About Arts & Sciences at WPI

The Freedom to Chart Your Own Course

You aren’t one dimensional and your education shouldn’t be either. At WPI we deliver a balanced education with considerable emphasis on the humanities and arts, and we place great importance on exploring the impact of science and technology on society.

We believe that well-rounded students make particularly well-balanced professionals, and that’s why our open curriculum, with few required courses and no prerequisites, allows you create your own multi-dimensional path. You’ll find countless opportunities for creative expression, numerous ways to engage in scientific discovery, and the chance to give back through limitless volunteer and community service programs.

At WPI we’ll give you the freedom to chart your own course, the knowledge to make it happen, and the opportunity to achieve – greatly.

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Lily Clark: Music, Nature, and Life in Balance

At WPI, Lily Clark has pursued her passions for music and the environment with equal enthusiasm and equal success. Science and the humanities; studying and performing. For Lily, the key is keeping things in balance.

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Dean's Office Hours

Wednesdays from 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. We are located in Salisbury Labs 121. You may contact Debra Ofcarcik at
+1-508-831-4678 or dofcarcik@wpi.edu to schedule an appointment.