Matt Bachmann, MS

Hometown: Westport, CT

Degree earned at WPI: MS, Computer Science

What were your reasons for choosing WPI?
WPI provided the opportunity to work with artificial intelligence techniques in a real-world environment. Other schools I looked at had very interesting programs. However, WPI provided me a chance to actually work on projects that I would see implemented in real-world classrooms, which was very exciting. After a few talks with the members of the science ASSISTments team, I knew I would be working with smart, passionate people--something I am always looking for. In addition, I’d be close to the Boston area, which I love and where I currently reside.

Present job title and employer:
Computer software engineer, CrunchTime! Information Systems

How do you feel your experiences at WPI prepared you for working in your field?
WPI prepared me for a software engineering career by giving me invaluable experience working day-to-day with a team building a software product.

How has WPI’s philosophy of Theory and Practice, and working with teams, prepared you for facing real-world challenges in the workplace?
Working at WPI provided me with the theoretical grounding of algorithms and data structure while giving me the real-world experience of building a software product and working with users of that product. These are skills that I am required to use on a daily basis in the office.

Groups or extracurricular activities you participated in at WPI:

  • Social Dance
  • Artificial Intelligence Research Group
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