Cost of Attendance

The term Cost of Attendance is used for financial aid purposes only and does not reflect actual cost-students will never receive a bill for the Cost of Attendance.  Cost of Attendance describes a budget used by the Office of Financial Aid to determine how much aid a student can receive in a given term. The academic year 2014-2015 budget for graduate students at the School of Business is shown below.


 Room:  $6,750
 Board:  $4,790
 Medical:  $897
 Personal:  $8,193
 Books & Supplies:  $1,000
 Tuition:  $1,325 x credit hours


As the chart depicts, students are eligible to borrow up to the combined cost of tuition + $21,630 for non-discretionary expenses during the academic year 2014-2015. For example, a part-time student taking two courses per semester (e.g., four courses per academic year) is eligible to borrow up to $36,006 ($14,376 tuition + $21,630 non-discretionary expenses = $36,006). Additional allowances are provided for individuals with dependents or spouses of single parents with dependents.

Students receving graduate assistantships, employer tuition benefits, and/or third-party sponsorship must subtract the amount of funding from the Cost of Attendance to calculate loan eligibility.

Graduate students will work directly with the University's Office of Financial Aid on all financial-aid related matters.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid  at +1-508-831-5469 for more information.

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