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What do I need to connect to the Wireless Network?

To take advantage of the WPI wireless network, you will need an WiFi compatible wireless network card that has the ability to handle WPA with 802.1x authentication, also called WPA Enterprise. The Wi-Fi Alliance maintains a Certified Products Search Tool that can assist you in finding wireless cards that have passed compatability and compliance testing.

You will need to register the card in the Wireless: Mobile Wireless Systems IP Range through the Network Registration page. In order to register, you will need to know the MAC address of your wireless card. See Finding your Ethernet MAC address for help with this.)

How do I use the Wireless Network?

For members of the WPI Community, please visit Configuration Directions for step-by-step instructions for various operating systems.

If you do not have a WPI account, please visit Wireless Guest Access for further information.

What kind of encryption does WPI use?

In order to maintain the highest level of security for all users, the WPI wireless network uses WPA2 with AES encryption.

In addition, WPI requires a high level of authentication. Specifically, WPI requires 802.1x EAP-TLS certificate based authentication. This is sometimes referred to as WPA Enterprise.

Note that devices, such as Nintendo Wii, which only support WPA Personal or Pre-Shared Key (PSK) will not work on the WPI network. Please visit Wireless Issues for known problematic devices.

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