Chuck Maddox

MBA Student Chuck Maddox

Where Innovators Are Made

I am currently in the United States Air Force; I am a pilot. I love my job. I like what I’m currently doing. But, In order to progress I need an MBA so that’s why I’m at WPI. I grew up in Alabama, went to school in Florida, and I spent four years in Seattle, now I live in Las Vegas. I found WPI through online research.

With my job and working I really like the idea of the blended cohort because with the traditional online program you miss out on some of those verbal queues and the face-to-face communications. The online component is good because with business travel and work that’s another way that you are expected to be able to communicate.

The courses are time consuming but that’s what I expect from a top program. I expect it to be time consuming; I expect it to be busy. It’s a commitment. My academic advisor, Professor Stitt, I was excited when I learned his background and that he is so experienced in entrepreneurship and he has the experience of being a CEO in a large company and leading it, and he brings that to the classroom. One of my first courses I took, Information Security, the professor was previously a CIO at Unica. They were bought up by IBM and he decided not to stay with the larger company, and to come back to academia so he had very relevant, current knowledge on information security.

Unmanned aerial vehicles, I think it’s right around the corner, and with that technology I think it’s exciting, it’s an emerging technology. WPI, through the MBA program, they are teaching us to be innovators, they are teaching us to be entrepreneurs, they’re teaching us to lead and we’re going to need leaders for the emerging technology.

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