Credit Products Volume and Market Share ReportingMathematical Sciences
Cheng, Timothy EVenice Framework: A Municipal Data Object Management FrameworkComputer Science
Cheng, Theresa Energy Monitoring for Compliance with the Merton RuleActuarial Mathematics
Cheng, Timothy EInnovative Exhibit Interpretation Using Mobile ApplicationsComputer Science
Cheng, Theresa Demographic AssumptionsActuarial Mathematics
Cheng, Hui Water and Energy Conservation for FideicomisoMathematical Sciences
Chernyak, Vadim Science Education for the FutureMechanical Engineering
Chernyak, Vadim Sabertooth: A High Mobility Quadrupedal Robot PlatformMechanical Engineering
Chernyak, Vadim Sabertooth: A High Mobility Quadrupedal Robot PlatformMechanical Engineering
Chery, Joel MThe Effects of "Salting" on Razor ClamsBiology and Biotechnology
Chester, Keith Mobile Robotics PlatformRobotics Engineering
Chester, Keith E-Merging RealitiesRobotics Engineering
Cheston, Charles SteeleBuoyant Unmanned Distress Detection and Evacuation SystemMechanical Engineering
Cheston, Charles SteeleIndian Lake Plant SurveyMechanical Engineering
Cheu, Christopher TingHinStructural Design of WPI Recreation CenterCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cheu, Christopher TingHinTracking Tourism Performance: Creating a Tourism BarometerCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cheung, Alan Yu-LoonEvaluation of Hong Kong’s Indoor Air Quality Management Programme: Certification Scheme, Objectives, and TechnologyChemical Engineering
Chevis, Marina FlaksbergOpticap XL Output and Workflow Improvement- Examining Production Line DedicationIndustrial Engineering
Chevis, Marina FlaksbergPromoting Sustainable Coffee Farming in Northern ThailandIndustrial Engineering
Chhay, Vannak Stock Market SimulationManagement Engineering
Chhim, Sopheaktra The Evolution of Venice Through Mapping Technology: A Venice Project Center Collaboration with the Atlante della LagunaARE
Chiacchiaro, Rhiannon Un'Economia Sommersa: Documenting the Evolution of the Venetian Formal EconomyRobotics Engineering
Chiacchiaro, Rhiannon GameWave: An Interactive, Educational Sound ExhibitLiberal Arts and Engineering
Chiang, Lee TangEnhancing Visitor Experience at the Owela Display Centre through Interactive MediaMechanical Engineering
Chiang, Lee TangDesign and Analysis of Vibration Test Fixtures for PayloadsMechanical Engineering
Chiasson, Margaret AnneAssessing and Analyzing Resident Satisfaction Levels for Sports Facilities in the London Borough of BrentBiochemistry
Chiasson, Margaret A Pathogenesis Screen Using C. elegans to Identify Virulence Factors in C. albicansBiochemistry
Chichester, Francisca AnnResources for Cycling-Interested Tourists in CopenhagenAeronautical Engineering
Chichester, Francisca AnnDesign of a Moving Bar Wake Generator for a Linear Compressor CascadeAeronautical Engineering
Chickering, Giles WilliamAssaying Virulence in 14 Clinical Isolates of Candida parapsilosisBiology and Biotechnology
Chickering, Giles WilliamImproving Service Quality, Business Practices, and Marketing Strategies to Ensure NABCOA’s Financial Future Through a Fee-for-Service ModelBiology and Biotechnology
Childs, Andrew JAdjustable Mount Skate BladeMechanical Engineering
Childs, Benjamin ERandom Search AlgorithmsComputer Science
Childs, Benjamin EDeveloping a Strategy to Improve Solar Home System Sustainability In Rural ThailandComputer Science
Childs, Andrew JEvaluating the Possible Involvement of the Danish Consumer Council in Smart Grid DevelopmentMechanical Engineering
Chin, Michael A New Rice Sowing Technology: Informing Small-Scale Farmers about Improved Methods of PlantingChemical Engineering
Chin, Randy GMechanical Stimulator for In Vitro Skeletal Muscle ModelingBiomedical Engineering
Chin, Randy GPhase II MS4 Pilot - Central Massachusetts Stormwater ManagementBiomedical Engineering
Chin, Alexander Polymers for Innovative Food PackagingBiomedical Engineering
Chin, Alexander Magnetically Seeded Bioreactor for Three-Dimensional Cell CultureBiomedical Engineering
(WPI)Chines, Justin FrancisGit Analytics ToolComputer Science
Chines, Justin FrancisVenice through the canals of time: Mapping the physical evolution of the cityComputer Science
Chinkidjakarn, Kimberly MarieTeaching PracticumElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chinkidjakarn, Kimberly MarieAutomotive Rollover Detection and Early Warning DeviceElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chipman, Joseph DalyMelodic MunitionsIMG
Chiumiento, Alessandro BrunoProduction of a Liquid MicrojetAeronautical Engineering
Chiumiento, Alessandro BrunoAlternative Fuels for AutomobilesAeronautical Engineering
Chmykh, Ilya ATown of Auburn Climate Action PlanManagement Information Systems
Chmykh, Ilya ABuilding Social IntranetsManagement Information Systems
Choate, Bryan PSTEM CELLS AND SOCIETYBiomedical Engineering
Choate, Bryan PFixation Device to Measure the Contractile Force of Skeletal Muscle in Live AnimalsBiomedical Engineering
Choe, Jennifer HelenMobile Fire Protection ApplicationManagement
Choe, Jennifer HelenSnow Sports IQPManagement
Choi, YunSoo DEPUSH HexCrawler: Mechanical and Control System ImprovementMechanical Engineering
Choi, Eugene Platinum Supply and the Growth of Fuel Cell VehiclesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Choi, Eugene Observation of a Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Degradation Under Dynamic Load CyclingChemical Engineering
Choi, YunSoo DEPUSH HexCrawler Improvement ProjectMechanical Engineering
Choi, Yunsoo Improvement of automated CPRMechanical Engineering
Choi, Chan YoungIQP Investment and Security TradingElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Choi, Eugene Prototype LED Lighting Control SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Choi, Chan Young Bio-electromagnetic Instrumentation Problems Related to the Human BodyElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chojnowski, Truman SMajor Projects in the Massachusetts Renewable Energy MarketElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chokchaisiripakdee, Amorn Games for Health: Guidelines for Appealing ExergamesMathematical Sciences
Chong, Kwok ChungReducing the Carbon Footprint of Data CentersMechanical Engineering
Chong, Kwok Chung Increasing Ridership of Santa Fe TrailsMechanical Engineering
Chong, Catherine SDesign of a Biaxial Test Device for Compliant TissueBiomedical Engineering
Choopojcharoen, Thanacha Mathematics behind System DynamicsMechanical Engineering
Choopojcharoen, Thanacha IRIS Hand: Smart Robotic ProsthesisMechanical Engineering
Chopra, Jatin SRAM Characteristics as Physical Unclonable FunctionsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chopra, Jatin Conservation and Paper Roughness of Art ArtifactsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chornoby, Kyley JDevelopment of a Protective Sheath for Delivering Cell Seeded Microthreads to the HeartBiomedical Engineering
Chornoby, Kyley JAssessment of Financial Solutions for Parque Dońa InésBiomedical Engineering
Chou, Danice YequaySeparating Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Cardiomyocytes After Co-incubationBiomedical Engineering
Chou, Tony Synthesis and Characterization of Tin-Oxide Supported Platinum as a Cathode Catalyst in Direct Methanol Fuel CellsChemical Engineering
Chou, Danice YequayFloating Around Venice: Developing Mobility Management ToolBiomedical Engineering
Chou, Tony Food Sustainability at Worcester Polytechnic InstituteChemical Engineering
Chouinard, Candace RachelCataloging 19th Century Periodical ImagesBiochemistry
Chow, Joyceline Personality vs. Intelligence: A Literature Review and Future Study ProposalMechanical Engineering
Chow, Joyceline Wan2008 Formula SAE RacecarMechanical Engineering
Chowaniec, Matthew JosephFemur Flaps for Tibial ReconstructionBiomedical Engineering
Chretien, Justin MichaelTitanium Alpha Case PreventionChemical Engineering
Chretien, Justin MichaelGreen Study for Greeks: The Determination of Environmental Sustainability within the Greek Community of WPIChemical Engineering
Christakis, Alexander GDesign of an Optimized Rigid Fixation System for the Osteoporotic SternumBiomedical Engineering
Christakis, Alexander Improving Disabled Access to the Tram System in Melbourne, VictoriaBiomedical Engineering
