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Students working together to pull a bucket of water up from a well
students working with faculty at a dig site
students and faculty at a dam wearing hard hats
students walking along a river
students working on a beach in Melbourne Australia to help eliminate plastic polution

Engaging Locally and Globally for a More Just, Ethical, and Thriving World   

Urgent global challenges require the next generation of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) practitioners to collaborate for a better world. This calls for education in inclusive globally minded approaches informed by the social sciences, humanities, and arts. 

The Global School responds to that need—as only WPI can.

Working in partnership with communities, The Global School empowers and inspires students to become civically engaged, compassionate and globally aware individuals. 

Rigorous academic preparation in the Department of Integrative and Global Studies – from the first year Great Problems Seminar to our innovative Graduate Programs – and immersive field work through the Global Projects Program gives students the critical knowledge, collaborative mindset, and methodological tools they need to advance progressive global research and meaningful community partnerships. 

The Global School’s undergraduate and graduate programs, founded on the university’s half-century of leadership in project-based learning, foster interdisciplinary, purpose-driven global research that is tied to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. 

Available Degrees

Degrees & Certificates

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India Project Center

The Global School Event Series

This yearlong event series focuses on regional and great problem themes within the context of ongoing collaborations with partners from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Oceania, Asia, Europe, and Glocal (Global/local). The series also includes plenary talks by leading luminaries. All event content will be recorded and will be available for viewing.

Media Coverage

The Associated Press spoke with Assistant Professor of Social Science & Policy Studies Crystal Brown about how the Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens democracy, and how Vladimir Putin has used the appearance and infrastructure of democracy to gain, and keep, power.


May 31, 2022
Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Education (ODIME)
April 08, 2022
April 01, 2022
George C. Gordon Library
February 09, 2022
Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Featured in the WPI Journal

Advancing Resiliency Projects in Puerto Rico

In Spring 2021, sensing that pandemic-fueled international travel restrictions were not going away anytime soon, Professor Emeritus Scott Jiusto and Associate Professor Gbetonmasse Somasse began looking for an alternative travel experience for students scheduled to head to the Cape Town, South Africa, Project Center they co-direct. They weren’t alone. Many global project center directors were faced with the same conundrum, recognizing that—for many students—leaving campus and traveling abroad are essential parts of the distinctive Interactive Qualifying Project experience.

Alumni Success Story: Kristophe Zephyrin '21

Even as a child, Zephyrin had grand ambitions to save the world and improve the human condition, starting with a dream of creating urban green spaces in his hometown of Houston, Texas. 

Faculty Snapshot: Sarah Stanlick

Get to know Sarah Stanlick, assistant professor of integrative and global studies and director of Great Problems Seminar, and discover why has a stuffed alpaca and a Bob Ross Pez dispenser in her office.

A Project Center Close to Home

“Whether it’s because of on-campus responsibilities or a local job, not all students want to travel far [for their IQP],” says Lisa Stoddard, associate professor of teaching and director of the Farm Stay Project Center. “Regardless of where they go, we want all students to have the chance to experience the mainstay of a WPI education.”

Climate Change and the "A Word"

Scientists and engineers at WPI are helping the world adapt to the inevitable changes that a warming climate is bringing to the planet.

Greater Purpose. Fewer Boundaries. Affiliated Initiatives.

Institute of Science and Technology for Development

Building on WPI's long tradition of addressing the major social, technological, ecological, and economic challenges facing people around the world, the Institute of Science and Technology for Development uses new approaches to cross-cultural engineering design to respond to global issues in collaboration with local communities.

Social Justice

From climate change research to closing the socio-economic divide between populations and communities, many of WPI's students, faculty, and staff are taking an action-oriented approach to social justice issues, striving toward equitable opportunities and equal economic, educational, political, and social rights for all.


Social Justice alt
Social Justice

Critical Conversation Series

Launched in 2018, this series explores tough questions being asked in the world. Touching on topics as diverse as genetically engineered babies and the impact of 5G technology, the program provides a forum for experts from across the WPI community as well as the university’s strategic partners to respond to complex issues.


Critical Conversations Series alt
Critical Conversations Series