Worcester Polytechnic Institute

A Planning Program for Worcester Polytechnic Institute: The Future of Two Towers - Part Two


The members of the President's Planning Group hoped that the first part of The Future of Two Towers would encourage all segments of our community to analyze the present status of the College and to begin examining possible goals for the future. We would wish now to express our thanks to the WPI community for their encouraging response to our endeavor, their participation in Planning Day, and their numerous, helpful, subsequent contributions.

We would thank particularly the students who perceived the value of the planning operation and who not only participated enthusiastically in Planning Day but also invited us to their fraternities and dormitories for further conversation. We have appreciated the accurate reporting of our intentions by William Hakkinen, Editor, and Glenn White, Feature Editor of the Tech News.

We would like to thank publicly those who made special contributions to the success of Planning Day: Albert G. Anderson, Owen Kennedy, Romeo Moruzzi, Richard Roche, Leonard B. Sand, Armand Silva, Carleton Staples, and Benjamin Wooten, moderators; Van Bluemel, Verne C. Edmunds, William Elliott, Albert Ferron, Arthur Kennedy, William Miller, Thaddeus Roddenbery, and Roy Seaberg, recorders; and Lawrence C. Neale, luncheon speaker. Fred Broad and Roy Seaberg coordinated the Planning Day calendar for us, and we would cite their assistance here.

The thought and hard work of many people have helped us produce this second part of the Future of Two Towers. Here again there are many students we wish to thank, particularly Steven Bolger for the essay he submitted. Members of the staff who have been particularly helpful at this time include: William Barrett, Carmen Brown, Louis Curran, Carl Eschelbach, Owen Kennedy, Peter Lanyon, Peter Larsen, David Lloyd, Lawrence Price, and Imre Zwiebel.

We have appreciated the assistance of Seymour Leventman, Professor of Sociology at Boston College, in our consideration of the disadvantaged student.

Mrs. Mundy and Mrs. French have again given us their competent secretarial service.

We are especially grateful for the confidence and continued support of President Harry P. Storke.

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