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Author Name TitleDepartmentDate
Ahlehagh, Hasti Techniques for Communication and Geolocation using Wireless Ad hoc NetworksElectrical & Computer Engineering2004-07-23
Ahmad, Saad Modeling the Discharge Loading of Radio Frequency Excited CO2 Slab lasers Electrical & Computer Engineering2011-11-07
Akdemir, Kahraman DaglarWavelength Conversion Using Reconfigurable Photonic Crystal MEMS/NEMS StructuresElectrical & Computer Engineering2007-01-10
Akdemir, Kahraman D.Error Detection Techniques Against Strong Adversaries Electrical & Computer Engineering2010-10-28
Akgul, Ferit OzanModeling the Behavior of Multipath Components Pertinent to Indoor Geolocation Electrical & Computer Engineering2010-04-18
Alavi, Bardia Distance Measurement Error Modeling for Time-of-Arrival Based Indoor GeolocationElectrical & Computer Engineering2006-04-27
Alsindi, Nayef AliPerformance of TOA Estimation Algorithms in Different Indoor Multipath ConditionsElectrical & Computer Engineering2004-04-26
Alsindi, Nayef Indoor Cooperative Localization for Ultra Wideband Wireless Sensor NetworksElectrical & Computer Engineering2008-04-10
Amendolare, Vincent ThomasSynchronization in an Indoor Precision Location SystemElectrical & Computer Engineering2007-05-04
Amendolare, Vincent T.Transactional Array Reconciliation Tomography for Precision Indoor Location Electrical & Computer Engineering2010-04-01
Andrews, Michael J.An Information Theoretic Hierarchical Classifier for Machine VisionElectrical & Computer Engineering1999-05-03
Apte, Anuja DSimulation of patch antennas on arbitrary dielectric substrates.Electrical & Computer Engineering2003-05-09
Assad, Muhammad AliA Real-Time Laboratory Testbed For Evaluating Localization Performance Of WIFI RFID TechnologiesElectrical & Computer Engineering2007-04-24
Baktir, Selcuk Efficient Algorithms for Finite Fields, with Applications in Elliptic Curve CryptographyElectrical & Computer Engineering2003-04-21
baktir, selcuk Frequency Domain Finite Field Arithmetic for Elliptic Curve CryptographyElectrical & Computer Engineering2008-04-11
Banker, Christian JohnInteractive Training System for Medical UltrasoundElectrical & Computer Engineering2009-01-29
Bao, Guanqun On Simultaneous Localization and Mapping inside the Human Body (Body-SLAM)Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-04-25
Benzerrouk, Souheil Feasibility Study of Infrared Detection of Defects in Green-State and Sintered PM CompactsElectrical & Computer Engineering2004-04-27
Benzerrouk, Souheil Active and Passive Thermography for the Detection of Defects in Green-State Powdermetallic CompactsElectrical & Computer Engineering2011-08-26
Bertulli, Scott MATLAB-Based Dipole Array Simulator Tool For MIT Haystack ObservatoryElectrical & Computer Engineering2005-05-04
Bida, Oljeta Influence of Electromyogram (EMG) Amplitude Processing in EMG-Torque EstimationElectrical & Computer Engineering2005-01-25
Blum, Thomas Modular Exponentiation on Reconfigurable HardwareElectrical & Computer Engineering1999-04-08
Bobrowski, Kevin MatthewPractical Implementation Considerations for Spectrally Agile Waveforms in Cognitive Radio Electrical & Computer Engineering2009-09-08
Boumenot, Christopher MThe Performance of a Linux NFS ImplementationElectrical & Computer Engineering2002-05-20
Bradshaw, Sam Characterization of the Mechanosensitivity of Tactile Receptors using Multivariate Logistical RegressionElectrical & Computer Engineering2001-04-18
Breen Jr., Daniel E.Characterization of Multi-Carrier Locator PerformanceElectrical & Computer Engineering2004-04-29
Brenneman, Cody R.Circuit Design for Realization of a 16 bit 1MS/s Successive Approximation Register Analog-to-Digital ConverterElectrical & Computer Engineering2010-04-27
Broders, Adam C.Combining of Renewable Energy Plants to Improve Energy Production StabilityElectrical & Computer Engineering2008-04-28
Calvo, Carlos RobertoA 2.5 GHz Optoelectronic Amplifier in 0.18 m CMOSElectrical & Computer Engineering2003-04-23
Campbell, Matthew CDesign of a Mobile Transceiver for Precision Indoor LocationElectrical & Computer Engineering2010-11-11
