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Author Name TitleDepartmentDate
Amaral, Lizabeth PereiraDevelopmentally Interesting Cytokines Upregulated During Human Stem Cell Amplification In VitroBiology & Biotechnology2002-04-12
Andersson, Eva LottaAnalysis of Various Bioreactor Configurations for Heavy Metal Removal Using the Fungus Penicillium ochro-chloronBiology & Biotechnology1999-05-01
Arca, Turkan Attempts to clone the Limulus ependymin gene, and the effects of a human ependymin peptide on human SHSY neuroblastoma cellsBiology & Biotechnology2005-04-19
Arsenault, Patrick RyanEffects of Developmental Stage, Exogenous Sugar Composition, and Reactive Oxygen Species on Artemisinin and Related Compounds in Artemisia annua Biology & Biotechnology2010-04-15
Beatini, Salvatore J.Using DNA Fingerprinting to Assess Genetic Structure of the Vernal Pool Amphibian Rana sylvaticaBiology & Biotechnology2003-04-11
Bolduc, Melanie BLong-term effects of habitat and management changes on steelhead production: results from an individual-based modelBiology & Biotechnology2006-04-24
Bonanno, Kenneth CAnalysis of the Two Isoforms of the Human Alkyl Adenine DNA Glycosylase (HAAG) Gene: A Comparative Study of its Isoforms, its Protein and its Resistance to DNA Damage AgentsBiology & Biotechnology2000-04-18
Borrelli, Alexander PSynthetic Genes for Antimicrobial PeptidesBiology & Biotechnology2003-04-17
Brevard, Mathew E.Developing Compatible Techniques for Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Stroke PathophysiologyBiology & Biotechnology2001-09-27
Brown, Jennifer L.A Molecular and Immunological Investigation of Cellular Responses to Dengue Virus: Identification of Potentially Upregulated Host Genes and the Construction of a Vaccinia Virus Expressing the Dengue 1 Hawaii NS3 ProteinBiology & Biotechnology2000-04-27
Burket, Christopher TTwo genes, dig-1 and mig-10, involved in nervous system development in C. elegansBiology & Biotechnology2002-09-10
Chakraborti, Amrita Alpha-Poly-L-Lysine As A Potential Biosorbent For Removal Of Hexavalent Chromium From Industrial Waste Water Biology & Biotechnology2008-09-27
Chilakamarri, Sunita RGenetic differentiation in Alewife populations using microsatellite lociBiology & Biotechnology2005-09-08
Chomal, Manish RAnalysis of Telomerase Activity and Telomere Lengths in Human Umbilical Cord Cell Populations During Ex Vivo Amplification of Hematopoietic Stem CellsBiology & Biotechnology2002-12-02
Cochran, Keith JacobCombined Fermentation and Recovery Using Expanded Bed ChromatographyBiology & Biotechnology2006-08-18
Collatos, Angelo RobertTransformation, Growth, and the Cytoskeleton: Tools to Study Oil Producing AlgaeBiology & Biotechnology2012-12-21
Cote, Shelly A.Effects of Cellular Apoptosis on Productivity of a Mammalian Cell Culture Process Biology & Biotechnology2006-04-14
Daigle, William RAssessment of Swimming Performance, Body Size and Aggression in a Dwarf Cichlid, Nannacara anomalaBiology & Biotechnology2001-08-03
De Jesus, Larry Effects of artificial polyploidy in transformed roots of Artemisia annua L.Biology & Biotechnology2003-04-18
Ericson, Brett RichardExtraction and Partial Characterization of a Lipophilic, Fungicidal Molecule Associated with Serum AlbuminsBiology & Biotechnology2007-11-01
(WPI)Ernst, Christina LynnA dissection of Kekkon5 and its role in mediating epithelial junction architecture Biology & Biotechnology2010-04-23
Farfan Arribas, Diego JoseDNA Vaccines Against HIV-1: Augmenting Immunogenicity of gp120Biology & Biotechnology2002-01-07
Ficociello, Laura FaracoNeuronal Migration: Investigating Interactions of the Cytoplasmic Adaptor Protein MIG-10 in C. elegans Biology & Biotechnology2008-01-09
Flaherty, Erin Cytoplasmic Adaptor Protein MIG-10 Interacts With Abelson Target ABI-1 During Neuronal Migration In C. Elegans Biology & Biotechnology2014-05-01
(WPI)Grella, Alexandra RA mechanism for the FGF2-mediated down-regulation of integrin alpha-11 identified through studying altered adhesome of human dermal fibroblasts undergoing early Mesenchymal-to-Epithelial TransitionBiology & Biotechnology2014-12-11
Grouf, Jaime LCharacterization of Value Nutritions 5-Androstenediol Product and its Proliferative Effects on the LNCaP Cell Line Biology & Biotechnology2007-10-23
Hinds, Heather CEvaluating Terminal Differentiation of Porcine Valvular Interstitial Cells In VitroBiology & Biotechnology2006-05-04
Hirsch, Erica Telomerase Activity and Telomere Lengths in Fibroblast Cells Treated with Ependymin Peptide MimeticsBiology & Biotechnology2005-05-11
Hunter, Ally Indole-3-Acetic Acid as a Quorum-sensing Molecule in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeBiology & Biotechnology2007-11-06
Kambara, Taketoshi Myosin IX: A Single-Headed Processive MotorBiology & Biotechnology2005-06-14
kapoor, varun Mechanism of Reversal of Alzheimer’s Disease A-beta Induced Neuronal Degeneration in Cultured Human SHSY Cells Using A Neurotrophic Ependymin Mimetic. Biology & Biotechnology2007-07-18
Kaska, Jennifer LynnEpendymin Mechanism of Action: Full Length EPN VS Peptide CMX-8933Biology & Biotechnology2003-05-28
(WPI)Kole, Denis Role of Fibroblast Growth Factor 2 in Maintenance of Multipotency in Human Dermal Fibroblasts Treated with Xenopus Laevis Egg Extract FractionsBiology & Biotechnology2014-03-14
Koppetsch, Birgit S.Spatial and Temporal Coordination of oskar mRNA Localization and Translation During Drosophila OogenesisBiology & Biotechnology2003-03-25
Levin, Tracy MEvidence for the existence of juvenile hormone in the horseshoe crabBiology & Biotechnology2003-05-28
Lima, Christine AEndogenous Localization and Expression Patterns of Aurora Kinases B and C in Mouse Oocytes and Early EmbryosBiology & Biotechnology2010-05-28
Mathur, Aditi Optimization of Polymer Enhanced Diafiltration system by studying copper removal from aqueous solutions using Lambda-carrageenanBiology & Biotechnology2008-07-16
