Interdisciplinary Studies

The Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP)

To provide students with opportunities to reflect on how problem solving in their scientific, engineering or managerial disciplines may also be applied to problems in social domains, all WPI students must complete a nine credit hour interdisciplinary project called the Interactive Qualifying Project or IQP. WPI faculty define an IQP topic as one relating science and/or technology to society. In this context, both "society" and "technology" are construed as broadly as possible. Society refers not only to a grouping of individuals but also to the culture, values, law, customs, and institutions shared by these individuals.

Technology refers to the application of rational and efficient principles to a body of knowledge or to the control of space, matter and/or human beings. Thus, the IQP encompasses not only techniques of production embodied in tools and machines, but also advances in methods of social and economic organization, in managerial techniques, and in methods of analysis in science, mathematics and engineering. In recent years, more than half of all IQPs have been completed at off-campus sites where students and faculty in residence work on a project full time for a local sponsor. WPI now graduates substantially more engineering students with a global experience than any other American college or university. Visit our global project Web site.

Project Reviews

The IQP reviews presented below encompass samplings of projects from all departments. Examples of project review topics include IQP objectives, methodologies, and rubrics for reader ratings as well as the IQP Handbook.

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