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Author NameZiolkowski, Joseph Edmund
Email Address joeyzzzz at yahoo.com
TitleModeling of an Aerospace Sand Casting Process
DepartmentMaterials Science & Engineering
  • Diran Apelian, Advisor
  • Makhlouf M. Makhlouf, Committee Member
  • Keywords
  • modeling
  • sand casting
  • Date of Presentation/Defense2002-12-17
    Availability unrestricted


    Theoretical issues relating to the aerospace sand casting simulation are laid out, identifying parameters used in the model. A sensitivity analysis is performed to examine the mold-metal heat transfer coefficient, mold thermal conductivity, wall friction factor, pouring basin pour temperature, and pouring basin head pressure through doing coupled flow simulations on thin-walled castings using the commercial casting simulation software, MAGMASOFT. A verification exercise is done to match simulation with reality with the knowledge that mold-metal heat transfer coefficient and mold thermal conductivity are the most influential parameters of the five. Validation on a real production casting is performed using the tuned parameters from the verification exercise.

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