Cao, Ning Secure and Reliable Data Outsourcing in Cloud Computing Electrical & Computer Engineering2012-07-19
Carter, Nathan RA 12-b 50Msample/s Pipeline Analog to Digital ConverterElectrical & Computer Engineering2000-04-24
Cavanaugh, Andrew FBayesian Information Fusion for Precision Indoor LocationElectrical & Computer Engineering2011-01-19
Cavanaugh, Andrew FInverse Synthetic Array Reconciliation TomographyElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-05-03
Chan, Ka Yan Applying the "Split-ADC" Architecture to a 16 bit, 1 MS/s differential Successive Approximation Analog-to-Digital ConverterElectrical & Computer Engineering2008-04-30
Chen, Si Cross-Layer Optimization and Dynamic Spectrum Access for Distributed Wireless Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering2009-10-22
Chen, Tsai YuanNetwork Electrophysiology Sensor-On-A- Chip Electrical & Computer Engineering2011-04-29
Chen, Si Vehicular Dynamic Spectrum Access: Using Cognitive Radio for Automobile Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering2013-01-10
Chen, Jin UWB Characteristics of RF Propagation for Body Mounted and Implanted Sensors Electrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-15
Chen, Zhilu Accelerating SRD Simulation on GPU Electrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-23
Cialdea, Stephen MichaelModeling and Analysis of the Distribution Grid in the Presence of Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage SystemsElectrical & Computer Engineering2014-04-22
Coey, Tyson CurtisRound-Trip Time-Division Distributed BeamformingElectrical & Computer Engineering2007-07-06
Collins, Travis FredrickImplementation and Analysis of Spectral Subtraction and Signal Separation in Deterministic Wide-Band Anti-Jamming ScenariosElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-19
Colonero, Curtis BensonNoise Analysis and Simulation of a Sub-Pixel Analog to Digital Voltage-To-Frequency Converter for use with IR Focal Plane ArraysElectrical & Computer Engineering2007-01-05
cooper, sean Control of a Satellite Based Photovoltaic Array for Optimum Power DrawElectrical & Computer Engineering2008-04-28
Cordeiro, Philip JosephDesign of a Wearable Ultrasound SystemElectrical & Computer Engineering2006-08-09
Coyne, Jack WFPGA-Based Co-processor for Singular Value Array Reconciliation Tomography Electrical & Computer Engineering2007-08-31
Crasso, Anthony Background Calibration of a 6-Bit 1Gsps Split-Flash ADCElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-01-08
Croughwell, Rosamaria A 16-b 10Msample/s Split-Interleaved Analog to Digital ConverterElectrical & Computer Engineering2007-08-24
Daempfling, Hauke CDesign and Implementation of the Precision Personnel Locator Digital Transmitter SystemElectrical & Computer Engineering2006-12-11
Dai, Chenyun Cross-Comparison of Three Electromyogram Decomposition Algorithms Assessed with Simulated and Experimental DataElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-03-01
David, Christopher Leonidas All Digital, Background Calibration for Time-Interleaved and Successive Approximation Register Analog-to-Digital Converters Electrical & Computer Engineering2010-04-13
Deng, Qingxiong Exploiting Diversity in Broadband Wireless Relay Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering2012-06-12
Dickson, Brett WilliamWireless Communication Options for a Mobile Ultrasound System Electrical & Computer Engineering2008-08-28
Driscoll, Michael T.A Machine Vision System for Capture and Interpretation of an Orchestra Conductor's GesturesElectrical & Computer Engineering1999-04-30
Elloian, Jeffrey Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of a Novel Electrically Small and Directive AntennaElectrical & Computer Engineering2014-01-17
Faneuff, Jeffery JSpatial, Spectral, and Perceptual Nonlinear Noise Reduction for Hands-free Microphones in a CarElectrical & Computer Engineering2002-07-29
Farmer, Jason ZMulti-Objective Routing Optimization for Multiple Level Priority and Preemption in Multi-Tiered NetworksElectrical & Computer Engineering2006-10-19
Ferreira, Kurt JosefFault Location for Power Transmission Systems Using Magnetic Field Sensing Coils Electrical & Computer Engineering2007-05-07