Christian Cornachini, Blake JosephMonitoring and Reducing the Carbon Emissions of the Institute of American Indian ArtsMechanical Engineering
Christianson, Daniel PProduction of a Fluid Microjet Using Electrospray and Flow FocusingAeronautical Engineering
Christianson, Daniel PTeaching PracticumAeronautical Engineering
Christiner, Mario PFeasibility of Rooftop Wind Turbines in BostonElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Christiner, Mario PAzimuth-Altitude Dual Axis Solar TrackerElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Christopher, Katie EllenTranslocation of Hepatocellular Mrp2 to the Canalicular Membrane Via Activation of PKC-delta by cAMPBiochemistry
Christous, Corey XThe Effects of Task Intensity on Visual AttentionComputer Science
Christous, Corey XUS ENERGY GOALS AND POLICY: A Critical Look at Existing Energy and Sustainable Energy for the FutureComputer Science
Chryssanthacopoulos, James BKS Theorem and Bell's Theorem in 16 DimensionsPhysics
Chryssanthacopoulos, James Demand Response Programs in the Greater Boston AreaPhysics
Chu, Calvin XDatabase ResiliencyManagement Engineering
Chu, Norbert Internet Campaign Strategies in the 2010 Massachusetts Gubernatorial ElectionElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chu, Norbert Inrush Transient Current MitigationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Chung, Christopher Rgenometry: Using Smartphones to Control Interactive Content on Public DisplaysInteractive Media and Game Development
Chung, Jesus OctavioTheoretical Model and Test Bed for the Development and Validation of Ornithopter DesignsMechanical Engineering
Chung, Jesus OctavioDeveloping a New Perspective of Wellington's City and Harbour: A Camera Obscura ExhibitionMechanical Engineering
Chung, Steven Dig-it: A Team Dynamics StudyBiomedical Engineering
Chung, Steven Development of a Bilateral Rigid Sternal Closure Testing SystemBiomedical Engineering
Chung, Pok KiMiddleton Aerospace Manufacturing OptimizationMechanical Engineering
Chung-Chuen-Yeung, Melissa KellyThe Evolution of Materials in Arms and Armors: Medieval EraME IE
Chung-Chuen-Yeung, Melissa KellyImplementing a Kanban Replenishment System & Retainable Rack Design For Large Fabrication PartsIE ME
Chung-Chuen-Yeung, Melissa KellyRetainable Rack Design for Large Fabrication PartsME IE
Chunga, Caylee MAccessibility Assessment of the Worcester Art MuseumActuarial Mathematics
Chunis, Peter MExamining Parents’ Responses to CSIRO’s Holiday Science ActivitiesBiomedical Engineering
Chunis, Peter MImplantable Biological Pacemaker for Permanent Autonomous Pacing of the HeartBiomedical Engineering
Chupka, Zachary DavidInteractive Music SystemsComputer Science
Chupka, Zachary DavidAIRLINE ANALYTICS AND SERVICESComputer Science
Church, Alexander JAn Entrepreneurial Initiative for Distributing Energy Efficient Products in Low Income CommunitiesMechanical Engineering
Churchman, Devin ATransgenic AnimalsChemical Engineering
Chyoghly, George ATHE FUTURE SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS CLUBMechanical Engineering
Chyoghly, George ARotational Snowboard BindingsMechanical Engineering
Cialdea, Stephen MichaelEnergy Evaluation of the New Horizon CentreElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cialdea, Stephen Analysis and Mitigation of Harmonics in Wind Turbine TransformersElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cialdea, James GNew Housing Survey of the London Borough of Brent in 2008Computer Science
Cialdea, James GModeling and Analyzing Security Requirements for JavaComputer Science
Ciampa, Michael AHolographic Optical Beam Steering DemonstrationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ciampa, Christopher RoccoDesign of an Intermediate Scale Fire Test Rig for Exterior Wall AssembliesMechanical Engineering
Ciampa, Christopher RoccoSIRENOMechanical Engineering
Ciampa, Michael ADesigning Safe Playgrounds for the Klong Toey CommunityElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cianfrocco, Daniel PaulDivertimi: A Tourist Guide to a Unique and Enriching ExperienceElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cianfrocco, Daniel PaulUTILIZING LEDs AS FEEDBACK SENSORS FOR VIDEO DISPLAYSElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cicchetti, Anthony MichaelSIRENOElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cicchetti, Jennifer MCalcaneal Tendon Force Comparison Between Traditional and Minimalist ShoesBiomedical Engineering
Cicchetti, Jennifer MA Home Away From Home: Launching Home Stay Tourism in NamibiaBiomedical Engineering
Cicchetti, Anthony MichaelDemonstration of SRAM Design with LED Cube DisplayElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ciemny, Jonas LShort-term advancements and long-term visions for sustainability at the Radisson-Slavyanskaya HotelElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cieslewicz, Joseph FrancisAlbania Project Center Resource DevelopmentMechanical Engineering
Cieslewski, Thomas MichaelKnights! At the MuseumAeronautical Engineering
Ciesynski, Jacqueline TStray Voltage DetectorElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ciesynski, Jacqueline TThe Impact of Character Actors at the London Transport MuseumElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ciliotta, Giuseppe BElectrical Harness Improvement for Caterpillar Loader Vehicles in Steel Mills (WPI Major Qualifying Project)Mechanical Engineering
Ciliotta, Giuseppe BRegional Social Network to Promote and Support Underrepresented Minority ScientistsMechanical Engineering
Cimon, Douglas MichaelAerodynamic Analysis and Fabrication of Formula Style Race Car ChassisMechanical Engineering
Ciolek, Paul Gathering Teacher Feedback to Improve Informal EducationAeronautical Engineering
Ciolek, Paul DavidDesign and Construction of a Velocity Probe Calibration RigAeronautical Engineering
Cirillo, Mark DWeb Design for the USDC of RIManagement Information Systems
Cirillo, Mark DStock Market SimulationManagement Information Systems
Cirka, Hillary AllisonFrom Poverty to Prosperity - Applying Commercial Techniques to Subsistence Fishing Communities in Costa RicaBiology and Biotechnology
Cirka, Hillary AllisonRoot and Shoot Elicitation in Artemisia annua: Chitosan and Salicylic Acid Effect on Artemisinin and Flavonoid BiosynthesisBiology and Biotechnology
Citrone, James Approaches to Localizing Small RNAs and Proteins in the CellBiochemistry
Civitarese, Anna MImproving Traceability Systems: A Study of the Fishing Communities of Palito and Costa de PájarosBiology and Biotechnology
Clancey, Sarah TheresaAssessment of the Functionality of Nuclear Export Sequences in Porcine Circovirus 1 VP3Biochemistry
Clancey, Sarah TheresaSTEM CELLS AND SOCIETYBiochemistry
Clardy, Elizabeth NThe Ecological Footprint of Composting and Incineration of Garden Waste in DenmarkChemical Engineering
Clardy, Elizabeth NAnalyzing the Ability of Modified Yeast to Ferment Xylose to EthanolChemical Engineering
Claretti, Ennio The Design and Realization of a Sensitive Walking PlatformInterdisciplinary
Claretti, Ennio Enhancing Science Laboratories with TechnologyRobotics Engineering
Clark, Justin SImplementing EcoStar Standards at Southern ContainerMechanical Engineering
Clark, Stacie AnnThe role of iNKT cells in the development of a protective immune response to Borrelia burgdorferi, the Lyme disease agentBiology and Biotechnology
Clark, Stacie AnnAssessing Environmental Damage at Stream Crossings in El Yunque National ForestBiology and Biotechnology
Clark, Amanda BlancheSynthesis of Silicalite-1 AggregatesChemical Engineering
Clark, Matthew TGreen Guide for Roads Rating SystemCivil and Environmental Engineering
Clark, Skyler CPetrified- Design and Development of a Multiplayer Survival/Horror GameIMG
Clark, Lillian MEnhancing Visitor Experience at the Owela Display Centre through Interactive MediaEnvironmental Engineering
Clark, Skyler CCCDT- Business Plan for the Merged OrganizationIMG
Clark, Codi HajjarInvestigation of Metal-Organic Frameworks as Materials for Generating Singlet OxygenChemistry
Clark, Christopher Building a High Performance Cluster through Computer ReuseElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Clark, Lillian MMt. Washington Summit Facility Design and Wastewater Plant AnalysisEnvironmental Engineering
