Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seventy Years



THE expansion of the Board of Trustees by the addition of term members did not produce so great an annual change in personnel as might have been anticipated. Alumni found that the group of men whom they had nominated in 1920 were conscientious representatives, and worthy of renomination. The only changes in succeeding years were those actuated by a desire to give other men an opportunity to serve, or by the necessity of replacing those who declined an additional term.

Calvin H. Hill, '77, and Frank L. Stevens, '84, were renominated and reelected in 1921; the former served until his death in 1929. Everett J. Lake, '90, succeeded Robert S. Parks, '93. In 1922, William P. Dallett, '81, and Charles A. Booth, '98, were reelected, and Frederick M. Feiker, '04, succeeded Windsor T. White, '90. Clinton S. Marshall and Moses B. Kaven, '85, were reelected in 1923, at which time John W. Burke, '87, succeeded Spencer Miller, '79. George F. Fuller and Henry J. Fuller, '95, were continued on the Board in 1924, and Francis W. Treadway, '90, succeeded his classmate, Harry P. Davis.

Only one change occurred among life members during this period. Lincoln N. Kinnicutt, member of the Board since 1905, and for three years its treasurer, died at the age of seventy-two, December 13, 1921. His place was not filled until


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