Foley, Brian M.A System for Detecting the Position of a Molten Aluminum Metal-Front within a Precision Sand MoldElectrical & Computer Engineering2008-12-15
Fu, Ruijun Empirical RF Propagation Modeling of Human Body Motions for Activity Classification Electrical & Computer Engineering2012-11-18
Gaubatz, Gunnar Versatile Montgomery Multiplier ArchitecturesElectrical & Computer Engineering2002-04-26
Gaubatz, Gunnar Tamper-Resistant Arithmetic for Public-Key CryptographyElectrical & Computer Engineering2007-03-01
Geng, Yishuang Modeling of Time-of-arrival for CM4 Body Area Networks ChannelElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-22
(WPI)Geng, Jun Quickest Change-Point Detection with Sampling Right Constraints Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-12-05
Goldsmith, Abraham MyronAn Inertial-Optical Tracking System for Quantitative, Freehand, 3D Ultrasound Electrical & Computer Engineering2009-01-21
Guajardo, Jorge Efficient Algorithms for Elliptic Curve CryptosystemsElectrical & Computer Engineering1997-05-03
guo, wenxuan Resource Allocation and Performance Optimization in Wireless Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering2011-04-26
Hammouri, Ghaith Cryptographic Primitives from Physical Variables Electrical & Computer Engineering2009-06-02
Harty, Daniel D.Novel Design of a Wideband Ribcage-Dipole Array and its Feeding Network Electrical & Computer Engineering2010-12-17
Hatami, Ahmad Application of Channel Modeling for Indoor Localization Using TOA and RSSElectrical & Computer Engineering2006-05-31
Hatch, Nicholas AdamRadar Based Estimation of Asymmetric Target Inertial ParametersElectrical & Computer Engineering2006-02-08
(WPI)He, Wenmin Cooperative Channel State Information Dissemination Schemes in Wireless Ad-hoc NetworksElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-05-01
Heidari, Mohammad A Testbed for Real-Time Performance Evaluation of RSS-based Indoor Geolocation Systems in Laboratory EnvironmentElectrical & Computer Engineering2005-04-28
Heidari, Mohammad Identification and Modeling of the Dynamic Behavior of the Direct Path Component in ToA-Based Indoor Localization Systems Electrical & Computer Engineering2008-04-24
Hill, Jonathan Efficient Implementation of Mesh Generation and FDTD Simulation of Electromagnetic FieldsElectrical & Computer Engineering1996-08-01
Holl, David J.A Performance Analysis of TCP and STP Implementations and Proposals for New QoS Classes for TCP/IPElectrical & Computer Engineering2003-04-10
Holl, Jr., David J.State-Space Approaches to Ultra-Wideband Doppler ProcessingElectrical & Computer Engineering2007-04-27
Hu, Yin An Efficient Scheme to Provide Real-time Memory Integrity ProtectionElectrical & Computer Engineering2009-04-24
Hu, Yin Improving the Efficiency of Homomorphic Encryption SchemesElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-22
iyer, vishwanath Broadband Impedance Matching of Antenna Radiators Electrical & Computer Engineering2010-09-29
Janice, Brian ADifferential Near Field Holography for Small Antenna Arrays Electrical & Computer Engineering2011-08-29
Kanaan, Muzaffer Node Density and Quality of Estimation for Infrastructure-based Indoor Geolocation Using Time of ArrivalElectrical & Computer Engineering2008-04-04
Kaps, Jens-Peter ECryptography for Ultra-Low Power DevicesElectrical & Computer Engineering2006-05-01
Karakoyunlu, Deniz Efficient Side-Channel Aware Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems over Prime Fields Electrical & Computer Engineering2010-08-08
Kasi, Patrick KCharacterization of Motor Unit Discharge Rate in Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisElectrical & Computer Engineering2009-04-27
Kauffman, John GabrielDesign of a High Impedance Preamplifier for Coil ArraysElectrical & Computer Engineering2005-04-20
Kayabasi, Cezmi Settling Time Measurement Techniques Achieving High Precision at High SpeedsElectrical & Computer Engineering2005-04-27
Keating, Jennifer Relating forearm muscle electrical activity to finger forces Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-04-30
Keenaghan, Kevin MichaelA Novel Non-Acoustic Voiced Speech Sensor: Experimental Results and CharacterizationElectrical & Computer Engineering2003-12-19