Clark, Lillian MMt. Washington Summit Facility Design and Wastewater Plant AnalysisEnvironmental Engineering
Clark, Matthew TDeveloping a Self-Assessment Package for Members to Comply with the FPA Australia Code of PracticeCivil and Environmental Engineering
Clark, Jessica MReviewer Database and Evaluation ProcessMathematical Sciences
Clark, Christopher Stock Market SimulationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Clark, Codi HajjarHigh-Intensity Interval Training and the WPI CommunityChemistry
Clark, Deanna EProviding Guidance to Massachusetts Public Water Suppliers on Cyanobacteria Contamination of Public Drinking WaterChemical Engineering
Clark, Christopher GardnerReconstruction of the Plaza at Cochiti Pueblo: Preserving the Past, Recording the Present, and Planning the Future of the Cochiti PlazaAeronautical Engineering
Clark, Laura AEffect of Shear on the Crystallization of ChocolateMechanical Engineering
Clark, Justin S"Hands on History" at HM Tower of LondonMechanical Engineering
Clark, Jessica MPortfolio Optimization with Transaction CostsMathematical Sciences
Clark, Amanda BlancheAlternative Cooking Solutions for Monwabisi ParkChemical Engineering
Clark, Christopher GardnerDesign of a Plume Generation and Detection SystemsAeronautical Engineering
Clay, Elise PDesigning Educational Media in Suan Phung Nature Education ParkMathematical Sciences
Clayton, Eric StewartVenice Framework: A Municipal Data Object Management FrameworkComputer Science
Clayton, Eric StewartArms and Armor of the Medieval KnightComputer Science
Cleary, Christopher JamesDiscriminating Between Splitting and Crossing Targets: a Radar Tracking ProblemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cleary, Christopher JamesBritish Museum Gallery Study: An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Select Galleries for FamiliesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Clemens, Alexander HConquest of the Verse: Conquering the Galaxy one Ship at a TimeIMGD HU
Clemens, Alexander HOlogism: Normalising Science One Lyric at a TimeIMG
Clemente, Alexandra Morphological Characterization Cortical Neurons in a mouse model of Rett Syndrome and Design of a Slice Incubation ChamberBiomedical Engineering
Clemente, Alexandra Cost Calculating Model for Electronic Waste ManagementBiomedical Engineering
Clements, Garon Veniss Underground: A Neverwinter Nights ModIMG
Cleveland, Benjamin C.Design of a reproducible murine fracture deviceBiomedical Engineering
Cleveland, Benjamin Ecosystem-based Management in Puerto RicoBiomedical Engineering
Cleven, Stone THikari Michi: Studying Immersion in Games Using the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion ControllerIMG
Cleven, Stone TDesigning a Historically-themed Portable Miniature Golf Course as an Interactive Family Exhibit for Worcester Historical MuseumIMG
Clifford, Timothy The Effect of Alkyl Chain Parity on the In Situ Covalent Modification of Carboxy Terminated Alkane Thiol SAMsChemistry
Clifford, Michelle LiGotBand: Improvisational Music GameIMG
Clifford, Michelle LHiggins' Hunt: An Educational GameIMG
Clift, Cassandra LNovel Low-Cost Smartphone Enabled Contaminant Detection DeviceBiomedical Engineering
Climer, Jason RobertEduVentures WebExpeditionBiology and Biotechnology
Climer, Nathan Promoting Active Teaching Methods in Rural Thailand: A Case Study on Science Laboratory ActiveBiomedical Engineering
Climer, Nathan External Coil for MR Imaging of the ProstateElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Clinckemaillie, Frederik EEvaluating Visitor Experience in the Department of Coins and MedalsRobotics Engineering
Clinckemaillie, Tom Automated Cardiomyocyte IsolationBiomedical Engineering
Clinckemaillie, Frederik EAutonomous Multi-Robot SoccerInterdisciplinary
Clinckemaillie, Tom JWaste Data Management at the Baxter Manufacturing Facility in Costa RicaBiomedical Engineering
Cline, Jonathan GregoryFreeze Tolerance in the Moss Physcomitrella patensBiology and Biotechnology
Clinton, Ryan WCloning and Expression of Human Recombinant FGF-2 IsoformsBiology and Biotechnology
Clinton, Ryan Transgenic AnimalsBB
Close, Jocelyn ElizabethMeasuring the Quality of Ski EdgesMechanical Engineering
Close, Jocelyn ElizabethCrisis Mapping Community Social Media Information During and After Large-Scale Disasters in VictoriaMechanical Engineering
Cloutier, Scott J.H.E.A.T. - Home Energy Automation TechnologyElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cloutier, Scott J.Automobile Safety TechnologyElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cloutier, Princesa MDeveloping an Educational Module on the Impacts of Climate Change on Puerto Rico and its InhabitantsRobotics Engineering
Cobane, Eric Millbury Cemeteries ProjectRobotics Engineering
Cobane, Eric Design and Construction of a Tree-Climbing RobotRobotics Engineering
Cobane, Eric JamesMillbury Cemeteries ProjectRobotics Engineering
Cobb, Jesse EltonRadio Documentary of Worcester 6Chemical Engineering
Cobb, Jesse EltonPhotocatalytic Degradation of a Series of Direct Azo Dyes Using Immobilized TiO2Chemical Engineering
Cobb, Jeremiah MacintoshHanover LEED-EB Feasibility StudyManagement Engineering
Cochran, Nigel BAutomated Refueling for Hovering RobotsRBE ME
Cochran, Nigel BowersAdvancing the Owela Display CentreRBE ME
Cockerill, Meghan EThe Effect of 4-Methylthio-2-Oxobutyric Acid Analogs and CtBP siRNA on Cancer Cell ViabilityBiology and Biotechnology
Cockerill, Meghan EUtilizing Video Multimedia Tools in Biology LabsBiology and Biotechnology
Cocks, Rebekah AnneEvaluating Private Roads on NantucketBiology and Biotechnology
Codding, Jason AlanWPI Helpdesk Employee Management SystemComputer Science
Codding, Jason AlanEco-Economy Redevelopment of Monwabisi Park in Cape TownComputer Science
Cody, Rachel EMicro-Wind Turbine Feasibility Study for Dismas House of MassachusettsChemical Engineering
Coelho, Jessica MPolyphosphate Sequestration of Manganese (II)Civil and Environmental Engineering
Coen, Adam ScottExperimental Feasibility Study of Geopolymers as a Sulfate-Rich Soil StabilizerCivil and Environmental Engineering
Coen, Adam ScottContamination Control in Healthcare SystemsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Coffey, Gregory TProduction of a Liquid MicrojetAeronautical Engineering
Coffey, Greg TAssessment and Catalogue of Puerto Rican Mooring BuoysAeronautical Engineering
Coffey, Patrick JTracking the Progress of the Green Communities Act of 2008Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Coffey, Daniel PatrickEradicating Poverty Through EducationPhysics
Coffey, Patrick JBenchmarking the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
(WPI)Coffey, Jennifer ACreation of an Office of Surveillance and Epidemiology Training Knowledge Management SystemChemical Engineering
Coffin, Spencer ThomasDefensive Surface Roadway Vibration Dampening Inertia WaveBiomedical Engineering
Coffin, Spencer ThomasDesign of an Automated Fibrin Microthread Processing SystemBiomedical Engineering
Cogswell, Matthew JRehabilitation of Mechanics HallCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cogswell, Matthew JConcept for Assessing Factors Relevant to Performance-Based Building and Fire Code AdoptionCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cohen, Leonard MAssessing Cases For Space StationsComputer Science
Cohen, Noah RMonitoring SOD1 Aggregation: The Hunt for Soluble OligomersBiochemistry
Cohen, Jillian RIncreasing the Dental Department Capacity in the Family Health Center of WorcesterManagement Engineering
Cohen, Noah RA Comprehensive Examination of SNAPBiochemistry
Cohen, Jillian RGetting a Feel for Science: Adapting Existing Non-Formal Education Techniques to Conform to Universal DesignManagement Engineering
Cohn, Sebastian ArthurAn Examination of the Effects of Glacial Retreat in the Colorado River BasinEnvironmental Engineering
Cohn, Julia AIrrigation Development to Improve the Lives of Impoverished Children in Kanchanaburi, ThailandEE
Cohn, Sebastian ArthurThe Effect of Substrate Variation on Biofilm Growth for Use in Wastewater TreatmentEnvironmental Engineering
Cohn, Julia ASpot Pyrometer Analysis and System DesignElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
(WPI)Coia, Cecily AIQP Teaching Practicum: Mathematics - Cecily CoiaActuarial Mathematics