McCoy, Mark ChristopherThe Effects of Phytohormones on Growth and Artemisinin Production in Hairy Root Cultures of Artemisia Annua L.Biology & Biotechnology2003-05-23
McShea, Molly AEvidence of an interaction between the actin cytoskeletal regulators MIG-10 and ABI-1 Biology & Biotechnology2011-08-26
Morin, Kimberly MCloning and Expression of Plasmids Encoding Multimers of Antimicrobial Peptides Indolicidin and PGQBiology & Biotechnology2003-04-14
Murthy, Vidya Telomerase Activity in Human Umbilical Cord Cell Populations Containing Hematopoietic Stem Cells Biology & Biotechnology2002-04-24
Nguyen, Khanh Van TRoots and hormones: synergistic control of artemisinin production in Artemisia annua L. shootsBiology & Biotechnology2011-11-10
Onthank, David CPrediction of "First Dose in Human" for Radiopharmaceuticals/Imaging Agents Based on Allometric Scaling of Pharmacokinetics in Pre-Clinical Animal ModelsBiology & Biotechnology2005-12-16
Parikh, Suchi VipinEpendymin Peptide Mimetics That Assuage Ischemic Damage Increase Gene Expression of the Anti-Oxidative Enzyme SODBiology & Biotechnology2003-04-16
Parker, Christopher SEffect of a Codon Optimized DNA Prime on Induction of Anti-Influenza Protective Antibodies Biology & Biotechnology2007-04-09
Pazmany, Csaba C.In Vitro Analysis of FGF-23 Induced Gene ExpressionBiology & Biotechnology2003-01-08
Perelta, Alisha NicoleIdentifying the Molecular Mechanism of Indole-3-Acetic Acid Detection in the Fungi Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Candida albicans Biology & Biotechnology2012-05-03
Pfeiffer, Thomas J.Phytoestrogens May Inhibit Proliferation of MCF-7 Cells, an Estrogen-Responsive Breast Adenocarcinoma Cell LineBiology & Biotechnology2004-04-13
Plada, Edith Vanina MachadoAnalysis of the Kekkon Family in Neuronal DevelopmentBiology & Biotechnology2009-08-12
Pungliya, Manish SSingle nucleotide polymorphism analysis in application to fine gene mappingBiology & Biotechnology2001-04-17
Rawal, Devika Use of a Neurotrophic Factor Mimetic to Block Amyloid Toxicity in Alzheimer's Disease Models Biology & Biotechnology2010-01-12
Razvadauskaite, Giedre Survival and Differentiation of Implanted Skeletal Myoblasts in the Native and in the Cryoinjured MyocardiumBiology & Biotechnology2002-12-13
Romagnano, Joseph F.Aeration and Mode of Nutrient Delivery Affects Growth Of Peas in a Controlled EnvironmentBiology & Biotechnology2003-12-16
Ronayne, Rachel E.Human Ependymin-1 Neurotrophic Factor Mimetics Reduce Tau Phosphorylation and Cellular Apoptosis in Vitro and in Vivo in Alzheimer’s Disease Models Biology & Biotechnology2008-09-04
Saif, Sakina AP-1 Is Required For CMX-8933-Induced SOD Upregulation And Is Translocated In Response To A Human EPN MimeticBiology & Biotechnology2004-04-27
Saxena, Parmita Src kinase and Androgen Receptor in Prostate Cancer Biology & Biotechnology2010-05-05
Sellers, Ana M.Environmental Quality Assessment of Georges Bank for Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)Biology & Biotechnology2003-04-22
(WPI)Shen, Zhiyuan Phylogenetic Characterization of the Kinesin Superfamily and Functional Analysis of PpKin14-Vs in Physcomitrella patens Biology & Biotechnology2014-01-07
Shetty, Ameesha RMetal Anion Removal from Wastewater Using Chitosan in a Polymer Enhanced Diafiltration SystemBiology & Biotechnology2006-04-11
Stock, Rachel E.DNA Binding Activities in Cerebellar Granule Cell Neurons Recognizing the Promoter for The GABA(A)-alpha6 Receptor SubunitBiology & Biotechnology2002-08-16
Stovall, Elizabeth L.Analysis of mig-10, a Gene Involved in Nervous System Development in Caenorhabditis elegansBiology & Biotechnology2004-04-22
Stovall, Kirk HiattPartial Restoration of Cell Survival By A Human Ependymin Mimetic In An In Vitro Alzheimer's Disease ModelBiology & Biotechnology2006-08-17
Swana, Jeffrey RossConstruction and Analysis of a Modified Yeast Strain for Next Generation Biofuel ProductionBiology & Biotechnology2012-11-29
Towler, Melissa J.Effects of inoculum density, carbon concentration, and feeding scheme on the growth of transformed roots of Artemisia annua in a modified nutrient mist bioreactorBiology & Biotechnology2005-04-20
Troccolo, Paul MEnhanced Animal Cloning: the Effects of Demecolcine on the Anaphase Promoting Complex in Mammalian DevelopmentBiology & Biotechnology2006-10-11
Vail, Daniel RobertArtemisinin Biosynthesis: Developmental and Sugar Regulation of mRNA LevelsBiology & Biotechnology2008-05-13
Vollaro, Cindy M.Definition of a Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Epitope of the Sin Nombre Hantavirus G2 GlycoproteinBiology & Biotechnology1999-05-05
WANG, YI Sugar Control of Artemisinin ProductionBiology & Biotechnology2006-05-02
Warke, Rajas VActivation of TNF alpha, IL1-beta and Type-i IFn Pathways in human umbilical vein endothelial cells During Dengue 2 Virus InfectionBiology & Biotechnology2002-04-22
Warren, Amy HMale Dominance and Sexual Selection in the Crayfish Orconectes quinebaugensisBiology & Biotechnology2009-04-17
Yang, Ying Effects of Temperature, Light Intensity and Quality, Carbon Dioxide, and Culture Medium Nutrients on Growth and Lipid Production of Ettlia oleoabundansBiology & Biotechnology2013-12-20
Yun, Meijiang C. elegans MAP Kinase Mutants Show Enhanced Susceptibility to Infection by the Yeast S. cerevisiaeBiology & Biotechnology2010-05-12
Adams, Albert A.Effects of Extremity Armor on Metabolic Cost and Gait Biomechanics Biomedical Engineering2010-05-26
Ahlfors, Jan-Eric WilhelmA Comparative Analysis of the Biomechanics and Biochemistry of Cell-Derived and Cell-Remodeled Matrices: Implications for Wound Healing and Regenerative MedicineBiomedical Engineering2004-04-24
Bai, Yan Evaluation of the Effects of Hyperbaric Dive Environments on the Autonomic Nervous System Using Principal Dynamic Mode AnalysisBiomedical Engineering2011-08-22
Balestrini, Jenna LeighBiaxial stretch effects on fibroblast-mediated remodeling of fibrin gel equivalentsBiomedical Engineering2009-06-22
