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Zheyang Wu

Professor Wu's research interest lies in applying the power of statistical science to promote biomedical researches. In statistical genetics, he is developing novel statistical theory and methodology to analyze genome-wide association (GWA) data and deep (re)sequencing data to hunt new genetic factors for complex human diseases. In epigenetics, he is studying gene expression regulation mechanisms through chromatin interaction, and RNA silencing pathways in the developmental stages of germ-line cells. In clinical studies, he is establishing statistical models to predict carotid atherosclerotic plaque and stroke based on time series longitudinal data and survival data.

In undergraduate education, he is dedicated in attracting students’ interests in statistics. At the graduate level, Professor Wu focuses on teaching the essences of probability, mathematical statistics, statistical experimental design, quantitative genetics and bioinformatics, and establishing students’ research skills.

Research Interests

  • Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
  • Statistical Genetics
  • Statistical Decision Theory
  • Statistical Experimental Design


  • PhD, Yale University, 2009

Featured Publications

  • Zheyang Wu and Huibin Zhou (2011), "Model selection and sharp asymptotic minimaxity." Probability Theory and Related Fields, in print.
  • Zheyang Wu and Hongyu Zhao (2011), "On model selection strategies to identify genes underlying binary traits using genome-wide association data." Statistica Sinica. DOI 10.5705/ss.2010.183.
  • Zheyang Wu, Chun Yang and Dalin Tang (2010), "In vivo serial MRI-based computational and statistical models to predict plaque rupture: a case report." J. Biomech Eng, 133(6):064503.
  • Zheyang Wu, Hongyu Zhao (2009), "Power of three model selection methods for genome-wide association data," PLoS Genetics 5(7): e1000582. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1000582.
  • Zheyang Wu, Chatchawit Aporntewan, David Ballard, Ji Young Lee, Joon Sang Lee, and Hongyu Zhao (2009), "Two-stage joint selection method to identify candidate markers from genome-wide association studies," BMC Proceedings, 3(Suppl 7):S29.

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