Kelly, Devin WWA Practical Distributed Spectrum Sensing SystemElectrical & Computer Engineering2011-04-25
Khair, Ishrak The spiral-pole antenna: An electrically small, resonant hybrid dipole with structural modification for inherent reactance cancellationElectrical & Computer Engineering2011-08-22
Khan, Umair IComputational Techniques for Comparative Performance Evaluation of RF Localization inside the Human Body Electrical & Computer Engineering2011-04-28
Khlif, Wassim Design of Tunable Low-Noise Amplifier in 0.13um CMOS Technology for Multistandard RF Transceivers Electrical & Computer Engineering2007-04-23
Koirala, Kishor Anticipatory Electromyogram-Torque Estimation and Effect of Whitening BandwidthElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-03-01
Koski, Antti E.Rapid Frequency EstimationElectrical & Computer Engineering2006-02-24
Krishna, Karthik Estimation of Impedance About theElectrical & Computer Engineering2005-03-03
Krolak, Matthew JosephOptimization of a Magnetoplasmadynamic Arc ThrusterElectrical & Computer Engineering2007-04-26
Kulkarni, Shashank DilipMoM modeling of metal-dielectric structures using volume integral equationsElectrical & Computer Engineering2004-05-06
Kulkarni, Shashank DDevelopment and Validation of a Method of Moments approach for modeling planar antenna structuresElectrical & Computer Engineering2007-04-13
Kutarnia, Jason FrancisA Markov Random Field Based Approach to 3D Mosaicing and Registration Applied to Ultrasound Simulation Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-08-27
Lara-Montalvo, Ruben AngelUltrasound Determination of Absolute Backscatter from Arterial Wall StructuresElectrical & Computer Engineering2002-12-20
Laverty, Stephen WilliamDetection of Nonstationary Noise and Improved Voice Activity Detection in an Automotive Hands-free EnvironmentElectrical & Computer Engineering2005-04-25
Leferman, Michael JosephRapid Prototyping Interface for Software Defined Radio ExperimentationElectrical & Computer Engineering2009-10-26
Lemdiasov, Rostislav AA General Purpose Computational Approach to the Design of Gradient Coils for Arbitrary GeometriesElectrical & Computer Engineering2004-07-27
Leuenberger, Georg HElectrostatic Density Measurements in Green-State P/M Parts Electrical & Computer Engineering2003-04-17
Li, Xinrong Super-Resolution TOA Estimation with Diversity Techniques for Indoor Geolocation ApplicationsElectrical & Computer Engineering2003-04-11
Li, Tao 3D Capacitance Extraction With the Method of MomentsElectrical & Computer Engineering2010-01-08
Li, Ming User-Centric Security and Privacy Mechanisms in Untrusted Networking and Computing EnvironmentsElectrical & Computer Engineering2011-07-12
Li, Shen A Hardware Platform for Communication and Localization Performance Evaluation of Devices inside the Human Body Electrical & Computer Engineering2012-06-01
Liang, Cao SmartCell: An Energy Efficient Reconfigurable Architecture for Stream Processing Electrical & Computer Engineering2009-04-28
Liao, Yizheng Phase and Frequency Estimation: High-Accuracy and Low- Complexity Techniques Electrical & Computer Engineering2011-04-25
Liu, Chengxin Jitter in Oscillators with 1/f Noise Sources and Application to True RNG for CryptographyElectrical & Computer Engineering2005-12-19
Liu, Pu Effect of Joint Angle on EMG-Torque Model During Constant-Posture, Quasi-Constant-Torque Contractions Electrical & Computer Engineering2011-04-27
Liu, Pu Experimental Investigations of EMG-Torque Modeling for the Human Upper LimbElectrical & Computer Engineering2014-04-17
Lowe, Matthew Inertial System Modeling and Kalman Filter Design from Sensor Specifications with Applications in Indoor Localization Electrical & Computer Engineering2011-05-10
(WPI)Machado, Raquel From Theory to Practice: Evaluating Sparsening Filter designs on a Software-Defined Radio Platform Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-12-23
McGinley, James WReal-Time Software-Defined-Radio Implementation of a Two Source Distributed BeamformerElectrical & Computer Engineering2006-12-08
Metreaud, Leon TAn RF-Isolated Real-Time Multipath Testbed for Performance Analysis of WLANsElectrical & Computer Engineering2006-08-17