Bennett, David GOsmotic- and Stroke-Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption Detected by Manganese-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance ImagingBiomedical Engineering2007-06-08
Bhagavatheeshwaran, Govind Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Rat Retina Biomedical Engineering2008-04-16
Bourisly, Ali KhaledNeuronal Correlates of Diacritics and an Optimization Algorithm for Brain Mapping and Detecting Brain Function by way of Functional Magnetic Resonance ImagingBiomedical Engineering2011-03-14
Burford, Evans JMyocyte Derived Cardiac Spheroids for Post Infarct Cardiac RegenerationBiomedical Engineering2014-01-29
Bush, Katie AnnDesigning Bioengineered Skin Substitutes Containing Microfabricated Basal Lamina Analogs to Enhance Skin Regeneration Biomedical Engineering2009-01-30
Carboni, Marina Evaluation of Ballistic Materials For Back Protection Under Low Velocity ImpactBiomedical Engineering2004-04-23
(WPI)Clement, Amanda LynnEngineering the Keratinocyte Microenvironment: Harnessing Topography to Direct Cellular FunctionBiomedical Engineering2014-11-14
Comtois, Gary W.Implementation of Accelerometer-Based Adaptive Noise Cancellation in a Wireless Wearable Pulse Oximeter Platform for Remote Physiological Monitoring and TriageBiomedical Engineering2007-07-23
Cornwell, Kevin G.Collagen and Fibrin Biopolymer Microthreads For Bioengineered Ligament Regeneration Biomedical Engineering2007-05-04
Dasari, Paul Krupaker ReddyCharacterization and Compensation of Hysteretic Cardiac Respiratory Motion in Myocardial Perfusion Studies Through MRI Investigations Biomedical Engineering2014-04-24
Dieselman, John ConradComparison of Alternative Rigid Sternal Fixation TechniquesBiomedical Engineering2010-11-11
Doshi, Kshama JDirect cell seeding on collagen-coated silicone mandrels to generate cell-derived tissue tubes Biomedical Engineering2009-08-28
Dresher, Russell PaulWearable Forehead Pulse Oximetry: Minimization of Motion and Pressure ArtifactsBiomedical Engineering2006-04-26
Fakharzadeh, Michael Delivering Stem Cells to the Heart Biomedical Engineering2010-05-03
(WPI)Favreau, John TOscillatory wall strain reduction precedes arterial intimal hyperplasia in a murine model Biomedical Engineering2014-04-16
Filipe, Daniel VModifying and Measuring the Stiffness of a Regenerative Cardiac Scaffold In Vitro Biomedical Engineering2010-12-13
Frey, Margo TilleyDevelopment of a substrate with photo-modulatable rigidity for probing spatial and temporal responses of cells to mechanical signals Biomedical Engineering2008-08-04
Guyette, Jacques PaulConditioning of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Initiates Cardiogenic Differentiation and Increases Function in Infarcted HeartsBiomedical Engineering2011-12-06
Gwyther, Tracy AEngineered Vascular Tissue Generated by Cellular Self-Assembly Biomedical Engineering2012-01-13
Hawkins, Kevin MichaelDevelopment of an Automated Anesthesia System for the Stabilization of Physiological Parameters in RodentsBiomedical Engineering2003-04-21
Henning, Erica C.NMR Characterization of Pathological Disease States: Monitoring Response to Single-Dose Radiotherapy in a RIF-1 Tumor Model and the Role of Spreading Depression in the Evolution of Ischemic StrokeBiomedical Engineering2005-04-06
Howes, Stuart CDesign of a Noninvasive System for the Evaluation of Collagen Scaffolds Using MRIBiomedical Engineering2007-05-21
Hu, Jason ZAssessment of Ascorbic Acid Effects on the Properties of Cell-Derived Tissue Rings Biomedical Engineering2010-06-24
Jaimes, Rafael Spatiotemporal Organization of Atrial Fibrillation Using Cross-Bicoherence with Surrogate DataBiomedical Engineering2011-05-19
Ji, Wenzhi Reconfigurable Fiducial-Integrated Modular Needle Driver For MRI-Guided Percutaneous Interventions Biomedical Engineering2013-04-23
Johnston, William S.Development of a Signal Processing Library for Extraction of SpO2, HR, HRV, and RR from Photoplethysmographic WaveformsBiomedical Engineering2006-07-17
Jones, Craig Centritubing: Using Centrifugal Force to Create Self-Assembled Tubular Tissue ConstructsBiomedical Engineering2012-12-06
Kanani, Chirantan Cell Printing: A novel method to seed cells onto biological scaffoldsBiomedical Engineering2012-04-20
Kandasamy, Sivakumar PIn vivo monitoring of collagen-sponge remodeling using MRI Biomedical Engineering2007-03-26
Khan, Tania NurDesign and Performance of a Localized Fiber Optic, Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Prototype Device for the Detection of the Metabolic Status of ulnerable Plaque”: in-vitro Investigation of Human Carotid PlaqueBiomedical Engineering2002-12-18
Kight, Amanda C.Optimization of a Technique for Phosphorescence Lifetime Imaging of Oxygen Tension in the Mouse RetinaBiomedical Engineering2002-04-24
Kowaleski, Mark CIncreasing Cell Attachment and Adhesion on Fibrin Micorthread Sutures for Cell DeliveryBiomedical Engineering2012-07-19
Kupcinskas, Rebecca AA Method for Optical Measurement of Urea in Effluent HemodialysateBiomedical Engineering2000-05-09
Leal, Michael J.Effect of Pixel Size and Scintillator on Image Quality of a CCD-Based Digital X-ray Imaging System.Biomedical Engineering2001-04-11
Ma, Yunzhao Passive Resonant Coil Based Fast Registration And Tracking System For Real-Time Mri-Guided Minimally Invasive Surgery Biomedical Engineering2013-05-30
Makridakis, Jennifer LynnBraided Collagen Microthreads as a Cell Delivery System in Bioengineered Muscle RegenerationBiomedical Engineering2010-11-10
Manrique, Lisette MThe Impact of Using an Obstacle Sensing System in the Power Wheelchair Training of Children with DisabilitiesBiomedical Engineering2005-04-27
Meiler, Michael RudolfIn Vivo Characterization of RIF-1 Tumors via Diffusion and Fluorine-19 NMR MethodsBiomedical Engineering1999-04-21
Murphy, Megan KFibrin Microthreads Promote Stem Cell Growth for Localized Delivery in Regenerative TherapyBiomedical Engineering2008-08-25
