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Poster Printing Services

The ATC offers poster printing services to all WPI faculty, staff, and students. Please note that this information is solely for the printing of posters, not the creation of such.

Assigning a Poster Printing Class Project?

If you are assigning a poster printing project as part of a class, please fill out the following multimedia project planning form.

Poster Requirements

Watch the Poster Requirements Presentation

Download the Poster Requirements Presentation Handout (PDF Format)

Download the ATC Poster Printing Workorder (PDF Format)

Poster Submission Requirements

To facilitate the submission process, please print and complete the workorder form in advance. If you are unable to print this form, a member of the ATC will provide you a hardcopy to fill out. You will be contacted via e-mail when your poster is ready to be picked up at our front desk. Payment is due at the time of pickup and the ATC is able to accept payment via Goat Bucks or a departmental account number.


Cost Estimate Calculator

Dimensions: 24"36"42"   x    "
Paper:  MatteGlossy Heavy Ink?
Please note that this is an estimate only!

The prices below are per linear foot - (for example, a 36" x 28" on glossy paper will cost $16.00)

Glossy Paper Matte Paper
24" Roll  $4.00 per ft.  24" Roll  $2.00 per ft.
36" Roll  $7.00 per ft. 36" Roll  $3.00 per ft.
42" Roll  $10.00 per ft. 42" Roll  $5.00 per ft.
Prices are per linear foot!

Turnaround Time

The turn around time for a poster is 2 full working days, assuming files are free of error. All jobs are run on a first come, first served basis. In the event of inclement weather, please bring something to protect your poster and keep it dry at the time of pick-up (e.g. a large garbage bag).

Use of WPI Marks

Use of WPI Marks must be in accordance with the Official WPI Visual Identity Guidelines, and proper file formats must be used. Only images downloaded from the WPI Official WPI Artwork & Templates Library may be used in your poster. Download the .emf version for MS Office Applications or the .eps version for Image Editing or Graphic Design programs. You may not use downloaded logos or related marks from any WPI Web site other than the Official Artwork & Templates Library.

Files and Formats

Posters must be created in Microsoft PowerPoint. Posters can be printed on either 24, 36, or 42 inch wide paper and is charged by the length in linear feet. Please set your page layouts accordingly, allowing for a 1/2 inch margin all the way around, or the poster will be printed with the "Shrink to Fit" setting checked, which works in most situations. Including this margin will help ensure, however, that the poster prints as expected.

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