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Instructions for Setting up a Laptop Computer


If you experience any problems with connecting and disconnecting to the Wireless LAN, please notify the Library Circulation Desk immediately. Be as specific as you can in describing the problem(s).


If any of the following items are missing, you may be held responsible. Please notify the Library Circulation Desk immediately if any of them are missing.

General Comments

  1. Be patient. It will take 2-3 minutes between the time you turn on the power and the time you are actually able to begin doing work.
  2. When connecting and disconnecting cords, be VERY careful not to force or otherwise damage the connectors. You may be charged for anything that is returned broken or damaged.
  3. Sometimes rebooting your computer first can fix your problem. If you continue to have problems using the laptop computer, report them to the Circulation Desk immediately. If they cannot help you, the ATC will be contacted.

Setting up and Connecting the Computer to the Wireless LAN

  1. Remove the computer from its case and gently set it down so the grey latch button is facing you.
  2. A network port to plug the laptop into the wired campus network is located on the left side of the laptop towards the back.
  3. To plug the laptop into power, use the supplied AC Adapter. On the back left of the laptop, there is a circular port the will accept one end of the AC Adapter and you can insert the power plug into the nearest electrical outlet.
  4. Using your thumb, pull the black switch to the right on the front of the laptop and lift the lid/screen.
  5. Press the "ON" button (large silver button with a line radiating out from it's center) which is on the upper left of the keyboard to turn it on.
  6. If everything is properly connected and functioning properly, you should soon (2-3 minutes) see the Windows XP logo on the screen. If you do not see this screen and/or you encounter any kind of error message, contact the Circulation Desk on the 2nd floor.

Disconnecting the Computer

  1. Exit all applications, making sure all of your work is saved to a USB key before exiting each program.
  2. Remove any CD's from their drives.
  3. When you are finished, click once on the START button on the taskbar on the lower left part of the screen.
  4. Click once on "Shut Down" and then click OK.
  5. You will see a message "Please wait while your computer shuts down." DO NOT disconnect your computer until it completely shuts down. The laptop will automatically shutdown. After the screen goes completely black you may close the lid. You do not need to use the power button. If the lights don't go out, please tell the Circulation Desk when you return the computer.
  6. Repack all items in the case as you found them.
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