Norige, Adam StuartMulti-Layered Oxygen Tension Maps of the RetinaBiomedical Engineering2004-04-30
Pai, Shruti In vivo characterization of respiratory forces on the sternal midline following median sternotomyBiomedical Engineering2005-08-18
Parekh, Darshan PRapid and Uniform Cell Seeding on Fibrin Microthreads to Generate Tissue Engineered MicrovesselsBiomedical Engineering2010-04-14
Parikh, Bhairavi RajivThe design and development of a direct and continuous sensor for the measurement of inhaled nitric oxide concentrationsBiomedical Engineering2000-06-12
Pinzon-Arango, Paola A.Investigating the effects of cranberry juice on the physicochemical properties of Escherichia coli for the prevention of urinary tract infections Biomedical Engineering2008-01-09
Pinzon-Arango, Paola A.Investigation of the Biological and Physicochemical Properties of Bacillus anthracis Spores during Germination, Virulence, and KillingBiomedical Engineering2012-01-05
Pujary, Chirag JayakarInvestigation of Photodetector Optimization in Reducing Power Consumption by a Noninvasive Pulse Oximeter SensorBiomedical Engineering2004-01-19
(WPI)Quinlan, Angela Mechanical Activation Of Valvular Interstitial Cell Phenotype Biomedical Engineering2012-08-24
Ramuka, Piyush RReal-Time Adaptive Noise Cancellation in Pulse Oximetry: Accuracy, Processing Speed and Program Memory Considerations Biomedical Engineering2008-12-17
Rane, Pallavi S.Rat Model of Pre-Motor Parkinson's Disease: Behavioral and MRI Characterization. Biomedical Engineering2011-04-14
Rudnicki, Mathilda SophiaCell sensing on strain-stiffening substrates is not fully explained by the nonlinear mechanical property Biomedical Engineering2012-02-28
Scully, Christopher Detection of Spatial and Temporal Interactions in Renal Autoregulation DynamicsBiomedical Engineering2013-06-07
Shazeeb, Mohammed SalmanMRI Contrast Agent Studies of Compartmental Differentiation, Dose-dependence, and Tumor Characterization in the Brain Biomedical Engineering2010-12-12
Shorrock, Susan M.The Exploration of Tissue pH and its Relationship to Bacterial ContaminationBiomedical Engineering2000-04-26
Silva, Matthew S.NMR Characterization of Changes in the Apparent Diffusion Coefficient of Water Following Transient Cerebral IschemiaBiomedical Engineering2002-02-26
Skorinko, Jeremy KennethRegional Mechanical Function Changes Remain after Ventricular Pacing Cessation: Evidence of Mechanical Cardiac Memory Biomedical Engineering2010-03-27
Songer, Jocelyn EvelynTissue Ischemia Monitoring Using Impedance Spectroscopy: Clinical EvaluationBiomedical Engineering2001-06-22
Tacvorian, Edward Evaluation of Canine Fracture Fixation Bone Plates Biomedical Engineering2012-11-13
Thacker, Samta CDevelopment of a Monte Carlo Simulation Method for use in investigating CT (Computed Tomography) MammographyBiomedical Engineering2004-04-15
Ting, Cara MDesigning Biomaterial Surfaces to Enhance Adhesion at the Skin-Implant InterfaceBiomedical Engineering2011-04-29
Vasudevan, Shanthi Simultaneous Measurement of Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide Saturation using Pulse OximetersBiomedical Engineering2011-04-22
Ved, Hetal RA Computer-Based Cascaded Modeling and Experimental Approach to the Physical Characterization of a Clinical Full-Field Mammography SystemBiomedical Engineering2002-09-09
Vedantham, Srinivasan Design and Characterization of a High-resolution Cardiovascular ImagerBiomedical Engineering2002-06-03
Walvick, Ronn PMagnetic Resonance Imaging of Neural and Pulmonary Vascular FunctionBiomedical Engineering2010-09-01
Wellen, Jeremy W.Characterization of soft-tissue response to mechanical loading using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of neuronal activity during sustained cognitive-stimulus paradigmsBiomedical Engineering2003-04-25
Wilson, Christopher GModeling the Dynamic Composition of Engineered CartilageBiomedical Engineering2002-01-18
Yang, Bufan Assessment of cardiac autonomic neuropathy (CAN) in Type I diabetic miceBiomedical Engineering2011-09-16
Abu-Lail, Nehal IbrahimThe Effect of Biopolymer Properties on Bacterial Adhesion: an Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) StudyChemical Engineering2003-09-12
Ada, Sena Investigating the Adhesive Strength and Morphology of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers by Atomic Force MicroscopyChemical Engineering2010-08-25
Akis, B. Ceylan Preparation of Pd-Ag/PSS Composite Membranes for Hydrogen SeparationChemical Engineering2003-10-07
Al Ananzeh, Nada Oxidation Processes: Experimental Study and Theoretical InvestigationsChemical Engineering2004-04-27
Allain, Florent Evaluation of the Classical Reaction Engineering models in terms of mass transport and reaction rate distribution for low tube-to-particle diameter ratio beds.Chemical Engineering2011-04-26
Arora, Bhupinder SDetection of polysaccharides on a bacterial cell surface using Atomic Force MicroscopyChemical Engineering2003-08-26
Atabek, Arzu Investigating Bacterial Outer Membrane Polymers and Bacterial Interactions with Organic Molecules Using Atomic Force MicroscopyChemical Engineering2006-08-22
Augustine, Alexander SullivanSupported Pd and Pd/Alloy Membranes for Water-Gas Shift Catalytic Membrane Reactors Chemical Engineering2013-04-08
Ayturk, Mahmut Engin Synthesis, Annealing Strategies and in-situ Characterization of Thermally Stable Composite Thin Pd/Ag Alloy Membranes for Hydrogen Separation Chemical Engineering2007-04-24
Behnam, Mohsen CFD simulation and experiment of catalyst deactivation and heat transfer in a low N fixed-bed reactor Chemical Engineering2011-12-14
Bhandari, Rajkumar msThe synthesis of Pd-Ag composite membranes for H2 separation using electroless plating methodChemical Engineering2009-11-24
Butland, Tricia DorothyAdsorption Removal of Tertiary Butyl Alcohol from Wastewater by ZeoliteChemical Engineering2008-04-29
Callaghan, Caitlin A.Kinetics and Catalysis of the Water-Gas-Shift Reaction: A Microkinetic and Graph Theoretic ApproachChemical Engineering2006-05-04