Coit, David TeagueExperiments with a Thermoacoustic RefrigeratorEngineering Physics
Coit, David Lunar Property and Mining RightsPhysics
Colakhodzic, Naida Design of a Tunneling System for Endoscopic NeurosurgeryBiomedical Engineering
Colakhodzic, Naida Reducing Noise, Contaminants, and Unintended Stresses in Emergency Medical Triage UnitsBiomedical Engineering
Colamussi, Christopher RalphAC Calorimetry SpectroscopyPhysics
Colangelo, Rose SimoneScience Lab Activities for Secondary Science Education in Northeast ThailandElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Colangelo, Rose SimoneBird Call IdentificationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Colcord, Brittany LynnAn Evaluation of Nantucket's Town FacilitiesEnvironmental Engineering
Cole, Keegan EthanDesigning a Mobile Chicken CoopBiomedical Engineering
Colella, Paolo CarloAutomated Trading System DevelopmentIndustrial Engineering
Colella, Sean MPotential Uses of the Proposed Sports and Recreation FacilityCivil and Environmental Engineering
Colella, Sean MConstruction of a Wind Turbine Project in the Town of Florida, MACivil and Environmental Engineering
Coleman, Keith RThe Effects of Hole Cleaning on Post-Installed Anchor Systems in ConcreteCivil and Environmental Engineering
Coleman, Catherine EDesign of an Autonomous Platform for Search and Rescue UAV NetworksRBE ME
Coleman, Antoine DermontAn Internal Analysis of MBIManagement
Coleman, Catherine EProfiling Community AssetsRBE ME
Coletta, Thomas ETraffic Study NřrrebrogadeMechanical Engineering
Coletta, Thomas EHydraulic Series Hybrid Baja CarMechanical Engineering
Colleary, Brenna JaneIncreasing Recycling Participation at Parque de DiversionesChemical Engineering
Colleary, Brenna JaneChemical Milling and the Removal of Alpha CaseChemical Engineering
Collette, Kristin Decoding the International Secretariat: An Assessment of Communications and CultureCivil and Environmental Engineering
Collier, James AustinAssessing and Reducing the Electricity of Residential StudentsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Collier, James AustinModular DC-DC Power Converter for Robotic ApplicationsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Collins, Benjamin MartsReal-Time Indoor Localization using Visual and Inertial OdometryElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Collins, Francis PDigitizing ThoreauIMG CS
Collins, Michael SaverioSwitch-Mode CVT: Torsion SpringMechanical Engineering
Collins, Benjamin MartsWater Management and Conservation in Rural Morocco: A Follow-up Study to AUI Pilot Implementation of Drip IrrigationRobotics Engineering
Collins, Patrick BruceReliability of Load Bearing SystemsMechanical Engineering
Collins, Francis PPrince of Pride: Social AI in GamesInterdisciplinary
Collins, Jameson JohnDSP Modulated Class D Audio AmplifierElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Collins, Michael SaverioReliability of Load Bearing SystemsMechanical Engineering
Collins, Travis FA Green Approach to a Multi-Protocol Wireless Communications NetworkElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Collins, Ashleigh ColleenGas or Electricity: An Evaluation of Electricity and Natural Gas as a Residential Energy SourceMechanical Engineering
Collins, Patrick BruceCNC Application and DesignMechanical Engineering
Collins, Hayden JEradicating Poverty Through EducationManagement Engineering
Collins, Jameson JohnAudio Environment Design Applied To Long Duration Space MissionsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Collins, Meghan MarieFemur Flaps for Tibial ReconstructionBiomedical Engineering
Collins, Tyler AnthonyDesign and Production of a 3-D Printed Wireless HexapodElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Collins, Travis FWorcester Art Museum: Green Technology EvaluationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Collins, Joseph HIncreasing Engagement in the Mirboo North Community Energy HubChemical Engineering
Collins, Hayden JManagement of the Design and Construction of the WPI Bamboo BicycleManagement Engineering
Collins, Ashleigh ColleenDesign of a Neck-Support-Incorporated Helmet for Reducing the Risk of Concussion in Ice HockeyMechanical Engineering
Collins, Tyler AnthonyMaitland Garden Village Perseverance Park RedevelopmentElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Collins, Ethan JAssessing Concussion Potential in Youth Sports for the CPSCCivil and Environmental Engineering
Colon, Jeremy ThomasTowards the Realization of an Autonomous BlimpComputer Science
Colon, Jeremy ThomasSea Level Rise Adaptation in the Boston Harbor AreaComputer Science
Colon, Jessica CBA of Stents vs SurgeryManagement Engineering
Colon, Jessica Challenges in Educating the Public in Science and Technology: Opinions and ControversyND
Colopy, Robyn LSRAM Characteristics as Physical Unclonable FunctionsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Colopy, Robyn LAn Analysis of the Challenges Facing the Redevelopment of Intersection 5 in San Juan, Puerto RicoElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Colpas, Emily ClaireCharacterization of Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies Produced by an HIV-1 VaccineBiology and Biotechnology
Colpas, Emily ClaireAn Analysis of Hoarding Fire Incidents and MFB Organisational ResponseBiology and Biotechnology
Colschen, Christopher MWind Power from Kites 2008Mechanical Engineering
Colschen, Christopher MPerformance Based DesignMechanical Engineering
Colter, Nolan Development of Interactive Media: Promoting Museums in CopenhagenComputer Science
Colter, Nolan SolarFlare Collaborative Development EnvironmentComputer Science
Comeau, Katelyn DianeSoil-less Agriculture at the Wat Pathumwanaram School: Expansion through an Aeroponic Garden and Educational MaterialBiology and Biotechnology
Comeau, Nicholas MaraveliasProcess Improvement and the Advantages of SimulationIndustrial Engineering
Comeau, Therese Utilizing Video Multimedia Tools in Biology LabsBiology and Biotechnology
Comeau, Nicholas CharlesCommercialization of an Ergonomic ScalpelManagement Engineering
Comeau, Nicholas MaraveiliasElectronic Budget Information SharingIndustrial Engineering
Comeau, Nicholas CharlesTrading, Investment and Portfolio ManagementManagement Engineering
Comeau, Therese CorrineEffect of Phytoestrogens on Apoptosis of T47D CellsBB
Comeau, Therese Phytoestrogen Project: Effect of Phytoestrogens on Apoptosis of T47D CellsBiology and Biotechnology
Comee, Shaun DAssessing Cases For Space StationsMechanical Engineering
Comee, Shaun DBleed Flow Effects on Ingested Hail ParticlesMechanical Engineering
Comisky, Casey Women's Environmental Network: Improving an Internet PresenceECE RBE
Comisky, Casey BIOSwimmerInterdisciplinary
Como, Steven GerardOcean Wave Energy HarvestingMechanical Engineering
Como, Steven GerardBlue Sky Recycling ProgrammeMechanical Engineering
Comosa, Nicole K.Platelet Closure Time in Severe Sepsis and Septic ShockBiochemistry
Comosa, Nicole K.Economic Development Through Asset TransferBiochemistry
Concannon, Caroline TDesign of a Bioreactor for Tissue Engineered Vascular GraftsBiomedical Engineering
Concannon, Caroline TCommunity Waste Management in Costa Rican Squatter CommunitiesBiomedical Engineering
Conde, Haley MarieCasein Kinase-1 Delta is Required for Postnatal Survival in MiceBiology and Biotechnology
Conde, Haley MarieThe Barriers Impeding Recycling Participation in the Borough of CroydonBiology and Biotechnology
Conerly, Peter UCloning and Expression of PCV1 ORF3Biochemistry
Conerly, Peter UThe New Moon Race: Lunar AgricultureBiochemistry
Conforte, Molly A Method for Determining the Effect of Stiffness and Stretch on Cell PhenotypeBiomedical Engineering
Conforte, Molly Investigation of the Effects of the Built Environment on Patient Health Outcomes and Staff SatisfactionBiomedical Engineering
Congdon, Molly DSynthesis of Near-IR Fluorophores Towards In Vivo Protein DetectionChemistry
Congdon, Molly DUpdating the Natural Science Exhibits at the Maria Mitchell AssociationChemistry
Conklin, Angela-Marie BPMA_LondonE14_IQPElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Conley, Kevin Cost Reduction Electric EnergyElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Conley, Christopher HaroldRBE2001 Virtual Study AidComputer Science
