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Author NameCallery, James Francis
Email Address none
Title Building Evaluation for Manual Suppression
DepartmentFire Protection Engineering
  • Robert Fitzgerald, Advisor
  • David A . Lucht, Department Head
  • Keywords
  • building fire protection
  • fire
  • evaluation
  • manual suppression
  • Date of Presentation/Defense1998-05-01
    Availability unrestricted


    Recent improvements in equipment used by firefighters has increased the value of manual suppression in buildings. However, because there is no evaluation method available, the effectiveness of manual suppression can not be incorporated into a fire safety analysis of a building. This thesis develops a method for evaluating manual suppression in buildings. he evaluation is done through an analysis of the paths through a building firefighters will use to attack a fire. The analysis considers the building, fire and fire department factors influencing progress towards teh fire. The fire attack path analysis yeilds a value relating the relative difficulty of a path.

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