Cao, Liming Protein Separation with Ion-exchange Membrane ChromatographyChemical Engineering2005-05-04
Carleen, Bradford JHydrothermal Synthesis Process for the Production of Silicalite-1 Crystal Aggregate Packing ParticlesChemical Engineering2010-01-26
Chen, Nan Kinetics of the Hydrodechlorination Reaction of Chlorinated Compounds on Palladium CatalystsChemical Engineering2003-08-25
Chen, Chao-Huang Sulfur tolerance of Pd/Au alloy membranes for hydrogen separation from coal gasChemical Engineering2011-09-13
Choi, Pyoungho Investigation of Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Proton-Exchange Membranes in Fuel Cell ApplicationsChemical Engineering2004-04-29
Coignet, Philippe Transport-reaction Modeling of the Impedance Response of a Fuel CellChemical Engineering2004-05-26
Courtois, Julien Iridium-based bimetallic alloy catalysts for the ethanol oxidation reaction for fuel cells modeled by density functional theoryChemical Engineering2013-04-25
Dahlgren, Eric DSmall Angle Light Scattering Analysis of TissueChemical Engineering2001-01-01
Emerson, Sean ChristianSynthesis of Nanometer-size Inorganic Materials for the Examination of Particle Size Effects on Heterogeneous CatalysisChemical Engineering2000-04-28
Emerson, Ray JenkinsMicrobial Adhesion to Medical Implant Materials: An Atomic Force Microscopy StudyChemical Engineering2003-12-16
Emerson, Ray JenkinsA Nanoscale Investigation of Pathogenic Microbial Adhesion in Biomaterial SystemsChemical Engineering2006-04-05
Eyries, Pascal A Dynamic Distributed-parameter Modeling Approach for Performance Monitoring of Oral Drug Delivery SystemsChemical Engineering2003-02-10
Fleys, Matthieu SimonWater Behavior in hydrophobic porous materials. Comparison between Silicalite and Dealuminated Zeolite Y by Molecular Dynamic Simulations.Chemical Engineering2004-01-15
Gabry, Thomas Jacques AndreSimulation of the diffusion of endocrine disrupting compounds in silicalite by molecular dynamicsChemical Engineering2012-04-26
Garcia, Juan CCatalysis and Photocatalysis over TiO2 Surfaces Detailed from First PrinciplesChemical Engineering2014-08-18
Guazzone, Federico Engineering of Substrate Surface for the synthesis of Ultra-Thin Composite Pd and Pd-Cu Membranes for H2 SeparationChemical Engineering2005-12-15
Gupta, Anju RInvestigation of Neuronal Affinity to Photoresist Derived Carbon: Study of Diferentiation and m-RNA Expression in PC-12 Cells Chemical Engineering2007-05-09
Hacquard, Alexandre Improving and Understanding Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) PerformanceChemical Engineering2005-05-05
Hacquard, Alexandre Improving and Understanding Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) PerformanceChemical Engineering2005-05-05
Han, Jinyi Kinetic and Morphological Studies of Pd Oxidation in O2-CH4 mixturesChemical Engineering2004-04-27
Huynh, Nguyen Digital Control and Monitoring Methods for Nonlinear ProcessesChemical Engineering2006-08-09
Jalani, Nikhil H.Development of Nanocomposite Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for Higher Temperature PEM Fuel CellsChemical Engineering2006-03-01
Kamaloo, Elaheh Molecular Modeling of Adsorbed NDMA in MFI ZeolitesChemical Engineering2013-04-25
(WPI)Knox, Daniel Performance Characteristics of PBI-based High Temperature Direct Methanol Fuel CellsChemical Engineering2012-08-22
Koc, Reyyan Technical and Economic Performance Assessment of Pd/Alloy Membrane Reactor Technology Options in the Presence of Uncertainty Chemical Engineering2012-04-09
Konde, Spence MartinDevelopment of an Intermediate Temperature Molten Salt Fuel CellChemical Engineering2009-01-22
Kotdawala, Rasesh RAdsorption Studies of Hazardous Air Pollutants in Microporous Adsorbents using Statistical Mechanical and Molecular Simulation Techniques Chemical Engineering2007-05-04
Leising, Sophie Nonlinear controller synthesis for complex chemical and biochemical reaction systemsChemical Engineering2005-05-02
Leising, Guillaume M.Radial heat transfer studies in low tube to particle diameter ratio fixed bed reactorsChemical Engineering2005-05-02
Lemoine, Gaetan Comparison of different types of Zeolites used as Solid Acid Catalysts in the Transesterification reaction of Jatropha-type oil for Biodiesel productionChemical Engineering2013-04-25
Liu, James Kinetics, catalysis and mechanism of methane steam reformingChemical Engineering2007-01-12
Liu, Yatao Fundamental Investigation of Biological Interactions for Applications in Infection Prevention and Biomaterial Development Chemical Engineering2008-09-12
Medhekar, Vinay ShantaramModeling and Simulation of Oxidative Degradation of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)Chemical Engineering2001-08-28
Medhekar, Vinay SGrowth of Carbon Nanotubes on Model and Supported CatalystsChemical Engineering2004-08-09
(WPI)Munir, Ahsan Magnetic Nanoparticle Enhanced Actuation Strategy for mixing, separation, and detection of biomolecules in a Microfluidic Lab-on-a-Chip SystemChemical Engineering2012-05-14
Nijemeisland, Michiel Verification Studies of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Fixed Bed Heat TransferChemical Engineering2000-04-12
Nijemeisland, Michiel Influences of catalyst particle geometry on fixed bed reactor near-wall heat transfer using CFDChemical Engineering2003-01-28
Okano, Terumi High Temperature Mercury Oxidation Kinetics via Bromine MechanismsChemical Engineering2008-12-16
Paci, Paolo Monitoring Vapor Phase Concentration in Supersonic FlowsChemical Engineering2003-02-04
Pascault, Jean-Roland EricA Finite Element Study of the DNA Hybridization Kinetics on the Surface of Microfluidic Devices Chemical Engineering2007-05-01
Ramat, Fabien MProtein purification using expanded bed chromatographyChemical Engineering2003-09-01
Roberts, Andrew TAerosol Delivery of Mammalian Cells for Tissue EngineeringChemical Engineering2003-01-21
ROUX, Jean-Francois Membrane Reactor Modeling for Hydrogen Production through Methane Steam ReformingChemical Engineering2011-04-28