Conley, Christopher HaroldDangerous Inspection & Versatile Exploration Robot (DIVER): Tracking, Monitoring and Assisting Human Divers in Commercial, Environmental and Military ApplicationsRobotics Engineering
Conley, Kevin MichaelThe NVIDIA Stat AppElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Conlin, Sarah AlyseMeasuring Employee Engagement at the United States Patent and Trademark OfficeHumanities
Conlin, Stephen JFood Security, Social Entrepreneurship, and Farmers’ Markets in WorcesterManagement Engineering
Conlin, Sarah AlyseThrough the Eyes of a Student: 100 Years of Student Life at WPIHumanities
Conlin, Stephen JCity of Words: Worcester Area Writers' ProjectManagement Engineering
Connelley, Haley MarieAging and Thermal Effects on the Properties of Fleshed and Defleshed BonesMechanical Engineering
Connelley, Haley MarieAffordable and Green Housing on Nantucket IslandMechanical Engineering
Connelly, Eric MichaelEvaluation of the Australian Bureau of Statistics' Education Services WebsiteChemical Engineering
Connelly, Eric Imaging L-Alanine and Inosine Induced Germination of Bacillus anthracis Using Atomic Force MicroscopyChemical Engineering
Conner, Brian Stock Market SimulationChemical Engineering
Conner, Brian Environmental Assessment of the Wachusett Brewing CompanyChemical Engineering
Connick, Robert JosephBushfire Warning Systems in AustraliaPhysics
Connick, Robert JosephThe Acoustics of Tesla CoilsPH HU
Connolly, Matthew SEngineering Performance of Water Mist Fire Protection Systems with Antifreeze AgentsMechanical Engineering
Connolly, Matthew SInitiation Site Development in Khayelitsha, Cape Town: Addressing the Challenges of Urban Initiation While Preserving Tradition and CultureMechanical Engineering
Connolly, Matthew DenisImproving Community Spaces through Collaborative Building and Design Projects in Monwabisi Park, Cape TownMechanical Engineering
Connor, Matthew JMultiple Target TrackingElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Connor, Matthew JTransgenic AnimalsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Connor, Kailyn SaraDeveloping a Sustainable Waste Tire Management System for ThailandManagement Engineering
Connor, Matthew JMultiple Target TrackingElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Connor, Timothy PAnalysis of Methods for Loss ReservingActuarial Mathematics
Connor, Nikole MMulti-use Trails in Santa Fe: Accessibility and Social NetworkingBiomedical Engineering
Connor, Kailyn SaraDon’t Text: Market Opportunity Analysis of a Mobile Application System to Prevent Distracted DrivingManagement Engineering
Connor, Nikole MDesigning a Headgear for SoccerBiomedical Engineering
Connors, Sarah ColleenRemoval of Ibuprofen from Drinking Water using AdsorptionChemical Engineering
Connors, Sarah ColleenAssessing Boroondara's Water Use and Stormwater QualityChemical Engineering
Connors, Ethan ADesign of a Micro Class Aircraft for the 2012 SAE Aero Design East CompetitionAeronautical Engineering
Connors, Ethan ARedesign of Tactical BackpackAeronautical Engineering
Connors, John PatrickPedestrian Bridge Design in Lancaster, MACivil and Environmental Engineering
Connors, Katherine LouiseMaitland Garden Village Perseverance Park RedevelopmentBiomedical Engineering
Conoby, Kathryn AlainaRemoval of Sulfamethoxazole from Water by Ion-Exchange AdsorptionEnvironmental Engineering
Conoby, Kathryn AlainaFuel Policy Impacts on the Community: Pollards Hills and East MitchamEnvironmental Engineering
Conover, Karalee FowlerA Public Health Project in Methods of Schistosomiasis haematobium Control in Adasawase, GhanaCivil and Environmental Engineering
Conover, Karalee FowlerSGA SOCIAL EVENTS WEB SITECivil and Environmental Engineering
Conte, Michael HavilandEngineering a Bamboo BicycleMechanical Engineering
Conte, Michael HavilandGreen School Design - Puerto RicoMechanical Engineering
Contrino, Nicholas J.Design, Fabrication, and Testing of a Fixture for use in the Carburization of SteelManufacturing Engineering
Conway, Matthew Efficient Surveillance SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Conway, Matthew Enhancing Rip Current/ Beach Safety Awareness Among TeenagersElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Conwell, Thomas PatrickFear the Robots!: A study of the Percieved future of Robotics in Modern SocietyMechanical Engineering
Cook, Sarah MarieAlternative Knee Brace DesignBiomedical Engineering
Cook, James CarsonComputation of Jet CoolingMechanical Engineering
Cook, Matthew RussellSorption and Diffusion Parameters of Organosilane-Functionalized ZeolitesChemical Engineering
Cook, Matthew Iron Mountain Cart RedesignMechanical Engineering
Cook, Chelsea EBoating Left High & Dry: A Feasibility Study of Publicly Accessible Boat Facilities in Hong KongMechanical Engineering
Cook, Sarah MarieInvestigating the Relationships between Urban Design, Microeconomics, and Livability: A Case Study of Hong KongBiomedical Engineering
Cook, Matthew RussellThe Water-Energy Nexus in the Southeastern United StatesChemical Engineering
Cook, James CarsonThe Effects of Icing on Commercial Fishing VesselsMechanical Engineering
Cook, Chelsea EThe Effects of Changing Running StrideMechanical Engineering
Cooley, Jacob DeanMaster of ArmsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Coolidge, Todd RImproving Parks Management and Maintenance for the Town of ShrewsburyMechanical Engineering
Coolidge, Todd REvaluation and Design of a Hospital Bed to be Manufactured and Used in ChinaMechanical Engineering
Cooney, Brandon PaulLean Process Improvement in Presurgical Examination Center at UMass Memorial HospitalManagement Engineering
Cooney, Brandon PaulSTEM CELLS AND SOCIETYManagement Engineering
Coonradt, Melissa ChristineAlphav Beta6 Integrin Expression in Inflamed & Malignant ProstateBiology and Biotechnology
Coonradt, Melissa ChristineImproving the Cheetah Conservation Fund's Livestock Guarding Dog Program through the Dissemination of Visual MediaBiology and Biotechnology
Cooper, Jennifer LeeDesign and Fabrication of a Novel Cell-Derived Matrix Scaffold for Dermal Wound HealingBiomedical Engineering
Cooper, Jennifer LeeWatershed Management of the Blackstone RiverBiomedical Engineering
Cooper, Chris EMC2 SymAPI - Phase IIComputer Science
Copp, Jessica Insurance Product DevelopmentActuarial Mathematics
Corado, Jeffrey Re-Design of the WPI Kite-Powered Water Pump and Wind Turbine SystemsMechanical Engineering
Corado, Jeffrey Envisioning the Future Development of Oude Molen Eco VillageMechanical Engineering
Corbo, Anthony Design of a Device to Cyclically Stretch Isolated CellsBiomedical Engineering
Corbo, Anthony An Analysis of Missing Medication Documentation, Processes, and Procedures at the Veterans Hospital (VA Boston Healthcare System - West Roxbury Campus)Biomedical Engineering
Corcoran, Ian ChristopherProving the Social and Economic Value of the Lunch Club for Older Persons for the Commonside Community Development TrustMechanical Engineering
Corcoran, Marcella MarieDesign of a Wound Dressing that Inhibits Microbial InfectionBiomedical Engineering
Corcoran, Ian ChristopherQuadrotor UAVME AE
Corcoran, Marcella MarieTransgenic AnimalsBiomedical Engineering
Corell, James SmartTour: A Multi‐Dimensional Approach to Campus NavigationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Corell, James Intelligent Speaker DesignElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Corey, Jayson AlexanderGamificationIMG
Corey, Jayson AlexanderTetrageddonIMG
Corfman, Daniel PhilipWPEye.net: An Alternate Reality Game for WPI AdmissionsIMG
Corfman, Daniel PhilipMote: A Musical Adventure GameIMG
Corfman, Daniel PhilipMote: A Musical Adventure GameIMG
Corini, Alyssa CaitlinEvaluating Visitor Experience in the Citi Money Gallery at the British MuseumIndustrial Engineering
Corini, Alyssa CaitlinLean Improvement at Sheppard Envelope Manufacturing CompanyIndustrial Engineering
Corliss, David Dis: A Neverwinter Nights ModificationIMG
Corliss, Bethany CDesign of Trans-humeral Prosthetic Mounting System for Use in High Load ActivitiesMechanical Engineering
Corliss, Bethany CCritical Care Tower: Improving the Healthcare of Children for the FutureMechanical Engineering
Corliss, David Analysis of Character on GameplayIMG
Cormier, Amanda MariaInvestigating Improvements to the Emergency Services Foundation Scholarship Process and ProgramBE ME
