Information Technology Division
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Student Computers

WPI students who are interested in buying a computer can get more information on recommended systems and special pricing arrangements.

Faculty & Staff Computers

Purchasing for School Use

WPI maintains a centralized IT capital budget to replace faculty and staff desktop computers on a reasonable replacement cycle. Requests are solicited from each department, usually in December; individual upgrade needs should be directed to the appropriate department head within that timeframe in order to be considered for the next fiscal year.

The CCC is available to assist the WPI community in the purchase of computer-related equipment, such as desktop and notebooks computers and printers. For equipment being purchased with WPI funds, Mary Beth Harrity, the ATC Director, is available to discuss configurations, review quotes and, in many case, process orders. The Computer Shop will assist faculty and staff with setting up, installing supported software and deploying new hardware that is purchased through the CCC. In addition, the Computer Shop will troubleshoot hardware and software issues on computers that meet our recommendations and are purchased with WPI funds.

Purchasing for Personal (Home) Use

WPI faculty and staff can take advantage of special pricing arrangements from Dell Computer. Be sure to check out Dell's Promotion Page (PDF) for special offers. Also, please check out special pricing from HP Academy

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