Saini, Alpna An Investigation of the Cause of Leak Formation in Palladium Composite Membranes.Chemical Engineering2006-05-04
Strauss, Joshua Investigating Bacterial Lipopolysaccharides and Interactions with Antimicrobial PeptidesChemical Engineering2009-01-20
(WPI)Suarez, Matthew The Effect of Membrane Thickness on the Performance of PBI-Based High-Temperature Direct Methanol Fuel CellsChemical Engineering2013-12-20
Tao, Yuanyuan Effects of Cranberry Juice Cocktail on Surface Adhesion and Biofilm Formation of Uropathogenic BacteriaChemical Engineering2010-12-20
Taskin, Ertan M.CFD simulation of transport and reaction in cylindrical catalyst particlesChemical Engineering2007-08-08
Thampan, Tony MathewDesign and Development of Higher Temperature Membranes for PEM Fuel CellsChemical Engineering2003-05-19
Troupel, Alexandre CFD study of the intra and inter particles transport phenomena in a fixed-bed reactorChemical Engineering2009-05-28
Urban, David RaymondA Kinetic Investigation of As and Se Speciation within Coal Combustion Flue Gases using ab initio MethodsChemical Engineering2006-04-28
Vilekar, Saurabh A.Catalytic and Electrocatalytic Pathways in Fuel Cells Chemical Engineering2010-04-29
Waterman, Kellie LynneInteraction of Gold Nanoparticles with a Supported Lipid Bilayer Using Quartz Crystal Microblance with DissipationChemical Engineering2013-04-25
White, Leo JAn Approximate Analytical Model for the Discharge Performance of a Primary Zinc/Air CellChemical Engineering2005-01-12
Yazaydin, Ahmet OzgurMolecular Simulation of the Adsorption of Organics From Water Chemical Engineering2007-02-23
Yu, Wenqing Development of Electrolyte Support for Intermediate Temperature Molten Salt Fuel CellChemical Engineering2009-12-08
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Machate, Malgorzata SJoule heat effects on reliability of RF MEMS switchesMechanical Engineering2003-05-29
Mali, Girish SureshNovel Escapement Mechanism using a Compliant Mechanism and a Piezoelectric ActuatorMechanical Engineering2007-04-27
Marchetti, Paul JElectric Propulsion and Controller Design for Drag-Free Spacecraft Operation in Low Earth OrbitMechanical Engineering2006-12-06
Marinelli, Andrea TBiologically Inspired Wing Tip Geometry OptimizationMechanical Engineering2010-04-30
Marinis, Ryan ThomasDevelopment and implementation of automated interferometric microscope for study of MEMS inertial sensorsMechanical Engineering2009-04-07
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McIlhenny, Julia FArtificial Turbulent BurstsMechanical Engineering2002-01-04
Meleschi, Shangari B.Ultrasonic Technique In Determination Of Grid-Generated Turbulent Flow Characteristics And Caustic FormationMechanical Engineering2004-04-23
Mizar, Shivananda PaiThermomechanical characterization of NiTiNOL and NiTiNOL based structures using ACES methodologyMechanical Engineering2005-12-02
Moghani, Taraneh Controller Switching Policy in Flexible Plates Using PZT Actuators Subject to Spatiotemporal Variations of DisturbancesMechanical Engineering2004-05-10
Morin, Russell WalterA Novel Localization System for Experimental Autonomous Underwater VehiclesMechanical Engineering2010-04-16
Nanson III, Richard ANavier/Stokes/Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Modeling of Small Cold Gas Thruster Nozzle and Plume FlowsMechanical Engineering2002-04-19
Naqvi, Syed KazimScale Model Experiments on Floating Offshore Wind Turbines Mechanical Engineering2012-05-11
Nematbakhsh, Ali A Nonlinear Computational Model of Floating Wind Turbines Mechanical Engineering2013-04-16
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Nowakowski, Krzysztof A.Laser beam interaction with materials for microscale applicationsMechanical Engineering2005-12-12
Paracha, Omair ISurface Characterization of Cricket Balls Using Area-scale Fractal Analysis Mechanical Engineering2010-01-12
Paradorn, Vasin An Impact Model for the Industrial Cam-follower System: Simulation and Experiment Mechanical Engineering2007-10-11
Partridge, James MDevelopment of a Micro-Retarding Potential Analyzer for High-Density Flowing PlasmasMechanical Engineering2005-10-05
Partridge, James MichaelDevelopment and Implementation of Diagnostics for Unsteady Small-scale Plasma PlumesMechanical Engineering2009-09-29
(WPI)Patel, Viral K.Terrestrial and Micro-Gravity Studies in Electrohydrodynamic Conduction-Driven Heat Transport SystemsMechanical Engineering2015-03-23
Peck, Louis RaymondDynamic Failure Properties of the Porcine Medial Collateral Ligament: Predicting Human Injury in High Speed Frontal Automotive CollisionsMechanical Engineering2007-04-18
Potami, Raffaele Optimal sensor/actuator placement and switching schemes for control of flexible structures Mechanical Engineering2008-04-24
Price, Shaun MA Study of Case Based Reasoning Applied to Welding Computer Aided Fixture DesignMechanical Engineering2009-05-05
Qu, Long Realization and Lateral Stable Workspace Analysis of an Axially Symmetric Scalable Hexapod RobotMechanical Engineering2013-09-11
Rodenhiser, Rebecca JAn Ultrasonic Method for Aircraft Wake Vortex DetectionMechanical Engineering2005-08-30
Rodgers, Matthew T.Phase modulating interferometry with stroboscopic illumination for characterization of MEMSMechanical Engineering2006-12-15
Rong, Zhiyang Fabrication and Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes for Biomedical ApplicationsMechanical Engineering2008-08-14
Rowan, Matthew IvanAn Injury-Mimicking Ultrasound Phantom as a Training Tool for Diagnosis of Internal TraumaMechanical Engineering2006-12-18
Roy, Thomas RobertPlasma Potential Measurements in a Colloid Thruster PlumeMechanical Engineering2005-01-12
Salehian, Armaghan Identifying the Location of a Sudden Damage in Composite Laminates Using Wavelet ApproachMechanical Engineering2003-06-27
Sathaye, Sagar SanjeevLift Distributions On Low Aspect Ratio Wings At Low Reynolds NumbersMechanical Engineering2004-04-13
