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Fuller Laboratories, Adjunct Office #243

Jacob C Lindeman

My education background is in architecture and design. I worked for 12 years in industry producing buildings such as libraries, science centers, student centers, dormitories and hospitals. My early training as an architect was focused on problem solving from concept to design to delivery, and this has formed the basis of my later professional work. At that time, it was the very beginning of the computer-aided design and drafting revolution, and the work required applying and evolving cutting-edge technology to established problems. From architecture I naturally moved into web design solutions and Internet technology. I worked in the financial services technology industry for 17 years and helped build the Internet from the initial dot-com boom in what became another cutting-edge paradigm shift that changed our world.

I hosted several Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Major Qualifying Projects (MQPs) during my professional work to encourage student growth and to build strong relationships with WPI faculty. I am quite impressed by the WPI program, and I strive to contribute to the education environment to evolve the impact of technology on pedagogy. I see coaching, mentoring and promoting the growth of people as essential to the success of any organization.

WPI has a fantastic blend of faculty, students and staff that work on both the theoretical and applied aspects of our world. I believe the iterative applied design process as you approach the construction stage is when you solve the problem with a heightened level of intimacy. That is genuine learning and genuine practice of the process. That excitement is what I enjoy most about WPI.

Research Interests

  • Academic Learning Systems
  • Web Technology
  • Distributed Cloud Infrastructure
  • Design Patterns and Construction Processes


  • Bachelor of Architecture, B.Arch 1990, Boston Architectural Center
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