Mi, Liang A Testbed for Design and Performance Evaluation of Visual Localization Technique inside the Small Intestine Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-05-05
Nadkarni, Aditya Reflector geometry specific modeling of an annular array based ultrasound pulse-echo systemElectrical & Computer Engineering2006-07-17
Navalekar, Abhijit CDesign of a High Data Rate Audio Band OFDM ModemElectrical & Computer Engineering2006-04-07
Navalekar, Abhijit CDistributed Digital Radios for Land Mobile Radio ApplicationsElectrical & Computer Engineering2009-12-22
Ni, Min An Optimized Software-Defined-Radio Implementation of Time-Slotted Carrier Synchronization for Distributed BeamformingElectrical & Computer Engineering2010-08-17
Ni, Min Cooperative Distributed Transmission and Reception Electrical & Computer Engineering2013-07-15
Noetscher, Gregory MichaelThe VHP-F Computational Phantom and its Applications for Electromagnetic Simulations Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-05-01
O'Rourke, Colleen MarieEfficient NTRU ImplementationsElectrical & Computer Engineering2002-04-23
Obi, Aghogho AA Method Of Moments Approach for the Design Of RF Coils for MRIElectrical & Computer Engineering2008-03-01
Obi, Aghogho AA Novel Radio Frequency Coil Design for Breast Cancer Screening in a Magnetic Resonance Imaging System.Electrical & Computer Engineering2003-12-12
Olivarez, Nathan Mitigating the Effects of Ionospheric Scintillation on GPS Carrier RecoveryElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-16
Oliveira, Eduardo M. A.Thermal and Quantum Analysis of a Stored State in a Photonic Crystal CROW Structure Electrical & Computer Engineering2007-05-08
Olivieri, Steven JModular FPGA-Based Software Defined Radio for CubeSats Electrical & Computer Engineering2011-04-25
Orchanian, Shant Split Non-Linear Cyclic Analog-to-Digital ConverterElectrical & Computer Engineering2010-04-14
Orlando, Gerardo Efficient Elliptic Curve Processor Architectures for Field Programmable LogicElectrical & Computer Engineering2002-03-04
Ozbas, Halil IHigh-Gain Transimpedance Amplifier With DC Photodiode Current RejectionElectrical & Computer Engineering2005-04-27
Ozturk, Erdinc Low Power Elliptic Curve CryptographyElectrical & Computer Engineering2005-05-05
Ozturk, Erdinc Efficient and Tamper-Resilient Architectures for Pairing Based Cryptography Electrical & Computer Engineering2008-12-22
Pagadarai, Srikanth Wireless Communications and Spectrum Characterization in Impaired Channel Environments Electrical & Computer Engineering2012-01-17
Pajic, Slobodan Sequential Quadratic Programming-Based Contingency Constrained Optimal Power FlowElectrical & Computer Engineering2003-04-29
Pajic, Slobodan Power System State Estimation and Contingency Constrained Optimal Power Flow - A Numerically Robust ImplementationElectrical & Computer Engineering2007-04-20
Parikh, Hemish KAn RF System Design for an Ultra Wideband Indoor Positioning SystemElectrical & Computer Engineering2008-02-09
Pelteku, Altin E.Development of an Electromagnetic Glottal Waveform Sensor for Applications in High Acoustic Noise EnvironmentsElectrical & Computer Engineering2004-01-14
Pelteku, Altin E.Adaptive Suppression of Interfering Signals in Communication Systems Electrical & Computer Engineering2013-05-27
Peng, Yanjie Design and Implementation of Belief Propagation Symbol Detectors for Wireless Intersymbol Interference ChannelsElectrical & Computer Engineering2012-12-06
Poulsen, Carsten Development of a Positioning System for 3D UltrasoundElectrical & Computer Engineering2005-10-12
Price, Sean ThomasA Simultaneous Position and Orientation Estimate Feature Finder for Machine VisionElectrical & Computer Engineering2000-05-02
Progri, Ilir FAn Assessment of Indoor Geolocation SystemsElectrical & Computer Engineering2003-04-17
Pu, Di Frequency Rendezvous and Physical Layer Network Coding for Distributed Wireless NetworksElectrical & Computer Engineering2009-10-20
Pu, Di Primary User Emulation Detection in Cognitive Radio NetworksElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-23