Scarsella, Michael JohnElectromechanical System Integration for a Powered Upper Extremity OrthosisMechanical Engineering2007-04-09
Shakeri, Cirrus Discovery of Design Methodologies for the Integration of Multi-disciplinary Design ProblemsMechanical Engineering1998-11-04
Shang, Weijian Teleoperation of MRI-Compatible Robots with Hybrid Actuation and Haptic FeedbackMechanical Engineering2014-12-05
Sharma, Siddharth Application of Support Vector Machines for Damage Detection in StructuresMechanical Engineering2008-12-16
Shi, Xiaochuan Effect of Electron Bombardment on the Size Distribution of Negatively Charged Droplets Produced by Electrospray Mechanical Engineering2012-01-09
Shinde, Abhijeet DipakA Wavelet Packet Based Sifting Process and Its Application for Structural Health MonitoringMechanical Engineering2004-08-19
Singh, Amarjit KumarDevelopment of Computer Aided Heat Treatment Planning System for Quenching & Tempering (CHT – q/t) and Industrial Application of CHT-bf & CHT-cfMechanical Engineering2006-05-01
Song, Yang Semi-Automatic Registration Utility for MR Brain Imaging of Small AnimalsMechanical Engineering2013-12-09
Spirkin, Anton MA Three-dimensional Particle-in-Cell Methodology on Unstructured Voronoi Grids with Applications to Plasma MicrodevicesMechanical Engineering2006-01-06
St. Rock, Brian EricThermal-Fluid Analysis of a Lithium Vaporizer for a High Power Magnetoplasmadynamic ThrusterMechanical Engineering2006-06-21
Stechmann, David PaulNumerical Analysis of Transient Teflon Ablation in Pulsed Plasma Thrusters Mechanical Engineering2007-07-03
Steward, Victoria Modeling of a folded spring supporting MEMS gyroscopeMechanical Engineering2003-06-20
Su, Hao Force Sensing and Teleoperation of Continuum Robot for MRI-Guided Surgery Mechanical Engineering2012-12-19
Sutherland, Erika SusanneAnalysis of the performance and stability of a passive recirculation loop for hydrogen delivery to a PEM fuel cell systemMechanical Engineering2011-04-15
Swathanthira Kumar, Murali Murugavel ManjakkattuvalasuImplementation of an Actuator Placement, Switching Algorithm for Active Vibration Control in Flexible StructuresMechanical Engineering2002-09-13
Swathanthira Kumar, Murali Murugavel MMagnetic Resonance Image segmentation using Pulse Coupled Neural Networks Mechanical Engineering2009-05-05
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Symeonidis, Kimon The Controlled Diffusion Solidification Process: Fundamentals and Principles Mechanical Engineering2009-04-27
Taylor, Sarah EBiologically Inspired Wing Planform OptimizationMechanical Engineering2009-05-15
Terdalkar, Sachin SharadGraphically Driven Interactive Stress Reanalysis for Machine Elements in the Early Design StageMechanical Engineering2003-07-24
Terdalkar, Rahul JDirect Numerical Simulation of Swirling Flows using the Front Tracking MethodMechanical Engineering2007-12-14
Thomas, Siju Multiscale Modeling Of Thin Films In Direct Numerical Simulations Of Multiphase Flows. Mechanical Engineering2009-05-05
Toddes, Steven PaulOptimization for Commercialization of A Two Degree of Freedom Powered Arm Orthosis Mechanical Engineering2007-04-26
Usowicz, James EAn Experimental Study of Flame Lengths and Emissions of fully-Modulated Diffusion FlamesMechanical Engineering2001-04-26
Vaidya, Rohit SubhashExperimental Testing of a Computer Aided Heat Treatment Planning SystemMechanical Engineering2003-08-26
Vuta, Ravi KNumerical Simulation of Moving Boundary ProblemMechanical Engineering2007-04-30
Wang, Yi MRI-Compatible Pneumatic Actuation Control Algorithm Evaluation and Test System DevelopmentMechanical Engineering2010-09-17
Wang, Yue Decision-Making for Search and Classification using Multiple Autonomous Vehicles over Large-Scale Domains Mechanical Engineering2011-03-28
Wang, Mianzhi Numerical Analysis of Transient Teflon Ablation with a Domain Decomposition Finite Volume Implicit Method on Unstructured GridsMechanical Engineering2012-04-20
Wang, Yao Structural and Functional Connectivity Analyses of Rat Brains Based on fMRI ExperimentsMechanical Engineering2012-11-07
Weber, Francis JUltrasonic Beam Propagation in Turbulent FlowMechanical Engineering2003-12-16
Wong, Lak Kin Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis on the Liquid Piston Gas CompressionMechanical Engineering2011-11-09
Xiao, Wenchang Structural Health Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis based on Artificial Immune System Mechanical Engineering2012-02-22
(WPI)Yang, Jun A Smoothed Dissipative Particle Dynamics Methodology For Wall-Bounded Domains Mechanical Engineering2013-04-29
Yanson, Logan MEffects of Liquid Superheat on Droplet Disruption in a Supersonic StreamMechanical Engineering2005-03-18
Ying, Min A Soft-Body Interconnect For Self-Reconfigurable Modular RobotsMechanical Engineering2014-04-08
Yu, Hongliang Automatic Rigid and Deformable Medical Image RegistrationMechanical Engineering2005-05-04
Yuan, Jiankun Circulation Methods in Unsteady and Three-dimensional FlowsMechanical Engineering2002-03-22
Zervas, Michael JayDevelopment of a High Speed, Robust System for Full Field-of-View 3D Shape Measurements Mechanical Engineering2011-08-26
Zhang, Jiachen Development of a parameter-insensitive artificial immune system for structural health monitoringMechanical Engineering2014-04-09
Zhang, Kewen Attitude Synchronization of Spacecraft Formation with Optimization and Adaptation of Consensus Penalty TermsMechanical Engineering2013-04-19
Zwahlen, Jurg CInvestigation of a Pulsed Plasma Thruster Plume Using a Quadruple Langmuir Probe TechniqueMechanical Engineering2002-11-20
Adamczyk, Anne Marie Electromagnetic Nucleus - Nucleus Cross Sections using Energy Dependent Branching Ratios Physics2009-04-21
Algarni, Saad ADevelopment and Application of an Area Recorded Generalized Optical Scattering TechniquePhysics2014-12-12
Anderson, Evan VAtomic Force Microscopy: Lateral-Force Calibration and Force-Curve AnalysisPhysics2012-04-25