Cormier, Roland GInventory and Analysis of the South Boston Parking FreezeMechanical Engineering
Cormier, Cory AThe Feasibility for Providing a More Sustainable Menu in Hong Kong's Seafood BusinessesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cormier, Roland GMultiple Satellite Imaging SystemMechanical Engineering
Cormier, Amanda MariaAlternative Knee Brace DesignInterdisciplinary
Cormier, Cory AMaster Plan and Design of a Low Income Housing Complex for the Friendly HouseCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cornelius, Aaron WNext-Generation Classroom Design at WPIMechanical Engineering
Corner, Samuel JDesign of a Windspeed Monitoring System for Autonomously Guided Cargo ParachutesAeronautical Engineering
Corner, Samuel JEvaluating 'The Pakistan Connection'Aeronautical Engineering
Cornman, Scott PDeveloping an Evaluation Rubric for Hands-on Science Education ActivitiesRBE CS
Cornman, Scott PRobot Learning through Crowd-Based GamesInterdisciplinary
Corpuz, Loribel ShawnEffects of Hong Kong International Airport: An Evaluation of the Perceived Impacts in Tung ChungManagement Engineering
Correa, Robert MichaelWind Harvesting via Vortex Induced VibrationMechanical Engineering
Correa, Robert MichaelTHE HISTORY OF THE RAPIERMechanical Engineering
Correia, Joao PauloRemediation by Means of Chemical Passivation for Trace Metals in Contaminated SoilsEnvironmental Engineering
Correia, Joao PauloPromoting Sustainable Coffee Farming in Northern ThailandEnvironmental Engineering
Correia, Kathleen EFawkner Community House: Solutions to Decrease the Amount of Food Insecurity in Fawkner, Victoria, AustraliaBiomedical Engineering
Correia, Eric JComprehensive Cost Analysis of the 2014 Massachusetts MS4 PermitMechanical Engineering
Corrigan, Margaret AnneRedesign of Newton SquareCivil and Environmental Engineering
Corrigan, Margaret AnneEvaluating Private Roads on NantucketCivil and Environmental Engineering
Corriveau, Allison MarieWorcester Art Museum: Café SustainabilityChemical Engineering
Corriveau, Alison MCapturing Reuse Considerations During Initial Structural DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
Corriveau, Eric TylorDesigning a Historically-themed Portable Miniature Golf Course as an Interactive Family Exhibit for Worcester Historical MuseumMechanical Engineering
Corriveau, Alison MReturn to the City of Water: Quantifying Change in the Venetian CanalsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Corsetti, Timothy NVIDIA VIRTUALIZATIONComputer Science
Corsetti, Timothy CharlesNuclear Proliferation: An EdugameComputer Science
Corsini, James NABC business plan integrated with system dynamics modelElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Corsini, James N90 Degree Hybrid CouplerElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Corso, Nicholas Assessing Barriers and Facilitators Associated with Hazard Mitigation Planning with Considerations for Climate Changes for Massachusetts Coastal CommunitiesMechanical Engineering
Corso, Nicholas D. S.Hydro Artificial Muscle Exo-MusculatureMechanical Engineering
Cortesa, Steven JDeveloping a Sustainable Waste Tire Management System for ThailandMechanical Engineering
Cortesa, Steven JDesign of Experiments for an Undergraduate Energy Laboratory Course at WPIMechanical Engineering
Corttis, Justin HTransgenic AnimalsBiomedical Engineering
Coryea, Madalyn EProjectSpotComputer Science
Coryea, Madalyn EVenice Bells and Bell Towers: A Striking Source of KnowledgeComputer Science
Coscia, Christa ColleenDetermining the Feasibility of a Shared Collections FacilityBiology and Biotechnology
Coscia, Christa ColleenOptimizing a Gum Graft for Periodontal SurgeryBiology and Biotechnology
Costa, Evan JA Cardiac Catheterization Device for the Delivery of Human Mesenchymal Stem CellsBiomedical Engineering
Costa, Evan JLittle Indian Lake: Diagnostic StudyBiomedical Engineering
Costa, Brian CYourEnergyOptions, Inc.: A Web Business PlanChemistry
Costa, Kyle HContract Management for International EPC ProjectsManagement Engineering
Costa, Kyle HSetting Priorities for Improving Boston City Street LightManagement Engineering
Costa, Brian CSynthesis of a Novel Multicyclic Organic Scaffold via a Photoinitiated Intramolecular Ylide-Alkene Cycloaddition ReactionChemistry
Costa, Chelsea LEliminating Combined Sewer Overflow in the Blackstone CanalEnvironmental Engineering
Costa, Nathan LuisBuilding Energy Benchmarking in Northern VirginiaMechanical Engineering
Costanzo, Ian MatthewCREATING PE CLASS: CLIMBINGMechanical Engineering
Costello, Anna SAssessing People’s Perceptions of Urban Trees: A Case Study in Worcester, MassachusettsEnvironmental and Sustainability Studies
Costello, Aaron WMultilayer Polymer Inkjet PrintingMechanical Engineering
Costello, Peter CDesign of a Screw Plate System to Minimize Screw Loosening in Sternal FixationBiomedical Engineering
Costello, Anna SUrban Tree MappingEnvironmental and Sustainability Studies
Costello, Melissa JoHVS'S ORF12 and the Downregulation of MHC-IBiology and Biotechnology
Costello, Aaron WSocial Acceptance of Fail-Safe NanotechnologyMechanical Engineering
Costello, James MHumanity and SpaceND
Costello, Peter CalvinResearch in Artificial Intelligent TutoringBiomedical Engineering
Costi, Matthew StephenMobile Motion CaptureInterdisciplinary
Costi, Matthew StephenAcadia Soundscape AnalysisRobotics Engineering
Cote, Keith MMechanical, Power, and Propulsion Subsystem Design for a CubeSatAeronautical Engineering
Cote, Andrew CThe Game Development Process: Hands-OnIMG
Cote, Benjamin DWaste and Environmental ManagementManagement Engineering
Cote, Keith MNewton Green Building PoliciesAeronautical Engineering
Cote, Sarah AnnEvaluating the Interactions between Wellington Residents and the Threatened Kaka ParrotCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cote, Sarah AnnApplication of Phase Change Materials in Airport RunwaysCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cote, Andrew CModest Means to Reduce Carbon in Croydon SchoolsIMG
Cote, Samantha Sustainable Development at the San Cristobal CanyonChemical Engineering
Cote, Samantha Detecting Pollution in Surface Waters in Lorraine, FranceChemical Engineering
Cote, Benjamin DanielINNOVATIVE EDUCATION IN A GLOBAL ECONOMYManagement Engineering
Cote, Monique MA Process for Analyzing Change and Its Application to Commercial Truck InsuranceActuarial Mathematics
Cote, Matthew JohnRedesigning the Nantucket Town WebsiteMechanical Engineering
Cote, Monique MThe Implications of Globalization on the Sustainability of SocietyActuarial Mathematics
Cote Dumphy, Brannon MWhy Do Humans Imagine Robots?Actuarial Mathematics
Cotnoir, Joseph DMote: A Musical Adventure GameIMG
Cotnoir, Daniel The Virtual Armory Survey and PortalBiochemistry
Cotnoir, Joseph DMote: A Musical Adventure GameIMG
Cotnoir, Joseph DWPEye.net: An Alternate Reality Game for WPI AdmissionsIMG
Cotta, Brooke LeighDietary Supplement Company EvaluationEnvironmental Engineering
Cotta, Brooke LeighReducing Trihalomethane Levels in Drinking WaterEnvironmental Engineering
Cotter, John JEvaluation of the Feasibility of Establishing a Waste Collection Facility to Serve the Community of CanteraActuarial Mathematics
Cotton, Kendall ThomasA Qualitative Study of the Correlation Between Human Factors and Design Hazards in Consumer ProductsMechanical Engineering
Coughlan, Brooke EEnvironmental Certification in Costa Rica: Developing a Tool to Guide SMEs’ DecisionsBiology and Biotechnology
Coughlan, Brooke EThe Effect of Immuno-stimulation on the Health of Bumblebees: Assaying Behavioral and Physiological ResponsesBiology and Biotechnology
Coughlin, Matthew DanielDesign of a Mobile Farmers' MarketElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Couitt, Stephen CharlesWater Sustainability at Worcester Polytechnic InstitutePhysics
Courtney, Sebastian JWaterproof ECG Electrode DesignElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Courtney, Sebastian JA Survey and Best Practices Guide to University Involvement in FIRSTRobotics Engineering
Coutts, Michael Protocol for Evaluating the Dynamic Compression of Knee and Ankle Arthrodesis NailsBiomedical Engineering
Coutu, Katherine JaneLean Improvement at Sheppard Envelope Manufacturing CompanyIndustrial Engineering