Puzella, Angelo Theoretical and Experimental Development of an Array of Droopy Bowties with Integrated BalunsElectrical & Computer Engineering2014-06-20
Quartararo, John David Semi-Automated Segmentation of 3D Medical Ultrasound ImagesElectrical & Computer Engineering2008-10-03
Reddy, Pavan KImplementation of an Available Bit Rate Service for Satellite IP Networks using a Performance Enhancing ProxyElectrical & Computer Engineering2004-04-23
Ren, Kui Communication Security in Wireless Sensor Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering2007-04-23
Roberts, Brian JSite-Specific RSS Signature Modeling for WiFi LocalizationElectrical & Computer Engineering2009-04-27
Robinson, Paul EAnalysis of Distributed Resources Potential Impacts on Electric System EfficacyElectrical & Computer Engineering2009-12-17
Rocke, Sean AOn Random Sampling for Compliance Monitoring in Opportunistic Spectrum Access NetworksElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-24
Rosner, Martin ChristopherElliptic Curve Cryptosystems on Reconfigurable HardwareElectrical & Computer Engineering1998-04-27
Sail, Amit PHardware Implementation of Filtering Based Sidelobe Suppression for Spectrally Agile Multicarrier based Cognitive Radio SystemsElectrical & Computer Engineering2012-10-31
Samant, Gajanan BalkrishnaVerification of the “Energy Accumulation in Waves Travelling through a Checkerboard Dielectric Material Structure in Space-time” Using Spice SimulationsElectrical & Computer Engineering2009-12-16
Seals, Kelly CharlesEnhanced Acquisition Techniques for GPS L1C Receivers Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-03-13
Sebastian, Dalys Development of a Field-Deployable Voice-Controlled Ultrasound Scanner SystemElectrical & Computer Engineering2004-06-07
Serano, Peter JamesDesign of a Multi-Array Radio-Frequency Coil for Interventional MRI of the Female Breast Electrical & Computer Engineering2009-04-16
Shear, Michael AUltrasonic Measurement of Thin Condensing Fluid FilmsElectrical & Computer Engineering2002-04-18
Shen, Chen Design and Implementation ofElectrical & Computer Engineering2009-12-21
Sherwood, Nicholas An IPsec Compatible Implementation of DBRA and IP-ABRElectrical & Computer Engineering2005-04-22
Skehan, Daniel PatrickVirtual Training System for Diagnostic UltrasoundElectrical & Computer Engineering2011-10-07
Soria-Rodriguez, Pedro Multicast-Based Interactive-Group Object-Replication For Fault ToleranceElectrical & Computer Engineering1998-04-28
Spetla, Hattie Split Cyclic Analog to Digital Converter Using A Nonlinear Gain StageElectrical & Computer Engineering2009-09-02
Staake, Thorsten RIP Traffic Statistics - A Markovian ApproachElectrical & Computer Engineering2002-04-24
Sullivan, John FNetwork Fault Tolerance SystemElectrical & Computer Engineering2000-04-28
Sun, Yurong Ultrasound Characterization of Structure and Density of Coral as a Model for Trabecular BoneElectrical & Computer Engineering2000-07-12
Swar, Pranay POn the Performance of In-Body RF Localization Techniques Electrical & Computer Engineering2012-06-01
Thurston, Michael JA Pragmatic View of MANET Performance Evaluation and Design of a Prototype MAC Level Routing AlgorithmElectrical & Computer Engineering2003-01-06
Tobgay, Sonam Novel Concepts for RF Surface Coils with Integrated ReceiversElectrical & Computer Engineering2004-04-12
Todeschini, Grazia Wind Energy Conversion Systems based on DFIG Technology used as Active Filters: Steady-State and Transient AnalysisElectrical & Computer Engineering2010-02-12
Tulsiani, Deepti A Fringe Projection System for Measurement of Condensing Fluid Films in Reduced GravityElectrical & Computer Engineering2005-11-22
Varshney, Vivek CSource Localization via Near Field Signal Processing Electrical & Computer Engineering2009-02-06
Velamala, Harika Filter Bank Multicarrier Modulation for Spectrally Agile Waveform DesignElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-24
Waldron, Isaac JamesRing Resonator Method for Dielectric Permittivity Measurements of FoamsElectrical & Computer Engineering2006-05-03
WAN, Li Modeling and Optimal Design of Annular Array Based Ultrasound Pulse-Echo SystemElectrical & Computer Engineering2001-04-03
