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Mohsen Behnam Mohsen Behnam

Ex-Graduate Student (PhD)
Chemical Engineering

B.Sc. (Ch.E.); 2004 - Tehran University (Iran)
M.Sc. (Ch.E.); 2007 - Tehran University (Iran) and CSIRO Energy Technology Centre (Australia)
Ph.D. (Ch.E.); 2011 - Worcester Polytechnic Institute

After taking his B.Sc. degree in the Chemical Engineering - Process Design program at Tehran University in 2004, Mohsen completed his Masters study in February 2007 on CFD Modeling of CO2 Sequestration and Storage with Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recovery” under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Reza Mehrnia and Dr. Abouna Saghafi under a joint program between Tehran University and the CSIRO Energy Technology Centre in Newcastle, Australia, where he worked for a year.

Following his M.Sc. study, Mohsen worked on CFD modeling of a microchannel reactor for producing hydrogen at the University of Tehran. Some of his publications are available online.

In August 2008, Mohsen joined WPI to work towards a PhD in the Heat and Mass Transfer group. He worked on heat transfer modeling in fixed bed reactors, including using CFD simulations to develop insight into convective and conductive mechanisms, experimental validation of CFD fixed bed simulations, and the modeling of catalyst deactivation and fixed bed transport. The project was finished in May of 2011 with a dissertation entitled "CFD Simulation and Experiment of Catalyst Deactivation and Heat Transfer in a Low N Fixed-Bed Reactor.

Mohsen then took a post-doc Research Associate position at MIT in the group of Prof. K. Jensen where his research focused on simulation and experimental study of continuous flow synthesis and pharmaceutical manufacturing to develop a reconfigurable and desktop-printer-sized Pharmacy on Demand (PoD) system. From June 2013 he took a position as Lead Process Engineer at Nuvera Fuel Cells, Billerica, MA.

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