Coutu, Katherine JaneWorcester Art Museum: Creation of a Green CaféIndustrial Engineering
Couture, Zackary AaronSpace Enhanced EducationCivil and Environmental Engineering
Couture, Alison KathleenMeasurement and Analysis of Walkability in Hong KongElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Couture, Alison KathleenWireless Trout Locating SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Couture, Zackary AaronStructural Health MonitoringCivil and Environmental Engineering
Coverstone, Troy RWPI AIAA Research Rocket for the Investigation of Recovery and StagingMechanical Engineering
Coverstone, Troy RGPS Technology to Aid the Blind and Partially Sighted in Copenhagen, DenmarkMechanical Engineering
Covey, Beth RNational Grid Estimated Time of Restoration ModelIndustrial Engineering
Covey, Beth RPromoting Rights-Based Approach to Social Work in Hong KongIndustrial Engineering
Cowan, Melissa LynnCopper Pipe Leak DetectionManagement Engineering
Cowan, Melissa LynnEvaluating Royal ConnectionsChemical Engineering
Cox, Amanda MCatapults, Corked Bats, and Tesla Coils: Finding the TruthPhysics
Cox, Rachele BarbaraInvestigating Resistance to Candida albicans Infection through Genetic Mutations of Caenorhabditis elegansBiology and Biotechnology
Cox, Justin Class D Audio AmplifierElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cox, Justin Exotic Species ManagementElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cox, Kevin JMeasurement of Laminar Burning Velocity of Methane-Air Mixtures Using a Slot and Bunsen BurnerMechanical Engineering
Cox, Philip AndrewA Study of the Effect of Temperature on Direct Methanol Fuel CellsChemical Engineering
Cox, Kevin JSustainable Development at the San Cristobal CanyonMechanical Engineering
Cox, Amanda MSouth High Science and Engineering Club 2007-08Physics
Cox, Philip AndrewDeveloping a Policy Position on Smart Water MeteringChemical Engineering
Cox, Rachele BarbaraRestoring the Santa Fe River: Using mobile technology to engage citizens in monitoring the riverBiomedical Engineering
Cox, Rachele BarbaraInvestigating Resistance to Candida albicans Infection through Genetic Mutations of Caenorhabditis elegansBiology and Biotechnology
Crabtree, Bryan RReducing Household Carbon Footprints in NewtonComputer Science
Crabtree, Bryan RCampustream: Mobile Social NetworkingComputer Science
Craft, Peter MRGS-IBG Expeditions Database and Report CollectionComputer Science
Craig, Keith PhillipAn SOA Approach To Sensor ServicesComputer Science
Craig, Keith PAssessing the Pakistan Connection GameComputer Science
Craig, Maura KDevelopment of a Two-Hybrid System for Rapidly Detecting Flaviviral InfectionsBiology and Biotechnology
Craig, Keith PhillipAnalyzing the "Pakistan Connection" GameComputer Science
Craig, Maura KEvaluating the Professional Development Materials Provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics for the CensusAtSchool ProgramBiology and Biotechnology
Crampton, Seth MartinSmartphone Radio ApplicationComputer Science
Crampton, Seth MartinTech Bible Mobile AppComputer Science
Crane, Patrick RyaneBay Distributed Log ProcessingComputer Science
Crane, Patrick RyanDetermining a Waste Tyre Management System for Hong KongComputer Science
Crasso, Anthony WPipeline ADC with a Nonlinear Gain Stage and Digital CorrectionElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Crasso, Anthony WImproving Customer Access to Council Services in the London Borough of GreenwichElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Crathern, Kyle DavisMicro Aircraft Competition Design – Flying WingAeronautical Engineering
Crathern, Kyle DavisAn Analysis of The America Invents ActAeronautical Engineering
Crawford, Carlie RoseDesign of Micropropulsion Plume ExperimentsAeronautical Engineering
Crawford, Neil Transgenic Animals and SocietyBiology and Biotechnology
Crawford, Carlie RoseEmergency TowingAeronautical Engineering
Crawford, Neil DavidUtilization of Methylation Levels Across the IGF2 Gene as a Predictive Marker for Various Types of CancerBiology and Biotechnology
Creeth, Andrew TweetSign: A Scrolling LED Twitter DisplayElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Creeth, Andrew Identifying and Evaluating the Impacts of the 2012 Olympics: London Borough of HounslowElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cremer, Eric BenjaminWind Harvesting via Vortex Induced VibrationMechanical Engineering
Cremer, Eric BenjaminManaging Climate Change: Sjćllandsgade as a Green CorridorMechanical Engineering
Crepeau, Sean PatrickRobogeddon - A Casual Real Time Strategy GameInteractive Media and Game Development
Crepeau, Sean PatrickThe Effectiveness of Games as Persuasive MediaIMG
Cretella, Michael AFuture Generations of Solar EnergyElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cretella, Michael AUltrasonic 3D Wireless Computer MouseElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Crevoiserat, Eric RaymondInside a Digital Maori WorldMechanical Engineering
Criddell, Ramona L.The Analysis of the Screening Process of Angel InvestorsChemistry
Crider, Nicholas IngramSynthesis of a Potassium Sensing Azocrown Calix[4]areneChemistry
Crider, Nicholas IngramA Process for Incorporating Community Perspectives in Open Space PreservationBiochemistry
Crimmins, Robert CCost and Benefit Analysis of Blackstone Canal RevitalizationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Criscione, Mark ABuilding a Profile of the Fire Safety Community in AustraliaMechanical Engineering
Crivello, Matthew DemoraisAntenna Design and Interface Dynamics for Cellular HandsetsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Crivello, Matthew DemoraisImproving Visitor Experiences and Water Quality in Ugra National Park, KalugaPhysics
Crock, Randall SDCC: Visible or Invisible?Computer Science
Crocker, Seth ErnestInteractive Public ArtElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Crocker, Jeremiah PRecreational and Educational Activities of Las Perdices in the Rio Abajo ForestMechanical Engineering
Crocker, Seth ErnestHigh_Voltage_DC_to_DC_ConverterElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Crocker, Matthew LewisWater Quality Assessment and Manganese Treatment for the Russell F. Tenant Water Treatment FacilityCivil and Environmental Engineering
Crocker, Matthew LewisEducational Study Replication using Assistment The Use of Computer-Based Delivery Instead of Traditional Paper-and-PencilCivil and Environmental Engineering
Crocker, Katrina MarieWater Resources Development in Isaan, Thailand: The Social Case for Ban ThadCivil and Environmental Engineering
Croke, Joshua DPhonic Canvas: The Art of Sound (PCASO) - The Research and Theory Behind the Integration of Music and Art Based on Natural, Psychological, and Neurobiological PerceptionInterdisciplinary
Croke, Joshua DStrategy for Increasing Awareness and the Development of a Promotional Plan for a Nonprofit Organization in a University EnvironmentInterdisciplinary
Cromartie, Josephine BurnsModeling Embryonic Development in C. elegansBiology and Biotechnology
Cromartie, Josephine BurnsEvaluating Communication Technologies for the Deaf and Hard of HearingBiology and Biotechnology
Cronin, Christine IUtilizing the Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation to Bind Cecropin P1 to Escherichia coliChemical Engineering
Cronin, Christine IGPS Technology to Aid the Blind and Partially Sighted in Copenhagen, DenmarkChemical Engineering
Crook, Ryan JosephHealth Information Management AdministrationComputer Science
Crook, Ryan JosephSmart-phone-based Platform for Patient Medical ComplianceComputer Science
Crosby, Paul StephenA Lunar Base Exhibit ProposalAeronautical Engineering
Crosby, Paul StephenDesign of a Micro Class Aircraft for the 2012 SAE Aero Design East CompetitionAeronautical Engineering
Cross, Michael TGaining AccessMechanical Engineering
Cross, Michael NExomusculature Robotic Sleeve for Upper Limb Stroke RehabilitationMechanical Engineering
Cross, Michael NThink Outside the Bottle at WPIMechanical Engineering
Crossman, Nicholaus AllenThe Process of Innovation at Oakton High SchoolCivil and Environmental Engineering
Croteau, Nicole JaninaIdentifying Client Unmet Need and Designing a Continuous Feedback System for Vision AustraliaBiology and Biotechnology
