Cadet Andraka, '15

School, major, graduation year: WPI, Aerospace Engineering, 2015  

Hometown: North Kingstown, RI  

Extracurricular activities: Running Club, Strike Eagles Drill Team  

Hobbies/interests: Flying, Restoring Airplanes, Kayaking  

Why you joined AFROTC: It was a natural progression, I was an Eagle Scout and always liked a good challenge. My father had spent several years as an officer and suggested I investigate further. After speaking with the recruiting officer, I was sold. A scholarship offer sealed the deal and here I am today, and I can honestly say I have never regretted my decision. It was a great opportunity and has given me more experience and confidence than any other program I’ve been involved with.  

Favorite parts of ROTC: Favorite part, as cliché as it may sound, is the people. I have made all of my closest friends through this program. As a class, we bounded through programs like Strike Eagles. We’ve trained together through the good and bad, and it has brought us very close over the past two years. These people I have the opportunity to train with will remain close to me well into my professional career.  

What you’ve learned from ROTC: AFROTC builds Air Force leaders from the ground up. I couldn’t put my thumb on any one particular aspect I’ve learned that is more significant than another. I am not the same person I was 2 ½ years ago. I have grown more mature, more confident; more experienced and prepared for all the challenges life will throw at me. ROTC, while focusing on developing leaders, also serves to develop quality citizens and members of society. You learn responsibility and focus than many other people our age will not learn for many years.  

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