Career Outlook

A Merging of Engineering and the Liberal Arts for the 21st Century Problem Solver

Companies today expect employees to fill multiple roles in a global context; a greater demand is being placed on undergraduate education to meet these expectations. WPI’s Liberal Arts & Engineering degree offers a merging of engineering and the liberal arts that provides students new multidisciplinary tools to solve complex problems in a technology-driven society.

A unique program provides an added edge

WPI is one of the few schools offering a Liberal Arts & Engineering program, which gives its graduates an edge over others in their fields. Leaders of government and non-profit and for-profit organizations typically educated in non-engineering disciplines would benefit from a stronger technological background. The possibilities are endless: engineering is the best discipline for learning how to solve problems, quantify data, make decisions, and sell solutions to colleagues and clients. This knowledge base, coupled with the skills to communicate effectively and perform in a team, will make you more competitive in your field.

The Liberal Arts & Engineering major, with its emphasis on problem solving, will prepare students not only for further study in engineering, but for many high-level careers in the following fields:

  • Consulting
  • Energy Policy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • International Relations
  • Law
  • Medicine and Health Care
  • Performing Arts, especially music
  • Public Affairs and Political Science
  • Technology Management
  • Technology Policy