Croteau, John PaulDevelopment of Trophy Hunting Among Previously Disadvantaged Farmers in NamibiaAeronautical Engineering
Croteau, Nicole JProtein Expression and Purification of Human Hormone Sensitive LipaseBB
Croteau, John PaulIn Flight Recharging of MAVsMechanical Engineering
Crouse, Andrew Columns and Beam Columns in Submarine Modular StructuresCivil and Environmental Engineering
Crouse, Andrew Robert H. Goddard: The Proto-Plan WPI StudentCivil and Environmental Engineering
Crouse, Jacquelin Amber-BlairMechanism for Interferon ProductionBiology and Biotechnology
Crovello, Stefanie CAnalysis of Airway Content and Subsequent Aspiration Pneumonia Following Pre-Hospital IntubationBiology and Biotechnology
Crovello, Stefanie CPerception and Communication of Water Reclamation for the Sustainable Future of WindhoekBiology and Biotechnology
Crowe, Ian JDesign of a Powered Hand Orthosis (2)Mechanical Engineering
Crowe, Patrick HoefnerProducing GrossHumanities
Crowe, Ian JFree Wheels: An Assessment of Bicycle Theft in DenmarkMechanical Engineering
Crowley, Ian FrancisPWM Techniques: A Pure Sine Wave InverterElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Crowley, Ian FrancisWernher von Braun: An Ethical AnalysisElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cruz, Elizabeth EDevelopment of an Energy Reduction Blueprint for the Worcester Green Low-Income Housing CoalitionManagement Engineering
Cruz, Ricardo AugustoAnalysis of Game Interface PerformanceMechanical Engineering
Cruz, Cassandra LNeurosurgery Communication Initiative StudyBiology and Biotechnology
Cruz, Cassandra LChoral Directors and TechnologyBiology and Biotechnology
Cubano, Brittany ATowards a Paperless Choral ClassroomMechanical Engineering
Cubano, Brittany ATowards A Paperless Choral ClassroomMechanical Engineering
Cubin, Nicholas TWembley Regeneration IndexMechanical Engineering
Cubin, Nicholas TEffects of Trailing Edge Notches on Micro Air Vehicle PerformanceMechanical Engineering
Cucinotta, Thomas JosephSmart RecloserElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cucinotta, Thomas JosephGeographic Information Systems as a tool for Floodplain Management and Risk AssessmentElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cueva, Jose AdanSeizing Opportunities: Reaching CMS Credit Union’s PotentialCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cueva, Jose CitySquare Underground Parking GarageCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cueva, Jose AdanCitySquare Underground Parking GarageCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cullen, Daniel Educational Signal Processing PlatformElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cullen, Daniel J2009 Formula SAE Race CarMechanical Engineering
Cullen, Michael WilliamEvaluating Talent Acquisition in the NFLMechanical Engineering
Cullen, Daniel JCCDT- Business Plan for the Merged OrganizationMechanical Engineering
Cullen, Julie AnneDigital Palace Explorers: An On-site Storytelling Application for Families at the Tower of LondonActuarial Mathematics
Cullen, Michael OPTIMAL DRIVELINE ROBOT BASEMechanical Engineering
Cullen, Daniel JInnovative Exhibit Interpretation Using Mobile ApplicationsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cullinan, Christopher RobertComputing Performance Benchmarks among CPU, GPU, and FPGAElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cullinan, Christopher RobertImproving Patient Data Management and Family Reach-out for the R.E.A.C.H. ProgramElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Culp, Zachary LEvaluation of IAQ Perception of Shopping Malls in Hong KongElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Culver, Wesley PaulExploring Potential Opportunities for the Fire Equipment Maintenance ProgramMechanical Engineering
Cummings, Charles BCNC Application and DesignMechanical Engineering
Cummings, Orry THE FUTURE SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS CLUBCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cummings, Orry SUMass ACCESCivil and Environmental Engineering
Cummings, Charles BReliability of Load Bearing SystemsMechanical Engineering
Cummings, Nicholas CWPI AIAA Research Rocket for the Investigation of Recovery and StagingMechanical Engineering
Cunningham, Rebecca NDesign of an Arterial Line Insertion SimulatorBiomedical Engineering
Cunningham, Alexander GlencairnAutonomous Vehicle ControlElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cunningham, Andrew JamesInspection and Reconnaissance Micro-Rover for Use in Extraterrestrial EnvironmentsInterdisciplinary
Cunningham, Alexander GlencairnPerformance Based DesignElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cunningham, Andrew JamesDigital Asset Management for the Hong Kong Maritime MuseumRobotics Engineering
Cunningham, Rebecca NTransgenic AnimalsBiomedical Engineering
Cunningham, Colin PatrickModern Recording Studio: Acoustic Space AnalysisElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cupido, Paul NTransgenic AnimalsBiology and Biotechnology
Cupido, Paul NNeuroTracker 2.0: Improved Software for Neural Imaging in Freely-Moving AnimalsInterdisciplinary
Curley, Kevin PEdwards Pond Dam Removal StudyCivil and Environmental Engineering
Curley, Kevin PWorcester WritersCivil and Environmental Engineering
Curran, David TFSAE Turbocharger Design and ImplementationMechanical Engineering
Curran, Carl LLighting Analysis: Recommendations to Install LED Streetlights Within Santa FeChemistry
Curran, David TMethods of Tutoring with the Assistment ProgramMechanical Engineering
Curran, Carl LA Selective Sensor for Potassium and Ammonium IonsChemistry
Currie, Courtnae-Symone 350 Mission: AEI Charles Pankow Student Design CompetitionARC
Curry, Charles MarionIQP: Interactive Multimedia Video & LearningBiology and Biotechnology
Curry, James JEngine noise Signature for boat identificationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Curry, Charles MarionAn Investigation of the Relationship between Bipolar Disorder and MenopauseBiology and Biotechnology
Curtin, Jared GabrielGeneration of Reporter Constructs to Characterize the Role of Histone H3 and H4 Residues in cell-to-cell Variability in Gene ExpressionInterdisciplinary
Curtin, Jared GabrielTransgenic AnimalsBiochemistry
Curylo, Elisabeth ACommercial Fishing Vessel SafetyBiochemistry
Curylo, Elisabeth AIsolation and Antimicrobial Potential of Epsilon Poly-L-lysineBiochemistry
Cusack, Jessy Lee20008-2009 SAE Baja Race VehicleMechanical Engineering
Cusack, Jessy LeeDesign and Construction of a Communal Laundry Station in Monwabisi Park, Cape TownMechanical Engineering
Cushion, John WarnerA Survey and Best Practices Guide to University Involvement in FIRSTMechanical Engineering
Cushion, John WarnerDesign and Realization of a 100G Parallel Kinematic ManipulatorMechanical Engineering
Cushman, Timothy BarrettiGotBand: Improvisational Music GameIMG
Cushman, Timothy BarrettBiofuelsIMG
Custodio, Evan Self-Healing Partial Reconfiguration of an FPGAElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cutler, Robert F"Hands on History" at HM Tower of LondonMechanical Engineering
Cypher, Kyle MAn Evaluation of Feed the WorldMechanical Engineering
Cyr, Matthew RyanDesign of a Tissue Ring Contractile Force Measurement DeviceBiomedical Engineering
Cyr, Marc Semiconductor TCAD Fabrication Development for BCD TechnologyElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Cyr, Dusty Promoting Alternative Transportation for the WPI CommunityAeronautical Engineering
Cyr, Matthew RyanPuerto Rico Electric Vehicle Introduction StudyBiomedical Engineering
Czapkowski, Brooke LeslieScience at the Crossroads: Enhancing students' interest in science through a community learning centreBiochemistry
Czarnowski, Jacob BernardFRP Thermal Properties and Fire Performance for Building Exterior ApplicationsMechanical Engineering
Czarnowski, Jacob BernardEnvironmental and Fire Protection in Marinas and PortsMechanical Engineering
Czekaj, Ewelina AGE Aviation-Rolls-Royce Stator Assembly ImprovementsManagement Engineering
Czekaj, Ewelina AFeasibility of Water Distribution using a Bamboo Piping System in Matenwa, HaitiManagement Engineering
Czerniak, Shawn ADesign of a Stirling Engine for Electricity GenerationMechanical Engineering

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