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Document Typedissertation
Author NameBhattacharjee, Sudip
TitleUse of Accelerated Loading Equipment for Fatigue Characterization of Hot Mix Asphalt in the Laboratory
DepartmentCivil & Environmental Engineering
  • Rajib B. Mallick, Advisor
  • Malcolm H. Ray, Committee Member
  • Animesh Das, Committee Member
  • Keywords
  • characterization
  • test protocol
  • finite element method
  • performance curve
  • thermocouple
  • rutting
  • strain gauge
  • MMLS3
  • fatigue
  • instrumentation
  • Date of Presentation/Defense2004-06-16
    Availability unrestricted


    In this dissertation, studies of accelerated pavement testing have been discussed and the relative advantage of using the Model Mobile Load Simulator 3 (MMLS3) has been illustrated. A test protocol of using MMLS3 as a fatigue characterization tool has been proposed and validated by testing several Hot Mix Asphalt slabs. Data acquisition was performed with strain gauges placed in different directions under slabs in controlled environmental condition. Analysis of data showed the effect of wheel load on fatigue behavior of pavement in terms of strain history response, cracking and reduction of modulus. Performance curves showing relation between initial strain and failure loads were developed and were compared with the performance curves obtained from standard method. It has been shown that rutting related excessive permanent strain due to movement of particles under wheel path can affect fatigue performance of Hot Mix Asphalt pavement. Method of estimation of time dependent strain has also been developed to predict observed strain.

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