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Author NameGhosh, Gregory
Email Address none
Title Lifesafety Analysis in the Building Firesafety Method
DepartmentFire Protection Engineering
  • Robert W. Fitzgerald, Advisor
  • Jonathan R. Barnett, Reader
  • David A. Lucht, Department Head
  • Keywords
  • building evacuation
  • egress
  • fire
  • lifesafety
  • Date of Presentation/Defense1994-05-01
    Availability unrestricted


    The purpose of this thesis is to demonstrate and enhance the technical basis of the procedure for evaluating lifesafety within the Building Firesafety Engineering Method (BFSEM). A framework for the analysis has been documented, but not extensively tested in a building situation. Hence, procedures to obtain the necessary input data and to evaluate that data needed to be developed. In addition, the general framework had to be tested rigorously enough to identify weaknesses.

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