Great Problems Seminar (GPS)

This two-course introduction to university-level research and project work focuses on themes of current global importance. Everything you do will be tied to current events, societal problems, and human needs. GPS is all about important problems. The skills you’ll develop are exactly what you’ll need to be successful in your project work at WPI, and in your future career.

This program was one of three first year programs recently recognized by the National Academy of Engineering as a 'Real World Engineering Education Program'.  A total of 95 programs were nominated, and only 29 received that designation.  Find out more here

Kathy Loftus

2013 Great Problems Seminar Lecture

Conscious Capitalism and Sustainability at Whole Food Market

Speaker: Kathy Loftus '86 (Whole Foods Market)

Come hear Kathy speak about her groundbreaking efforts to make Whole Foods a model of flourishing business that creates shared value for stakeholders—from implementing green building practices to sourcing alternative energy, developing water and waste management programs, and educating consumers about environmentally-conscious shopping practices. Kathy will also share highlights from her own journey, including the experiences that inspired her as a student at WPI and her distinguished record championing energy efficiency and renewable resources at the local, state, and national levels.

September 4, 2013, 5pm AK 116. For video of lecture, click here.

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Revisit WISER: Educating Girls, Improving Health

Speaker: Sherryl Broverman, PhD (Duke University)

Date: January, 22nd 2014

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