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Exchange Server Guide for Outlook 2010

Step 1

Run Outlook 2010

Outlook Icon

Step 2

You will see the following Startup Screen.  Click Next to continue


Step 3

Leave Yes selected and click Next.

Step 4

If you are on campus on an Windows domain machine, your Name and your E-mail Address will automatically be found.  If you are setting up your account from off-campus or on a non-domain machine you will be prompted to enter your Name, E-Mail Address and Windows password.

You should see a screen similar to below.  Click Next when you see the correct information.

Step 4 (b) - Off Campus/Non-domain only

If you are off campus or an a non-domain machine, you will be prompted once more to enter your Windows credentials.  Click OK to continue.

Step 5

You are now fully configured for viewing Exchange mail on Outlook 2010.  Click Finish and Outlook will now open and you will have access to your mail.  This also automatically configures your Outlook client to be able to access email from off campus using Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP) which removes the need to use the VPN to access Exchange.


Learning How to Use Your Exchange Account

Visit the following links to learn more about using your Exchange account:

Please contact the Helpdesk if you have any trouble following these directions or have further questions about Exchange accounts.


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