Grazia Todeschini Receives 2010 Power Sources Manufacturers Association Grant

Grazia Todeschini and Professor Alexander Emanuel.

Grazia Todeschini, a PhD candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering at WPI under Professor Alexander Emanuel, has been selected to receive an Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) Attendance Student Grant from the Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA). The grant will enable Grazia to attend the APEC 2010 conference in February 2010 in Palm Springs, California. The grant provides a reimbursement of up to $1,000 for expenses related to attendance at APEC 2010, including travel, hotel and registration expenses. Recipients are invited to attend the PSMA Annual Meeting during the conference and to be introduced to the Board of Directors.

Grazia will present the paper "A Novel Control System for Harmonic Compensation by Using Wind Energy Conversion Base on DFIG Technology", that she coauthored with Professor Emanuel.

The Power Sources Manufacturers Association began this program in 2006 as a way of introducing new and potentially future power electronic professionals to APEC and the power electronics industry. PSMA awards this grant to only 20 undergraduate and graduate students each year who are currently enrolled in a power electronics program at an accredited institution.

Doug McIlvoy, Co-Chair of the PSMA Industry Education Committee, stated, "PSMA is proud to be able to provide and expand this program for the continuing education of young power electronics students. The industry needs to encourage students to consider a career in power electronics and demonstrate that there are many opportunities for rewarding and challenging employment in the industry."

November 10, 2009