Wang, Kefei Parameter Estimation of a High Frequency Cascode Low Noise Amplifier Model Electrical & Computer Engineering2012-10-05
Wang, Le Detection of Man-in-the-middle Attacks Using Physical Layer Wireless Security TechniquesElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-07-22
Wang, Wei Accelerating Cryptosystems on Hardware Platforms Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-01-26
Wang, Shiwei Motion Control for Intelligent Ground Vehicles Based on the Selection of Paths Using Fuzzy Inference Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-05-04
Wollinger, Thomas JosefComputer Architectures for Cryptosystems Based on Hyperelliptic CurvesElectrical & Computer Engineering2001-05-01
Woodacre, Benjamin WGeometric Autoconfiguration for Precision Personnel LocationElectrical & Computer Engineering2010-05-07
Woodbury, Adam DEfficient Algorithms for Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems on Embedded SystemsElectrical & Computer Engineering2001-09-07
Xia, Hongfang The Use of Equalization Filters to Achieve High Common Mode Rejection Ratios in Biopotential Amplifier ArraysElectrical & Computer Engineering2005-02-18
Xing, Baoyuan Improved 3D Heart Segmentation Using Surface Parameterization for Volumetric Heart Data Electrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-25
Xu, Yang Performance Analysis of Point Source Model with Coincident Phase Centers in FDTDElectrical & Computer Engineering2014-03-21
Yanamadala, Janakinadh Development of the VHP-Female Full-Body Computational Model and Its Applications for Biomedical Electromagnetic ModelingElectrical & Computer Engineering2014-10-31
Yang, Jie Energy Efficient Cooperative Communication Electrical & Computer Engineering2009-03-13
Yang, Zhenyu Network Coding in Multihop Wireless Networks: Throughput Analysis and Protocol DesignElectrical & Computer Engineering2011-04-25
Yang, Chenguang Security in Voice Authentication Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-03-27
Yao, Yuanbin GPU Based Real-Time Trinocular StereovisionElectrical & Computer Engineering2012-08-15
Ye, Yunxing Sensitivity Analysis for Measurements of Multipath Parameters Pertinent to TOA based Indoor GeolocationElectrical & Computer Engineering2010-02-20
Ye, Yunxing Bounds on RF cooperative localization for video capsule endoscopyElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-24
Ye, Xin Side Channel Leakage Analysis Detection, Exploitation and Quantification Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-11-21
Yu, Shucheng Data Sharing on Untrusted Storage with Attribute-Based EncryptionElectrical & Computer Engineering2010-07-12
Yuan, Zhou Sidelobe Suppression and Agile Transmission Techniques for Multicarrier-based Cognitive Radio SystemsElectrical & Computer Engineering2009-04-29
Yuksel, Kaan Universal Hashing for Ultra-Low-Power Cryptographic Hardware ApplicationsElectrical & Computer Engineering2004-04-29
Zand, Emad DolatshahiMeasurement of TOA Using Frequency Domain Techniques for Indoor GeolocationElectrical & Computer Engineering2003-04-21
Zeng, Kai Opportunistic Routing in Multihop Wireless Networks: Capacity, Energy Efficiency, and Security Electrical & Computer Engineering2008-07-21
Zhang, Boyang Real-Time Software-Defined-Radio Implementation of Time-Slotted Carrier Synchronization for Distributed Beamforming Electrical & Computer Engineering2009-05-14
Zhang, Kai High-Performance Decoder Architectures For Low-Density Parity-Check CodesElectrical & Computer Engineering2011-10-25
Zhang, Bingwen Optimal Strategies in Jamming Resistant Uncoordinated Frequency Hopping SystemsElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-11
Zhang, Tan The Economic Benefits of Battery Energy Storage System in Electric Distribution SystemElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-19
ZHENG, YAO Privacy-Preserving Personal Health Record System Using Attribute-Based Encryption Electrical & Computer Engineering2011-06-27
(WPI)Zhou, Yun Embedded Face Detection and Facial Expression RecognitionElectrical & Computer Engineering2014-04-28
(WPI)Zhu, Sichao Real time implementation of SURF algorithm on FPGA platformElectrical & Computer Engineering2014-04-28

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