Barjami, Saimir A New AC-Radio Frequency Heating Calorimetry Technique for Complex FluidsPhysics2005-04-25
Basu, Rajratan Dielectric Studies of Nanostructures and Directed Self-assembled Nanomaterials in Nematic Liquid CrystalsPhysics2010-03-30
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Dick, Frank AlbertScalar Field Theories of Nucleon InteractionsPhysics2007-04-19
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Ilo-Okeke, Ebubechukwu OdidikaGuided-wave atom interferometers with Bose-Einstein condensate Physics2012-04-23
Kafle, Rudra PrasadTheoretical Study of Bose-Einstein Condensate-Based Atom Michelson InterferometersPhysics2012-04-24
Kalakonda, Parvathalu Thermal Physical Properties Of Nanocomposites Of Complex Fluids Physics2013-05-31
Kashuri, Klaida Calorimetric and Dielectric Studies of Self-assembled Bio-molecules in an Aqueous EnvironmentPhysics2013-11-26
(WPI)Li, Zehao Quantum Mechanics on the Mbius RingPhysics2013-02-04
Maleev, Ivan Partial Coherence and Optical VorticesPhysics2004-06-10
Martin, Rodica M.Reciprocity between Emission and Absorption for Rare Earth Ions in GlassPhysics2006-04-25
Merriam, Susan CarolDirect Demonstration of Self-Similarity in a Hydrodynamic Treatment of Polymer Self-DiffusionPhysics2002-04-29
Moussa, Jonathan EdwardThe Schroedinger-Poisson Selfconsistency in Layered Quantum Semiconductor StructuresPhysics2003-12-25
Nasto, Rachel HarteMori Projected Dynamics On A Quantum SystemPhysics2007-04-26
Norman, Ryan BradleyResonance Production and Nuclear Fragmentation for Space RadiationPhysics2008-04-17
(WPI)O'Connor, Samantha A High Throughput Matlab Program for Automated Force-Curve Processing Using the AdG Polymer ModelPhysics2014-08-13
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Palacios, David MAn Optical Vortex Coherence FilterPhysics2004-06-09
Paro, Autumn DModeling High Altitude Electron Density Plumes Using Direct Numerical SimulationPhysics2014-04-05
Peters, Jeffrey Formation of Vesicles in Lipid-Liquid Crystal Colloidal Mixtures Physics2014-05-01
PRADHAN, NIHAR R.Thermal Conductivity of Nanowires, Nanotubes and Polymer-Nanotube CompositesPhysics2010-03-23
Pugsley, Lisa MExtraordinary Magnetoresistance in Two and Three Dimensions: Geometrical OptimizationPhysics2012-04-25
Roshi, Aleksander Quenched Random Disorder Studies In Liquid Crystal + Aerosil DispersionsPhysics2005-04-26
Rozas, David Generation and Propagation of Optical VorticesPhysics1999-08-20
(WPI)Shojaeizadeh, Mina An improved approach for cell traction force microscopy using a continuous hydrogelPhysics2013-06-05
Sigdel, Krishna PPhase transition studies of liquid crystal colloids with solvents and nano-solids Physics2011-04-15
Stickney, James ArthurA theoretical analysis of Bose-Einstein condensate based beamsplitters, interferometers, and transistorsPhysics2007-10-11
Thoreson, Erik J.Apparatus to Deliver Light to the Tip-sample Interface of an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)Physics2002-08-26
Thoreson, Erik J.From nanoscale to macroscale, using the atomic force microscope to quantify the role of few-asperity contacts in adhesionPhysics2005-12-12
Vanslette, Kevin MTheoretical Study of Variable Measurement Uncertainty h_I and Infinite Unobservable EntropyPhysics2013-04-19
Verlinden, Nicholas H. P.The Excited State Absorption Cross Section of Neodymium-doped Silica Glass Fiber in the 1200-1500 nm Wavelength Range Physics2008-07-25
Waegell, Mordecai Nonclassical Structures within the N-qubit Pauli Group Physics2013-04-25
Wojcik, Stefanie EEffects of Internal Waves and Turbulent Fluctuations on Underwater Acoustic PropagationPhysics2006-03-03
Alley, Peter JIntroductory Microcontroller Programming Robotics Engineering2011-04-28
Barrett, Justin MichaelAnalyzing and Modeling Low-Cost MEMS IMUs for use in an Inertial Navigation SystemRobotics Engineering2013-04-26
Cole, Gregory Modular MRI Guided Device Development System: Development, Validation and ApplicationsRobotics Engineering2012-09-10
Coleman, Catherine The Development of a Sensitive Manipulation End EffectorRobotics Engineering2014-02-27
Du, Ruixiang An Intelligent Portable Aerial Surveillance System: Modeling and Image StitchingRobotics Engineering2013-05-22
Fitzpatrick, Robert JDesigning and Constructing an Animatronic Head Capable of Human Motion Programmed using Face-Tracking SoftwareRobotics Engineering2012-05-01
Heslinga, Paul Analysis and Realization of a Dual-Nacelle Tiltrotor Aerial VehicleRobotics Engineering2014-04-28
Kent, David EConstruction of a 3D Object Recognition and Manipulation Database from Grasp DemonstrationsRobotics Engineering2014-04-07
Kindle, Alexander LawrenceAn Embedded Seizure Onset Detection SystemRobotics Engineering2013-09-19
Long, Xianchao Tactile-Based Mobile Robot NavigationRobotics Engineering2013-05-28
Wisely Babu, Benzun PiousVisual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for a tree climbing robotRobotics Engineering2013-09-12
Youngsma, Katiegrace Development of a Model and Simulation Framework for a Modular Robotic LegRobotics Engineering2012-06-06
Friedman, Sheldon The Effects of Dynamic Decision Making on Resource Allocation: The Case of Pavement ManagementSocial Science & Policy Studies2003-04-25
Ramos, Boris G.The Impact of Universal Service Obligations and Other External and Cross Subsidies on Teledensity in Developing CountriesSocial Science & Policy Studies2006-05-05
Rust, Tom Dynamic Analysis of Healthcare Service Delivery: Application of Lean and Agile Concepts Social Science & Policy Studies2013-04-24
Sao Pedro, Michael A.Real-time Assessment, Prediction, and Scaffolding of Middle School Students Data Collection Skills within Physical Science SimulationsSocial Science & Policy Studies2013-04-17
Wixon, Michael Detecting students who are conducting inquiry Without Thinking Fastidiously (WTF) in the Context of Microworld Learning EnvironmentsSocial Science & Policy Studies2013-04-24

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